Just another ride on the Westside, and the Department of DIY finds a way on the LA River

Please forgive yesterday’s radio silence.

I try to post something every day, or weekday, anyway; even bike bloggers need a little time off. But sometimes the demands of daily life get in the way.

And sometimes, I just need to get in a good ride on a perfect fall LA day. Good ride being a relative term, if Westside drivers have any say in the matter.

Then there’s the problem of the day’s designated Preventer of Productivity climbing up unbidden for an extended round of petting, ear scratching and belly rubs, forming an impermeable barrier between my laptop and lap.

Fortunately, I’ve learned to edit video one handed.

Sienna on lap

Then there’s another project that’s been occupying most of my time lately, which I hope to share with you in the coming weeks as progress allows.

Stay tuned.


Meanwhile, Patrick Pascal sends word that the Department of DIY has been hard at work on wayfinding signage on the LA River bike path near the southern end of the Frogtown section, which he describes as “both professional and also informative, useful and long overdue.”

Word is that the city is working on a half million dollar wayfinding system of their own, which will cover bikeways across the city.

But whether they can do a better job than the person or persons who took it upon themselves to craft these particularly well-done on-path street signs remains to be seen.

la river path denbyA well-deserved tip of the hat, whoever you are.


  1. Joe B says:


  2. I’ve been nagging the city about wayfinding on the river path for years. Last I heard was that the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority is “studying” the matter. ( http://www.mrca.ca.gov ) Though I think street sign and road paint technologies have been around for a long time now.

    Culver City has put up excellent wayfinding on its section of the Expo Line bike path, and there are some new but flimsy signs on the Ballona Creek path as well.

    Thank you , Dept. of DIY! It’s good to knwo somebody gives a damn!

    • vah says:

      it’s good to know at least there comes a realization that something is wrong with wayfinding stuff, really wrong

  3. kdbhiker says:

    I like the finger (video) action!

  4. Michele Chavez says:

    Since I have been trying to restrain myself from similar finger action when the occasion arises, it was vicariously satisfying to see in the video.

    • bikinginla says:

      Took me awhile to figure out where you and kdbhiker were seeing the finger, then I finally noticed my shadow in the last scene.

      Actually, that was my arm — and and all four fingers — extended in a WFT gesture. But it certainly does look like I was flipping the driver off, doesn’t it?

      That’s not to say I didn’t flip one of the other drivers off. The camera just didn’t happen to catch it.

  5. Stacey Rigley says:

    The bike path street signs were done by LA-Mas a non profit architecture firm! They did it in conjunction with the Frogtown Art Walk