61-year old man killed after allegedly turning his bike in front of San Bernardino police officer

Even cops will tell you they’re often among the worst drivers on the streets.

Yet somehow, they never seem to be at fault when something goes wrong.

That was the case in San Bernardino on Thursday, when a man was killed in a collision with a police officer.

According to the San Bernardino Sun, the victim, identified only as a 61-year old San Bernardino resident, was riding west on Baseline Street east of Valencia Avenue during a rain storm when he allegedly turned left across the five lane street in front of oncoming traffic, and was struck by the patrol car.

He died at the scene.

The Herald News places the time of the crash as 4:55 pm.

The San Bernardino Police Department insists the officer was driving at normal speed, even though he or she was responding to a call at the time of the crash; no mention of whether the emergency lights and siren were being used.

And despite what the Sun’s headline suggests, the victim did not crash into the officer’s car. It hit him.

It’s entirely possible that the crash occurred exactly as the police described it. The rain could have obscured the victim’s vision, and he might have turned in front of the car as a result.

Or it’s possible that the rain obscured the officer’s view, and he or she didn’t see the victim making his turn until it was too late.

It also seems unlikely that the cop was just puttering along at normal speed while responding to a call, though again, it’s possible.

Unless there were independent witnesses to the crash, we’ll only have the officer’s perspective to go on, because the victim can’t tell his side of the story.

Anyone with information is urged to call Detective Dan Acosta or Sgt. Jeff Harvey at 909/384-5792.

This is at least the 13th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the second that I’m aware of in San Bernardino County.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for the victim and his loved ones.



  1. JJD says:

    We offer up our prayers for the family and friends of the victim.

    • bertha pitts says:

      My sympathy also goes out to the police officer and his family, That is a terrible thing to have to live with. And the man went across 5 lanes of traffic anybody could have hit hem. Don’t get down on our law enforcement. And was their a cross walk or a light signal there? if so who violated that. My sympathy goes to the both of them.

      • bikinginla says:

        No one here is getting down on law enforcement. The only thing I’ve done here is try to present both sides, because the victim can’t speak for himself.

        • Sonia Rincon says:

          I try speaking with the detective and I’m still yet have got to speak with him he again isn’t available right now. The last time I spoke with someone from the traffic unit she said he won’t be available tell Monday because his days off are Friday-Sunday and now I call this morning and he still ain’t available. I left a voicemail today from what I was allowed to today.

          • Jim says:

            Recenty Sonia I was walking home and I found a driver asleep in the left lane of a major road. Before stepping into the roadway and getting to the median to check on this person that was flush against the median I dial 911 and the dispatcher transfer me to the local police where I was on hold for an extended period Of time. I did not wait to enter the road after being put on hold and my phone recorded the call. My phone recorded the snores of the driver. I believe that the sirens of two police officers passing this car on the right of it traveling in the same direction it was Disturbed the driver’s sleep, causing him to take his foot off the brake, and I had noticed he was rustling , so I quickly got to the back of the car to get the license plate and I did and the police did the Tain this man about a half an hour later. The reason I’m telling you this story is because the officer that pass this vehicle with a sleeping driver should have not continue to the call that they were headed to. There was no reason for so many police officers to respond to that call and it’s an example of how the police act when they’re racing to an interesting event. It was not pleasant to have the final conversation with the officer I had hoped to reach within a few seconds on the phone be long after the car had gone off the curb on the wrong side of the road which had woken the driver up completely but not enough to get on the right side of the road before continuing in his original direction of travel.

            Biking in LA has informed us for many years that everybody takes the side of the car operator, that if you want to kill somebody and get away with it that using a car is absolutely the weapon of choice, so I hope that you can find the support here that you need. It’s not actually about you. It’s about the person who has died. It’s not about the police officer who did his job well or poorly. It’s about the victim. I hope that you have somebody with you when and if you ever speak to the driver. I hope that you understand that you are a very courageous person but that’s your goal is extremely ambitious. Many bicycle lawyers read and advertise on this blog. They will talk to you for free about how you should proceed with your goals.

    • Sonia Rincon says:

      Thank you that’s my dad

      • bikinginla says:

        Sonia, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. Hopefully you’ll be able to speak with the detective and find out what happened soon. But ask to see the dashcam video.

  2. Andrew alejandrw says:

    I am a Lyft driver in San Bernardino. I can for sure tell you that the homeless have no regard for stop signs or walking in the middle of the street or jaywalking. I empathize with the police officer. I am a bike rider myself but I obey the rules of the road. This bicycle rider did not and it cost him his life

    • bikinginla says:

      Do you have some reason to believe the victim was homeless? Because that was not in the article, which is all we have to go on.

    • Antoinette g Rios says:

      Excuse me he wasnt homeless uber driver so know what ur saying befor u say it

  3. Pat says:

    This article is trash

  4. Kristen says:

    The sarcastic author of this article did not do justice for the tragic victims of this accident, both the bicyclist and the police officer. Anytime there is a fatality a crime scene investigation is completed, I have no doubt it was easily verified by the location of the bike and body as to what happened. My prayers go out to both families. Shame on bikinginla.com for their completely outrageous and biased reporting.

    • bikinginla says:

      Thank you for your comment, Kristen. However, you may want to look up the meaning of “sarcastic,” because there was nothing whatsoever sarcastic about this piece. If you actually read it, I went out of my way to make it clear that none of us know what actually happened, and saying the police account may be true, while pointing out that there may be an alternate explanation. I believe the victim deserves that, since he’s unable to give his side of the story. Don’t you?

  5. Larry Westen says:

    This article is garbage. The author of this article is obviously biased and prejudice against law enforcement. The author should be forever banned from writing for this journal

    • bikinginla says:

      Glad you think so, Larry. I wish you well.

      Oh, by the way, I’ve worked with the LAPD on bicycling issues for nearly a decade, and have a number of friends on the force. But one thing they’ve taught me is to question stories like this. So has a lifetime of bicycling.

  6. Tim Smith says:

    What kind of hack organization permits publication of articles such as this? One that has no social responsibility or no journalistic standards!

    The author should be banned.

    • bikinginla says:

      Gee, Tim, your comment sounds an awful lot like Larry’s. Why, almost as if they were written by the same person. How strange.

      If you don’t like this site, or the content on it, don’t feel obligated to return.

  7. Jenny says:

    Thank you for this article, this was my uncle and he was not homeless , he went to go get something to eat on his bike. And I 100% agree with this

  8. Dave says:

    Those cops didn’t even give him the proper cpr! San Bernardino Cops are Dirty!

  9. Antoinette g Rios says:

    I think the sbpd should have to give this man a proper service we all know thats bullshit come on that was my uncle rest in peace tio joe no worries justice will be served

  10. Ralph says:

    Any video from the police cruiser since the officer was responding to a call?

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