Alleged red light running cyclist killed in Hawthorne collision

A bicyclist has lost his life after allegedly running a red light in Hawthorne Friday evening.

According to the Press-Telegram, 49-year old Los Angeles resident Fernando Gamboa was struck by a car while riding on Imperial Highway east of Sundale Avenue, in the shadow of the 105 Freeway, around 6:58 pm Friday.

The CHP reports he was riding against the light when he rode out in front of a 2015 Camaro, and was thrown 20 feet through the air. He was pronounced dead at the scene just minutes later.

Sadly, family members somehow arrived on the scene, and were informed of Gamboa’s death.

No one should ever have to see a loved one like that, or live with that kind of memory.

Unfortunately, the satellite view of the street is obscured by the highway overhead. However, based on the limited description, it would appear Gamboa was trying to cross the busy street at some point east of Sundale Ave, and was struck by a car that continued through the intersection.

As always, the question is whether independent witnesses saw him crossing against the light, or if the driver is the only surviving witness.

This is 35th confirmed bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the 16th in Los Angeles County. That compares with 53 in SoCal last year, and 20 in the county.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Fernando Gamboa and all his loved ones.

Thanks to John McBrearty for the heads-up.


  1. JD says:

    We offer up our prayers for thd family and friends of Mr. Gamboa.

  2. goldy says:

    From the fact here and only here I would say that our side can just as reasonably assume the 2015 car user was putting it to some sort of test or recreational use as anyone can give any weight to a mature man going against a red light as the expression suggests just because the operator of the machine purchased with borrowed money claimed as much with obvious incentives to fib a lot about how he managed to actually kill someone beyond getting behind the wheel.

    For me if the deceased was not suicidal or drunk in anyway then the loss is best understood as consented to by the village, despite that being illegal in democratic societies at least on paper.

    There are not equivalent temptations for car operators if the man pedaling was proven mortal for being human, that is part of the problem we face, one can drive a car poorly far too safely. The air bag technology was one solution, far from perfect, and vastly inferior to those less profitable but more in the interest of all, like placing all the killing surfaces at different heights then people travel at.

    The system places little value on anyone’s life, even less though on those who abstain for any reason from driving or especially little on those of us who bike for such inessential reasons as not being so evil as to tie up capital wrongly or cause asthma for poor kids, likely cut short this era of life on earth or our ability to ever move to another planet after we have trashed this one.

    The details are sufficient, such deaths are our choice, our failure to be governed honorably and competently. I can not imagine any facts emerging that even in this instance downplay this truth central always. Another car was allowed to kill. Shame on us.

    • Nick Garcia says:

      First of all unless you were there you can’t offer an stupid opinion. I saw the accident the biker was actually on the island when he darted across into the car. The man unfortunately lost his life because he was careless.

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