Update: More bad news — bike rider killed in Blythe Friday evening

Evidently, Friday was a very bad day for SoCal cyclists.

First we got word that a Los Angeles rider had died in a Hollywood dooring a week earlier; then an Orange County rider was killed while riding in a Mission Viejo bike lane.

And now comes news that a cyclist was killed in Blythe, just miles from the Arizona border.

Unfortunately, very few details are available at this time.

The Riverside County Coroner’s office reports that 49-year old Alvin Aguirre was hit by an apparently driverless sedan, no make or model given, while riding on the 2200 block of West Hobsonway. The injury occurred at 6:22 pm, and he was pronounced dead at 6:41.

No word on how or why the collision occurred, or who may have been at fault. And no mention of whether the driver remained at the scene.

This is the ninth bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, which equals the total for this time last year, and the first in Riverside County. It’s also the second cycling fatality in the tiny desert town in less than two years.

My prayers and condolences for Aguirre and his family. 

Update: The Desert Independent finally offers more information on Alvin Aguirre’s death. 

According to the paper, he was riding west on Hobsonway while pulling a trailer with his bike; witnesses reported seeing him ride unsteadily, weaving within the traffic lane prior to the collision. They saw him swerve into the path of a 2012 Nissan Sentra driven by 26-year old Ramon Torres of Blythe with no explanation, where he was hit from behind. 

Passing Border Patrol agents attempted to revive Aguirre before paramedics arrived; he was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Torres was tested at the scene, but showed no sign of impairment. 


  1. Allan says:

    What da ……… I never heard of “driverless sedan”. Any info on that? The article linked doesn’t mention that either.

    I’m not sure how this could have been avoided other than have BRIGHT flashing rear light for the day.

    RIP my fellow rider. I hope the best for your loved ones. Sad to see this happening in such avoidable areas.

  2. alaN says:

    the coroner’s report stated that he was struck by a sedan. When you look at the other reports on the web page they state that a driver lost control. There was no mention of a driver in this report.

    This also refers to the trend where the newspapers will say that the “car lost control” or the “car struck the bicyclist” which indirectly implies the car was at fault, not the driver.

    • Allan says:

      That’s crazy! And who was in control the moment before the “car lost control” or the “car struck the bicyclist”?

      Hmmmmmmm…….. I might use this defense if I’m ever ticketed for running a stop sign. Hey look, I’m sure my bike didn’t mean to run the stop sign, it just doesn’t pay attention sometimes.

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