Morning Links: Making up the law on PCH, Olin ghost bike goes missing, and Canyon Lake cyclist critically injured

Once again, a sheriff’s deputy is caught on video making up traffic law on PCH.

For anyone unclear on the concept — law enforcement included — bike riders are allowed to ride in the traffic lane under California law, and allowed to take the full lane if it’s not wide enough to safely share with a motor vehicle.

And there is nothing in state law banning cyclists from riding two or more abreast as long as they stay in a single, non-sharable lane on a multi-lane roadway.


Someone has taken the ghost bike for fallen cyclist and Napster CEO Milt Olin, despite efforts of the City of Calabasas to maintain it. And still no word about the results of the investigation into Olin’s death or whether the sheriff’s deputy who killed him will face charges.


More bad news from the Inland Empire, as a 15-year old Canyon Lake cyclist suffers critical injuries after broadsiding an SUV at the base of a steep descent. The impact was hard enough that the vehicle’s airbags deployed.



Some of DTLA’s larger new buildings feature more bike than car parking.

New LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds says it’s time to slow LA traffic to a more human scale, and may bring big changes to the city.

Meanwhile, LADOT has completed 50 miles of road diets in the last 15 years, and has finally budgeted for a citywide network of bicycle wayfinding signs.

Discovering the Ballona Creek bike path.

Sounds like fun. Metro and CICLE sponsor a Downtown LA Film History Ride on July 19th; maybe they’ll visit the Spring Street green lane gutted at the request of Hollywood filmmakers.



Newport Beach unveils the city’s draft bicycle plan, which will be under discussion when the Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee meets on Monday.

Nice. San Clemente approves a two-way bike path along the coast highway, as well as bike lanes for riders who want to remain on the roadway.

Seriously? San Diego is the only California city named to USA Today’s list of the 10 best cities for bicycling. No mention of Long Beach, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Davis, Palo Alto or any other CA towns.



Your bike is finally welcome on Amtrak.

Fading bike lanes send a message of disrespect from motorists.

A bike safety educator takes issue with the Bike League’s recent report showing 40% of bicycling fatalities over a 12-month period involved hit-from-behind collisions; thanks to Karen Karabell for the heads-up.

The feds are investigating a sabotaged Aspen CO bike trail after someone hid nail-studded boards on the path. Except it’s the Bureau of Land Management doing the investigating, not the FBI.

Life is cheap in Colorado, as a hit-and-run driver who killed a cyclist from my hometown gets four years probation and one year of work release.

A new deal could save New York’s Citi Bike bike share program.



How can you tell when police investigations are biased against bike riders? When they conclude cyclists are at fault in over three-quarters of all bike collisions.

The key to encouraging alternative transportation is to make private cars the least efficient mode of transport.

Maybe wheel-suckers don’t suck after all. Drafting cuts wind resistance up to 49%, while reducing drag for the lead rider by 5%. And it turns out shaving your legs really does make you faster.

A UK man is riding across Africa following the death of his parents from cancer.

Bicycling is booming in Bangkok, even if it puts bike riders in the danger zone.



An LA cop watches as a red light-running driver threatens a pedestrian, then blames the walker for blocking the road. And no matter how mad you may be, your bike deserves better than to be thrown onto the hood of a driver’s car; maybe they can charge him with bicycle cruelty.


Just a quick reminder. Bikes are usually the most efficient way to get in and out of your local fireworks display. Just ride with extra care, because drivers will be focused on finding that elusive parking space or beating the crowd home instead of looking for you.


  1. Mit Sprinter says:

    Seeing the photo the mayor’s office released of her raises the following question- SMH GETS SUBSIDIZED OR BELOW MArket rate use of car garage….does that mean abstainers have a right under UCLAprofessor inspired state law to the same in cash? Secured locker for electric bikes at least? Optibike for example is selling a six year old traded in model and would be wise to lower the price to any kid wanting to put it on layaway now for fall beyond the claimed five grand reduction advertised. If it can be parked ON CAMPUS I say sell it for no more then they gave in discount on the new one! I do not know of any bicycle that costs more to buy and get to class on the coast with then any car costs to park. Even a fan driven jetpack is a bargain compared to a ‘free’ car. Upperclass yiung men and women who drive to school show they have not learned much despite getting two years of attendance crossed off. The alumni group can easally afford to give every junior a pv shaded or compressed air power assisted twi wheeled delight. The french hav discovered air is better then static for cars without further research! Let, please,santa monica be the destination for the first such human power recovering models not Paris again! Better brakes work backwards as well. MERE cheap Gloves stop winter cold HERE from hurting and pneumatic energy recovery makes LA Abetter place to ride then even Idaho.

  2. Joe B says:

    I couldn’t hear the cop; what was he upset about?

    The Sheriff should give their officers some sort of training before giving them guns and sending them out on the highways.

  3. DanShenise says:

    When you record cops, record the entire interaction. Don’t ever cut it short unless your battery dies. So now there isn’t remotely enough video evidence to work with because the video ended prematurely. Also, don’t ever let them intimidate you into turning it off. All conversations are open to be recorded in the course of them carrying out their public duties.

    • Rosie Greenbaum says:

      I agree with Dan’s comment. Also that other rider reaching for his license? I wouldn’t do that – be calm and do so only if the officer(s) asks. Ride safely everyone!

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