Breaking news: OC lawyer guilty in 2013 DUI death of cyclist Eric Billings

Word is just coming in that an Orange County attorney has been convicted in the DUI death of cyclist Eric Billings two years ago.

According to a press release from the OC District Attorney’s office, Hasti Fakhrai-Bayrooti pled guilty to a single felony count of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated on Tuesday.

The DA reports the 41-year old Rancho Santa Margarita woman had prescription drugs — including Xanax and Suboxone — in her system when she ran down Billings’ bike from behind on March 15, 2013, as he rode in a marked bike lane on Santa Margarita Parkway in Mission Viejo.

Fakhrai-Bayrooti was apparently unable to plead down to a lessor charge; she was convicted on the same count she was originally charged with, which is unusual in cases that don’t go to trial.

According to the press release, she is currently out on $100,000 bond, and faces up to four years in state prison when she is sentenced on May 8th.

She also faces possible removal from the state bar following her conviction; she has been an active member of the bar since 2005.

Thanks to Edward Rubinstein, and Amy Senk of Corona del Mar Today for the head-up. (And apologies for misspelling Rubinstein’s name at first.)



  1. Outstanding! The prosecutors are starting to treat cyclist killers the same way as they treat cyclists.

  2. jack carlson says:

    I saw sign that read ” Hit a worker- $10,000 fine & lose license.” so how about”Hit a cyclist $1,000 fine lose license; Kill a cyclist $10,000 fine lose license.


  3. She KILLED a guy driving under the influence and gets a MAX sentence of 4 years?

  4. JD says:

    Sentenced by a peer.

  5. Heggimiri says:

    I pray for the deceased’s family & friends, wish them healing daily as does Haley whose not well at all. In saying the latter, I am NOT at all trying to gain her sympathy, far from my intention. As her psyche explained to us, she feels and questions why she stayed alive and he didn’t. He further said, it is a common feeling in similar situations. May God watch over all cyclists at ALL times. She wants to do or at least says b/c he was such a good man, she can’t carry on his legacy but prays God will show her how to touch others. I believe telling/sharing her story may reach some ears. From Bayrooti family to Billings: we can’t even imagine what pain you are enduring and if there was anything she could do or give to bring your loved one back, without hesitation, she would.

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