Woman dies after bicycling collision in Buena Park

New is just coming in that a woman died on Thursday after a collision in Buena Park.

According to the Orange County Register, 35-year old Buena Park resident Becky Sheehan was hit by a pickup while riding her bike at near Stanton Avenue and Page Street at 7:41 pm.

She died Anaheim Regional Medical Center an hour later.

No other information is available at this time.

A street view shows a two-lane street with limited lane markings on Page, and a four-lane street with left turn lanes on Stanton; the intersection is controlled with a traffic signal.

This is the 28th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the sixth in Orange County.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Becky Sheehan and all her family. 

Thanks to bike lawyer John McBrearty for the heads-up.


  1. JD says:

    Our prayers go up for the family and friends of Ms. Sheehan.

  2. My most sincere condolences to Becky Sheehan’s loved ones.

    It’s not clear if this poor woman was riding on Stanton Avenue, but that street is a tragic example of lack of planning for any mode of transportation other than cars.

    Stanton runs parallel to Beach Boulevard, which is the busiest street in Orange County. Beach is basically a freeway with occasional stop lights. It’s no place to ride a bike. Because of that, there is heavy bike traffic on the sidewalks along Beach. Other riders go to parallel streets to the west and east of Beach. Stanton is one of those streets.

    Unfortunately, even though Stanton is one of the few alternatives routes, it has no provision for bikes. Most of it is two lanes in each direction, and the outward lanes are currently too narrow for a bike plus a car.

    This leaves riders seeking alternatives to the busiest street in the county on an alternate route that is just as dangerous.

  3. Jenifer Stewart says:

    I am so sad and heart broken. She was my best friend even though we didn’t talk every day we always picked up where we left off like no time has passed. Thanks for all the great memories.