Morning Links: Popular LA cyclist seriously injured, update on the San Diego crash that injured 8 riders

Lots of news today, so grab some coffee, limber up your clicking finger and settle in for a good read.


Popular LA cyclist Jo Celso is hospitalized in San Diego after suffering serious injuries while riding at the San Diego Velodrome Tuesday night. Donations to defray medical expenses can be made through PayPal.


The driver in the San Diego crash that sent eight cyclists to the hospital was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and drugs, possibly including meth; she has a history of petty crime dating back to 2006.

One of the victims reportedly couldn’t feel his legs following the crash, while the Times says one of the injured — most likely the same rider — suffered a major vertebral fracture; sounds like prayers or good wishes are in order.

And BikeSD calls for charges against the driver.


A Santa Maria TV station confirms the rumors that the passenger in the truck that killed Chula Vista randonneur Matthew O’Neill was the 18-year old son of former Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado. Nicolas Maldonado was also a passenger in another fatal collision involving his mother two years ago.

According to the same rumors, the 16-year old driver who killed O’Neill is also a member of the Maldonado family.

Meanwhile, Stacy Kline offers a moving remembrance of her friend and riding companion.


More on our fellow cyclist Robin Williams, his big heart and his love of bikes.

First up, noted bike rider Conan O’Brien relates how Williams tried to cheer him up following O’Brien’s dismissal from the Tonight Show by giving him an outrageously silly bicycle.

Then there’s the story told by Bay Area comic Johnny Steele, who said Williams bought him a custom-made bike and became his regular riding partner after Steele told him he didn’t ride because he couldn’t afford it. And all because Williams liked his joke about 65-year old men on $6,500 bicycles.

Meanwhile, a bike shop owning friend of the comedian says Williams told him cycling saved his life after kicking cocaine.

And the Wall Street Journal relates how he once met famed Italian bike builder Dario Pegoretti, and how Williams said he loved riding because it’s a close as you can get to flying.

I think we can all relate to that one. I’ve said the same thing myself more than once.



The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition is hosting a fundraising Firefly Ball the day before Halloween, honoring Andy Leeka of Good Samaritan Hospital, Long Beach’s Suja Lowenthal, and legendary BAC founder and bike advocate Alex Baum; tickets start at $250.

Meanwhile, the LACBC is holding a workshop on fundraising for bicycle advocates next Thursday.

Attend a live recording of the Bike Talk podcast at the Levi’s pop-up store this Friday with hosts Nick Richert, Melissa Balmer and Maria Sipin.

The Daily News takes a look at LADOT’s new Bicycle Friendly Business program.

Streetsblog’s Damien Newton offers advice for walking or biking back to school.



California lists 147 projects that could get funding under the state’s new Active Transportation Program, including several in Southern California.

Calbike offers their monthly update.

New bike lanes are approved near Corona del Mar High School.

A 23-year old Big Bear rider competes in his first year as a professional cyclist.



Even the feds want you to take a bike tour.

Once again, a foreign tourist riding across the US is killed by a drunk driver, this time an Australian woman who was killed in Indiana just 500 miles from her destination.

Caught on video: Angry motorists confront a Vermont cyclist, saying they should have run him over. And to make matters worse, it was the rider got ticketed — for riding in the traffic lane.

Once again, the NYPD cracks down on the victims of traffic violence, rather than the cause.



Toronto cyclists win a fight for protected bike lanes.

London cop hops on a stolen bike to chase down a wanted bike thief.

Poetic justice, as a drunken Brit bike thief breaks his ankle when the bike he’s trying to make off with falls on him.



Kids, don’t do this at home. A Kansas driver pulls into a parking lot to confront a bike rider, who promptly pulls out a gun and shoots him in the face; the rider was taken into custody nearby.



  1. Let me guess, KS does not have a “stand your ground” law for being confronted by people armed with light armored vehicles, or the cops decided it didn’t apply to cyclists?

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  3. Vox_Populi says:

    Reminder fellow cyclists. Check you auto uninsured/underinsured/body injury coverage make sure you have at least $500,000. And in the state of California make sure your insurer doesn’t coerce you into signing “Agreement to Reduce Uninsured Motorist Coverage”, it is not required as a condition to the policy if they do? Report the insurer to the California Department of Insurance. Good and safe riddin folks!

  4. MarkG says:

    Mor eon Fiesta Island:

    “…Juan Carlos Vinolo, also lost one kidney and has collapsed lungs, broken ribs and a lacerated spleen…Vinolo has five crushed vertebrae. It is unknown if he will walk again”

    A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family.

    Arraignment for the driver is today at 1330.

    • Anonymous says:

      As a cyclist, I’ve been cycling Fiesta Island since about 1980. That first road that cuts through to the west road? I’ve never seen the need for it only as a shortcut but perhaps the city can make it more safe?
      That ‘painted’ yield sign on the south road makes no sense and only encourages drivers to speed and not look at the north to south traffic/cyclist. Maybe this tragedy could’ve been averted if the city of San Diego, had placed “DO NOT ENTER – WRONG WAY” signs, where those rocks (google maps) are? I’ve seen cars back up when they’ve realized they were going the wrong way. Just saying. Perhaps, some of these cyclist have claim against the city – neglecting safety for drivers and cyclists? Granted, I love Fiesta Island birthplace of the Triathlon but I am stunned that this women who had only petty thefts if the system could’ve averted her downfall. I wouldn’t blame the system but seriously God only knows why (not trying to sound flippant) she took that wrong turn.

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