Bike rider killed in Blue Line collision; Metro once again fails to inform the public

According to the L.A. Times Sunday edition, a bike rider was killed in a collision with the Blue Line Metro Train yesterday.

According to the paper, the collision occurred about 12:50 pm at the intersection of Grandee Avenue and Century Blvd, apparently in an unincorporated area of South L.A.

The identity of the male rider was unknown at the time of printing; the photo shows a mountain bike with a tacoed and twisted front wheel.

Unfortunately, no other information is available at this time.

The photo is not available on the Times’ website, and no information is available online from the Times, L.A. Metro, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department — which evidently investigated the death — or any other news source. If I hadn’t happened to read the California section of the Times’ print edition just now, I wouldn’t have known about it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I consider it shameful that Metro doesn’t post information about fatal collisions involving their buses or trains as soon as possible after they happen. Or at all, in too many cases.

They have an obligation to keep the public informed about the safety of their operations, and far to often, fail to fulfill it. Which isn’t to say the Sheriff’s Department couldn’t do a much better job, as well.

This is just the third bicycling fatality in Southern California so far this year, and the second in the County of Los Angeles.

My sympathy and prayers for the victim and his family.

Update: Streetsblog has identified the victim as 26-year old Sylvester Henderson.


  1. Unless it was a suicide.

  2. John P says:

    FYI, I’m fairly sure that’s in the city of LA, the unincorporated area is a few blocks north.

    Condolenscences to the family. Either way (suicide or not), it’s a tough loss for them, and sad.

    • bikinginla says:

      My guess that it’s outside the City of LA is based on the investigation being conducted by the sheriff’s department. However, it’s possible that they conducted the initial response and will it over to the LAPD.

      • Erik Griswold says:

        Actually, this was probably a LASD investigation since it occurred on LACMTA (“Metro”) Right-of-way. LASD has the security contract for Metro, even in LAPD territory.

  3. JD says:

    They’re too busy collecting overtime for guarding their own from their own to do anything right now.

  4. cantrice says:

    Actually, it was not a suicide. That was my friend. But because it happened in watts los angeles, its not being publicized. Im mean come on….it could only happen to someone u know too. Maybe ur loved one would commit suicide that same way….or another

  5. Karl says:

    This weekend I heard what given how rarely I listen to viewer callins even ON c-span what will be my favorite- and might be one of two from the same guy but I hope not- because he hit it so high the first time. He said in response to the issue of us using drones to kill our own’ “really?” and his sincerity should bring even more shame upon us not contempt and release of his line as it did to him. We are in the dark and too often pride ourselves on our lottery one fact- but he didn’t pretend to already no this one, to accept it, to move on. So I say the same- in print but not online? Are you sure? Sounds more like a problem of indexing-but yes reluctantly I agree taht even trains should not be protected from there even innocent involvement in fatality. Any death is a big deal and one place for every death would be worth the identity theft it might condone- recently I read about a dog being euthanised after getting too hot- and not getting treated soon enough apparently. I assume an ice bath would of saved the dogs brain or whatever- but his handler wasn’t a vet and so really didn’t need help killing the k9. I am enlightened by the comment here about the lack of innocence given better and affordable design- design far far far less costly then car use. I agree. Unfortunately only the internet will allow us to see those wew sacrifice as us- first the youth,and noweven our homociders, and perhaps adopt some catholic value even extreme ones like life being really valuable. Worth even having fewer cars to gouge ‘buyers’ with and crap across oceans by on there way to the crusher. I’ve rolled up on such scenes- the crowds not gawking but not zebra’s- curious because that’s how we survive it’s called caring. 30,000 a year- it’s American roulette and just because everyone else is playing doesn’t make it sane. Just because we know how toavoid some risks doesn’t meanmany others remain that even our loss won’t have widely reviewed. Our trains currently condone our cars. Are too cheap and rare and ghetto’ed despite being nearly nonexistent. We want to demolish movie theaters justu because soemoen shot up people there- but in the face of another persons death like this taking reasonable action to prevent more is never discussed. As if they are necessary or too well known. They are neither. We can stop cars from using roads thatcurrently have trains for example. Open up that space for safer biking etc. Given them the room that can only help them even if it means much more track need be laid as insufficent room for cars is leftover and requires morepeople ride. This is routine in manufacturing- even saws are noted now as defective when built dangerous regardless of how long that design was good enough for. Frankly the area a mile around a train station doesn’t need to let cars in- so why having built the station do we let cars anywhere near it? So a few of us can walk more then a block instead to ride? To think that is to suffer false pride. The rider didn’t consent and even suggesting that I agree without ample proof is insensitive. Stop blaming those who die. It is they who we should hear speaking of how ill we are instead.

  6. Karl says:

    my real time editing got nested so I approved “one” as I actually meant; […both…too easally and insufficient] WON ONE fact.

    Trivia after all is a concept rarely comprehended. Do we want to gamble so with our lives? Instead of answering such questions we engage in trivia- we enjoy others praising us for our excellence in becoming medical doctors or graduating from Harvard even mere admission despite paying prices like the venal sin of using a car routinely wantonly which is responsible for the first few tens of thousands who die EVERY YEAR. Kill so many and I don’t care what else has you claim to fame- it’s trivia your infamous to me. Just ten percent died in the towers- that’s like six weeks worth… and yet 97% of us have our foot on the gas pedal every day and vote for Osama with every press- even or especially because he’s dead now and can’t try again to bettter explain what he was trying to say as if any of are exxcellent enough to care.We are. About the car especially. It is our slavery- and with his B I hope our preseident can follow the sacrifice soon enough with it’s lesson, be our Lincoln,abolish what business as usualon the car lot and tarmac resulting has become. It should ofceased tobe fun long ago. Not all of uspay to be admitted to some track where some freakish version might run us over as we risk spectating at any price- but those who die doing that are the token few… most die because we actually let minors drive- still! even alone- when any sanepolicy would make it ilelgal toeven transport anyone under 25 in one unless it was absolutely necessary. They are after all the reason our race is coming to a premature end- not our best and only friend for which we cut our teeth in crawling up to lend for despite the blessedly hidden gore. Don’t bless it. Of the mess confess a bit.

  7. […] is known about Henderson’s death, unfortunately. Much to the consternation of Ted Rogers of bikinginla, the only official news of it seemed to be that of an L.A. Times photo in the print edition showing […]