Morning Links: Telling off the cops for blocking bike lane, upcoming bike events, and racing through a flash flood

Don’t try this at home.

A New York man was lucky to ride away after telling off a group of cops for needlessly blocking a protected bike lane in an obscenity-laced tirade.

Even if it was well-deserved.

“You guys are putting my life in danger because you are fucking assholes,” the man riding the fancy looking e-bike tells the police.

“You gotta go” one cop mutters.

“No! I don’t have to do shit! You guys are blocking the bike lane for no fucking reason!” the man responds.

“There’s no emergency! Nothing is happening! I’m looking around, there’s no terrorist threat. There’s just you guys jerking off and doing nothing but standing here staring at me. I’m not threatening people’s lives—you are! You are the problem!”

Maybe the officers were showing remarkable restraint because the man was right. Or maybe just because there was a camera running.

But something tells me a black or brown bike rider might have found himself in cuffs for the same thing.

Then again, the NYPD doesn’t seem to grasp the idea behind bike lanes, as a New York cop cited a man for not riding in the non-existent bike lane, while insisting it’s illegal to ride a bike on any street without one.

It’s not.

Just like it’s not illegal here in the City of Angels, or anywhere else in the US.

Photo by Jiarong Deng from Pexels.


Let’s catch up on a few upcoming bike events.

Besides this Sunday’s CicLAvia, that is, which will be the first one to take place in my Hollywood backyard.

If I had a backyard, that is.

Walk Bike Burbank will host its annual Midnight Ramble moonlit ride this Saturday.

The San Gabriel Valley Foothill Flyers Vintage Bicycle Club will host its first bicycle swap meet and show this Sunday, followed by a short ride on those same vintage bikes.

Join Gravel Bike California for Send it Sunday at Topanga State Park next weekend.

The international Fancy Women Bike Ride rolls on September 22nd, described as the “most colorful, fantastic and empowering women’s parade in the world.” No word yet on whether there will be an LA edition of the ride.

And traffic safety deniers Keep LA Moving will hold a national conference in Mar Vista this October to discuss their virtually fact-free opposition to road diets and Vision Zero, along with their vision for the auto-centric America of tomorrow. It would be a real shame if any biking or walking advocates were to show up; thanks to Erik Griswold for the tip. 



The widow of an LA County Sheriff’s Department reserve deputy who was killed competing in the 2017 World Police and Fire Games is suing helmet-maker Bell and parent company Vista Outdoor, alleging his bike helmet was negligently designed, which made it a “useless safety device” and “an ultimate death trap to cyclists” — apparently concluding the fatal heart attack he suffered during a mountain bike race was caused by a head injury due to a fall.

CiclaValley records the sights and sounds of a sideways solo bike crash.

San Francisco bag maker Timbuk2 will now answer to LA furniture maker Exemplis. So maybe your next messenger bag will fold out into a sofa.

Nick Nolte is one of us, looking pretty in pink as he rides his ebike in the ‘Bu.



A new Orange County bikemaker is offering fully customizable high-end ebikes made entirely in Newport Beach.

KBPS says the lawsuit filed by a small group of local residents and business owners to stop plans for bike lanes on San Diego’s 30th Street appears to be a longshot, with their arguments contradicted by the city’s community plan.

Oceanside votes to make major safety improvements on the Coast Highway, reducing the four lane roadway to two lanes with bike lanes and parking, and replace six intersections with roundabouts.

The Fresno Bee offers more details on the crash that killed a bike rider Tuesday morning, when a teenage driver drifted onto the shoulder in minivan full of high school students and rear-ended the 56-year old victim at around 45 mph. Thanks to John McBrearty for the heads-up.

Streetsblog SF says a little paint that was added to an Oakland bike lane doesn’t improve what they describe as a hellscape for people on two wheels.



A new study shows the best sex aid could be your bicycle.

A boutique distillery in Minnesota has built America’s first British-style Cycle Speedway, where four rider compete simultaneously on the short, 300-foot clay track.

A Brooklyn website talks with the founder of The Brown Bike Girl consulting firm, who works to makes sure non-white, non-male bike riders are represented in advocacy, and comfortable riding on the streets we have now.

NPR examines New York’s rising bicycling death toll, and the glacial pace of solutions to the problem.

Life is really cheap in Philadelphia, where a judge dismissed all charges against an allegedly distracted garbage truck driver who fatally right hooked a young woman as she was riding in a bike lane.

Speaking of Philly, the city is finally paving over some long abandoned trolley tracks, eliminating a rough, wheel-grabbing ride local bike riders called The Handshake.

Evidently, it’s not just younger motorists who drive distracted. A 60-year old Pennsylvania driver was allegedly texting behind the wheel when she rear-ended a bike rider, who died nine days later.

A Miami bike rider was fatally shot by a motorcyclist while on a group ride, following an argument on the side of the road. Yet police inexplicably released the alleged shooter as the investigation continues.



A British bicyclist will attempt to set a new record for the fastest motor-paced speed ever accomplished by a man on a bicycle. Although he’s got a ways to go to catch up with the record for the fastest speed period, held by an American woman at nearly 184 mph. Just a tad faster than my best downhill speed.

The capitol of Armenia unveils its first dedicated bike path, which looks a lot prettier than anything you’ll find in LA. Bonus points if you can name the capitol of Armenia without looking.

Late summer in Los Angeles means magpie swooping season Down Under.


Competitive Cycling
Luxembourg national cycling champ Christine Majerus responds to the death of Dutch pro Bjorg Lambrecht by saying she wishes cycling race juries would prioritize safety over the length of her socks.

Dutch cyclist Mathieu van der Poel returns to road cycling after dominating the mountain bike competition.

Rouleur examines women’s cycling’s #MeToo moment, uncovering abuse and harassment at the highest levels of the women’s tour. Seriously, there’s no excuse for that crap. Ever.



Nothing like a visionary, if really uncomfortable looking, ebike concept. Pick up a bottle of Bike Path wine to swig on the bike path.

And that feeling when a flash flood washes out your team time trial.



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Especially now.


  1. Matt Stewart says:

    There is a citizen report on reddit of a fatal bicycle collision yesterday at 7th/Hill in DTLA. Have you heard anything more about this? I don’t see anything on the news.

    • bikinginla says:

      I haven’t heard anything at all about it. However, as one commenter noted, if there had been a fatal crash, or even a life-threatening injury, the intersection would have been closed for several hours for investigation — especially if it was a murder case.

      I’m not saying it didn’t happen; the victim could have been taken to a hospital. But there’s very little chance someone was killed, or that a serious collision was cleaned up and the intersection reopened in that amount of time.