Bike rider reportedly dies weeks after South Bay dooring

Sadly, word is just filtering in that a bicyclist died earlier this month, weeks after he was doored while riding in the South Bay.

Terrance Owen Brooks died while riding on April 12th, reportedly the result of a blood clot that may have resulted from the dooring a couple weeks earlier. I’m told Brooks was examined at a hospital following the collision, and released after doctors found only contusions.

However, his broken helmet suggests he may have needed a more extensive neurological examination than he received. It’s difficult to say conclusively that the clot resulted from the dooring, but it seems likely.

Brooks reportedly was a bike racer; however, I have been unable to find information about him online. Michael Eisenberg quotes his memorial card as saying:

His most recent accomplishment was placing number 2 out of 42,000 contestants worldwide and number 1 in the USA in the Anchor (cycling) Challenge in December 2013 sponsored by Strava.

He was 49 years old.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any other information at this time. If anyone has more details, please leave a comment below or email the address on the About page.

This is the 37th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and 15th in Los Angeles County.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Terrance Owen Brooks and all his loved ones.

Thanks to Michael Eisenberg for the information. 

Update: In a comment belowSerge Issakov points us to Brooks’ Strava page. Very sad to see that low total for April, knowing the reason why.

I’m told Brooks may also have been known as Terrance Jackson; Issakov suggests this may be his Facebook page. If so, the last entry from him is dated April 4th.

Update 2: A comment from Brook’s fiancé places the date of the original dooring as April 5th, and confirms that her died of a seizure while riding one week later. And that the hospital failed to perform a neurological exam, despite his broken helmet.


  1. Serge Issakov says:

    Found a Strava page under Terrance Jackson that is obviously this person. Very sad.

  2. JD says:

    Our prayers go up for the family and friends of Mr. Brooks.

  3. richard says:

    Yes unless he signed out against er wishes this is. Wrongful.
    And the fault of his extreme skill riding compounded by our wickedly bad medical system in doorings. He likely was neglected. As just another nondriver realizing the folly of that in the docs madness. I would convict the Dr /docs for manslaughter and iaggrivate it as a hate crime. Even if he signed out or especially if given the trauma to his mind itself. No chance his medical team had comparable talent to him or he would be saying so himself.

  4. ValleyBall1 says:

    I didn’t know Terrance but reading his Strava page makes his death hit home; we’ve all probably had close encounters. This is so tragic. God bless Terrance and his family.

    A lot of this has to do with awareness. No one in my family ever looked over their shoulders and/or mirrors when opening up their doors on streets; that is, until I started riding. I know it won’t eliminate these tragedies but it should at least reduce them from happening. People just don’t seem to care about cyclists on the road. It’s really sad…

  5. ValleyBall1 says:

    …and sometimes I think doctors don’t know WTF is going on…or are just too lazy. I’m speaking from experience with two kids that have had a slew of issues.

  6. Kilita D. Smith says:

    As Terrance’s fiance, it is so good to see word spread regarding his sudden death as it truly drives home the dangers cyclist face everyday on the road by careless drivers. He was involved in a traffic collision with a car door on April 5th and died only 1 week later on April 12th from a sudden seizure. While at the hospital on April 5th, he did not receive the neurological exam that he deserved as someone who had just suffered a concussion. It is heart breaking to have someone so talented and so passionate about cycling taken due to carelessness. Thank you everyone for your kind words and let’s each do what we can in our daily lives to make the roads safer for ever cyclist out there!

    • bikinginla says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. It must be devastating to lose your fiancé so suddenly and unexpectedly.

      Dooring is a danger every rider faces; we have to find a way to educate drivers about the risks of throwing open a door without looking. I don’t know if the police were called for the initial collision, but the driver should have been cited for violating CVC 22517, which requires drivers to only open their doors when it is safe to do so. Drivers are almost always at fault in dooring cases.

      I hope you’ve talked to a lawyer. From the sound of it, there should be a good case against both the driver and the hospital. It won’t bring Terrance back, but it’s likely the only route to get justice for him at this point.

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