Morning Links: City Council may not be PLUM crazy when it comes to MyFigueroa after all

Finally, good news on the needlessly delayed MyFigueroa project, as the City Council’s Planning and Land Management Committee moves forward with it.

Sort of.

In the face of overwhelming support for the project, the committee voted to discuss the matter again in three weeks, while tasking staff with the following:

  1. Report back on the project’s expected impact on traffic delays using more realistic assumptions than the conservative projections in the environmental impact report.
  2. Develop an education and marketing campaign to promote the project and businesses along the Figueroa corridor.
  3. Convene technical working groups to address remaining access and driveway concerns, including concerns about film permit restrictions during rush hour.
  4. Convene a technical committee to evaluate traffic plans for special events.
  5. Convene a technical committee to advise the before and after project evaluation.

Even the Shammas Auto Group, owners of Fig-side Felix Chevrolet, has implied they’ll drop their lawsuit against the project if consensus can be reached before it comes back to the committee on Tax Day.



Yet another reason to ride a bike, as the LAPD and Sheriff’s Department are tracking the license numbers of every vehicle on the street.

That alleged wrong way DUI driver faces a possible life sentence for killing six people — including her own sister — on the 60 Freeway in February; her lawyer says she’s “very scared.” She should be.

Streetsblog is talking to community leaders to get their take on the city’s proposed Mobility Plan 2035.

LA Councilmember Jose Huizar says it’s time to fix the sidewalks.

Wait. Dodger Stadium has bike lanes now?

Work finally gets underway on improving safety on PCH through Malibu.

A Redondo Beach bike rider is hospitalized following a collision with a pickup Wednesday afternoon; let’s hope it’s nothing serious. Thanks to My Redondo Beach for the heads-up.

Long Beach gets a second mini-ciclovia from 11:30 am to 1 pm next Tuesday as the course for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach is opened to the non-motorized — and dog-free — public.



OC vigil celebrates the life of fallen rider Sean Severson on his 16th birthday; you can contribute to a fund in his honor here.

A Redlands website talks with the founder of the Inland Empire Biking Alliance.

A Big Bear cyclist says it’s people like us who give cyclists a bad name, while a writer for Bicycle Retailer suggests it’s better to be an appeaser than a hater. Surely there’s a middle ground in there somewhere.

A Monterrey man is ordered to remain in the mental institution he’s been confined to since throwing sulfuric acid in the face of an unsuspecting bicyclist in 2000.

Tragic news as an 89-year old woman dies following a collision with a bike rider on a pathway on the San Jose State University campus. No word on how or why it happened, but this is why you always ride carefully around pedestrians — especially children and the elderly, who are far more fragile than others.

A Napa man faces charges after he was spotted by the original owner riding a bike that was stolen last August.

Nice story, as a Healdsburg boy creates Bikes Peak, and finds it still standing nearly 20 years later.



Now that’s my idea of heaven. Yellowstone opens to bikes only for the next few weeks. Just watch out for early rising bears. And angry buffalo.

The mother of a fallen Chicago cyclist sues the drunk driver who killed him, along with his employer, the appropriately named AllYouCanDrink, LLC. They’re about to find out just how limited their liability is.

Eleven women cyclists recreate a 1928 ride by five women from New York to DC.



No matter how angry you get, don’t slam a truck driver’s head into his door after he gets out to confront you. Just don’t.

An Australian writer says cycling Down Under is getting more dangerous and it’s time for government action.

A blind Aussie cyclist plans to ride through Southeast Asia to raise money for guide dogs.

A New Zealand man dies from a night of binge drinking in celebration of the next day’s mountain bike trip.



A Vancouver soccer star is questionable after suffering a bicycling-related injury without ever getting on one. He tripped over a bike rack walking down the sidewalk.

And San Francisco may have the state’s first parking protected puppy lane; thanks to Cyclelicious for the link.


  1. RyanG says:

    Bobby Cann and James Rapley – that makes two Groupon employees who have been killed while bicycling by reckless drivers.

  2. RyanG says:

    Ted, do you know if any other business/orgs are suing MyFig? Specifically, I’m curious to know if VW/Audi/Porsche of Downtown LA is opposed to the plan.

    • My understanding is that all of those dealerships, along with Felix Chevrolet, represent the Shammas Group. So yes, they are parties that have challenged the project.

      The Shammas Group has filed an appeal to the Environmental Impact Report for My Figueroa, and noted that it retains its right to litigation. They have not formally “sued” the city thus far. Tuesday showed a possible shift in the stance of this organization in that its lawyer noted that the group would withdraw its appeal if all stakeholders came to a consensus regarding the project. To date, their appeal to the EIR remains. In its 2013 letters to the city, the Shammas Group noted that it would prefer the project be unrealized for fear that the project would negatively impact its customer experience.

      If you are a customer and disagree with their position, I would suggest that you contact them to let them know your opinion.

      • bikinginla says:

        Thanks for the well-informed response, Michael.

      • I meant “have not formally sued”… Hopefully that was clear.

      • RyanG says:

        Thanks a lot Michael! I am indeed a customer of theirs, and I disagree with their position, and I will absolutely let them know about my position.

        • Depending on what type of letter/communication you want to send, you might consider sending a positive letter.

          In some ways, their conditional offer to drop their appeal was a thoughtful and brave move. A positive letter from a customer thanking them for this shift and asking that they follow through might help to encourage them to transition to a project supporter, rather than dig heals in in a defensive position.

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