Eight-year old boy killed in collision while riding his bike in Ladera Ranch

Every traffic death is tragic.

But some are just too hard to take.

According to Mission Viejo Patch, an eight-year old boy was killed when he was struck by a car in Ladera Ranch Monday evening.

Second grader Jaxon Ortiz was riding his BMX bike near his Ladera Ranch home around 6:30 pm when he reportedly entered Orange Blossom Circle from a walkway without stopping for traffic.

He was hit by the car, even though the driver was only traveling at 15 mph, according to the initial investigation.

Ortiz was taken to Mission Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Unfortunately, no cross street was given, making it impossible to pinpoint just where the crash occurred.

No other details are available at this time. And no explanation why Ortiz’ death hasn’t been reported by the mainstream media.

A crowdfunding page to pay funeral expenses and benefit his family has already exceeded the $50,000 goal, raising nearly $70,000 in just 15 hours.

This is at least the 27th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the fifth that I’m aware of in Orange County.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Jaxon Ortiz and all his family and loved ones.



  1. Tara Paige says:

    He entered what is basically an alley which residents drive down to park in their garages. I don’t believe that the driver was only going 15mph and couldn’t stop. My car stops on a dime once I apply the brakes, if not I would have run over many squirrels and rabbits. Everyone that knew sweet little Jaxon, loved him dearly. The family is completely devastated as well as close friends.

  2. JJD says:

    We offer up our prayers for the family and friends of young Jaxon Ortiz.

  3. larry kawalec says:

    Note how the story was framed: Jaxon Ortiz of Ladera Ranch was riding his BMX bike just before 6:30 p.m. when an Acura driving on Orange Blossom Circle, failed to see Ortiz enter the street from a walkway, California Highway Patrol reported.

    “when an Acura driving….failed to see Ortiz” WAS THE CAR DRIVING ITSELF? This is a way of letting the human in control of the car off the hook. Lack of agency.

  4. Douglas Williams says:

    Cars drive too fast in Ladera Ranch. I live there, I have cursed at many a driver for driving fast down small streets or driving without consideration of pedestrians many times. And 15 MPH is way too fast for those little alleys.

  5. Beach Lover says:

    The article in the newspaper is WRONG. Sweet Jaxon was in a crosswalk when he was hit by the car.
    Please be kind, slow down when driving anywhere where a person may enter a roadway.

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