The health benefits of biking, and a call to be careful riding today

I’m on the run today, so my apologies for not offering a full update this morning.

But I didn’t want to let the week pass without offering this thought about the health benefits of bicycling from Michael Eisenberg.

Glad to hear your wife is recovering. I had a heart incident a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve taken up cycling, including commuting 30 miles round trip every day, and weekend rides like today’s 70 miler. I’ve lost 64 lbs, lowered my blood pressure to the point that I no longer take BP medications, lowered my blood sugar to normal numbers even after discontinuing diabetes medication, and improved my cholesterol numbers to well within normal too.  Keep preaching.

There are lots of reasons to ride.

But whether you’re riding for fun, exercise, transportation or any other reason, you’re saving your own life with every pedal stroke you take.

And that’s a good thing.


One other quick note.

Today is the last working day for a lot of people before Christmas. And that means a lot of office parties, and people getting off work early and starting their holiday celebrations on the way home.

So if you’re riding any time after noon today, ride defensively. And assume every driver you meet on the road has been drinking.


  1. Allan says:

    I hate to alarm you but this is the end of the world. I’m assuming you don’t really read the new? Anyways it’s been alot of fun and I really enjoyed your blog.

    I’m heading out to ride on my last day here on earth. Figure I’ll go out doing what I love doing. Goodbye cruel world.

    • Allan says:

      Oh boy, this is rather embarrassing! We’re still here! Oh well, it was fun rolling with a bunch of whipper snappers on fixed gears. Great night!

      • bikinginla says:

        If it’s any consolation, the Times had an article that said maybe the real date was this Sunday. Or maybe next year.

        So you still have plenty of opportunities for another apocalyptic ride or two before the end comes.

  2. danny shaw says:

    Just another testament for to help your wife spirits.  Hope she recovers fully.

    Seven years ago I weighed 225 was 45 years old and out of shape.  I was trying to get back in shape and was running on my tread mill.  All the sudden I got very nauseous and stared getting tunnel vision.  I sat down and every thing got better.  I told my wife to call and make me a doctors appointment.  When she did the nurse told me to go to the emergency room immediately.  I thought she was crazy.  I took a shower, then drove myself in.

    They started doing tests on me, and I guess I failed all of them because the next day I was in the operating room for a triple bypass.  When I got out of the hospital I completely changed my diet and started walking everyday.  I walked for about 3 years before I started cycling.  I also was taking two different type of BP medicine.

    Now I weight 159 and started road racing last summer.  At one point I was ranked 5th in the country for 52 year old Cat 5’s.  I’ve up graded to Cat 4 now and am racing with Cal Pools in Temecula.  I too am now off the BP medicine.

    Don’t want to ring my own bell here too much, but just want to let your wife know things can get better for her.

    Thanks for your news letters. I always look forward to them.

    Merry Christmas, Danny Shaw


    • bikinginla says:

      Don’t worry about ringing your own bell, Danny — you’ve got good reason to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. You’ve literally saved your own life, and it sounds like you’ve found your passion, as well.

      Congratulations, and thanks for sharing that.

  3. mahythesis says:

    I’m glad to have discovered your great blog this year. Thanks for all your amazing work at so often collating all the pieces of news from the ENTIRE world of cycling in all its disparate fractured, delightfully diverse glory.
    Also glad to know you’re finishing the year on a positive note given the close call with your wife.
    All the best of happiness for you and yours throughout this solstice and new year’s season.

    • bikinginla says:

      Thank you, Julian, I really appreciate that. I’m constantly amazed what a small world this is when it comes to bikes. My best to you and your loved ones for the holidays and the year to come.

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