Today’s post, in which I take the day off. And am very grateful I still can.

Okay, so I’m taking the day off.

To be honest, Thursday was a rough day. From the collective emotions of 9/11, to being painfully poked and prodded in yet another attempt to figure out what the hell is going on with my body.

But mostly, it’s the realization that Friday marks seven years to the day since I encountered a massive swarm of bees while riding along the beach, and ended up spending the night in the ICU.

And in between, suffered what undoubtedly would have been the worst bicycling incident in memory, if only I could remember it. Let alone the most serious injuries of my riding career.

I won’t go into the details here.

I’ve told the story before. And in more detail just a year ago.

I even wrote about it for a leading magazine, only to have the manuscript returned to me, unread.

C’est la vie, mais non?

In retrospect, it changed the direction of my life. And led me to dedicate whatever time I have left on this planet to making it a safer place to ride a bike.

Even if there’s not a lot you can do about bees on the beach.

It also reminds me to be grateful for the men and women who dedicate their lives to helping others. Even if they’re just doing their jobs.

Because without them, I probably wouldn’t be here to write this.

And to thank God, once again, that I am.



  1. KB says:

    Sometimes it seems that publisher’s like yourself get snuffed out despite it taking so long as in your case one would think it ineffective. Faced with unexpected peril transcending requires both mor and les fear, obliges intent beyond onself and goals realistic in less time then highschool took. Faced with the flood google provides of news however interesting It’s previously specified scope this unlike the pollinators asks of your community absent outright cure information even more digestible with less fluff against odds tough but we trust you prepared otherwise for any rough.

    And for those who read you greater guidance as well. Presently as you say you know our blood flows deep so most perceive stillness. Yet the shriek of brakes and sirens din is incomprehensible so far despite your ears on battle. There are more bikes powerable from the energy one electric ‘smart’ car inflicts then hours in a day not to mention the sociopqthy of now literally double pained windows on the worst rattling to anyone not ensconced blasphemies to bull us down another round civilization may hopefully ever Know. The very best Optibike can be leased for dozens not hundreds of dolllars a month despite being subpar and overpriced more so every year of nearly decades now. Not hundreds but dozens and in half a decade free and clear on it more then decently on it’s like’s and better’s should facing the fear bring you more near.

    We must put cars to the gutter leaving the rest for us to flutter. The war is real. So far we have only turned cheak but BEEINGslaughtered by violence not accident is one thing, extinction another.

    Our prisons hold quiet those who attacked the first battalions parked for lusting over of SUV’S, so NOW A LAYER OF AIR gets coveted by the motorway trash stalkers of our children to better watch us die less viscerally for them despite it literally offering no resistence to bullets?

    I remember a scene in a movie that has a mom called by her pdeophile abducted about to be snuffed like the flesh she discovers wrapped warm in plastic while being pleaded with for mercy and she does dial 911… But to report a shooting. Later she tells the father about it and her killing them is not even an afterthought.

    Yet we mourn so peacefully. We forgive and in turn our children do not get to live. People sell cars in our community and nonprofits shamelessly accept fortunes in looted blood hushmoney while all media is addicted to procqrtqlk.

    The planet as well takes notice and fulfills prophecy as earth be ones our helL itself.

    We must boycott those supported by the entities that slay almost all the children who do not get to grow up. We must acquit those who more then talk Shit to evil like our lords the Ford’s.

    Please don’t let your kids attend schools that able bodied children are driven short distances to with the full knowledge of our hired masters. Or know you parents are the problem that robs all life and imposes such tragic strife.

  2. I hear you Ted. I sometimes have to take the anniversary of the day I died away from the blog, too. Next year there will be brainz for the zombies (jello mold in the shape of a brain) at the party, but this year was quieter than normal.

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