Driver backs over Brit bike rider, Bay Area bicyclist erases BLM message, and Willis, Hart and Usher are one of us, too

The joys of puppyhood.

Our teething new corgi puppy jumped up to give me a kiss, then snatched my glasses off my face and ran off with them before I could stop her Monday night.

So if I miss any major typos in today’s post, blame trying to see through a badly chewed lens.

That said, it’s a light news day, so let’s jump right in.

Today’s photo, the new intern discovers how it must feel when Godzilla destroys Tokyo.

And my glasses. 


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes just keeps on going.

A British bike rider suffered significant injuries when a road raging driver backed over him in a deliberate attack.

But sometimes, it’s the people on two wheels behaving badly.

A Concorde man stopped his bike to repeatedly erase a chalk sidewalk message in support of Black Lives Matter, telling the woman who wrote it not to “deface” the sidewalks of his neighborhood. Even though it’s her neighborhood, too. And in front of her house.



Bruce Willis is one of us, and back in Brentwood after isolating in Idaho with his family.

Kevin Hart and very pregnant wife Eniko are both one of us, too. And so is their yet-to-be-born kid.

Usher is one of us, as he buys a bike rack for his Tesla. And has it mounted in front of a WeHo fetish shop that should be familiar to anyone who rides Santa Monica Blvd.

South Pasadena will vote on the city’s draft bike plan at tomorrow’s council meeting; comments are due by noon Wednesday.

Take an augmented reality tour of the LA River.



A San Francisco family financed their dream of moving to Washington’s Whidbey Island by riding bikes, walking and taking public transit.



Bicycling talks to several long-distance bike tourers about what gear they take along for the ride. And offers advice on bicycling through National Parks. You can read the full story without Bicycling’s draconian new paywall on Yahoo.

Bicycling also offers a refresher course on how to use hand signals while riding a bike. No, not that one.

An Air Force squadron commander was killed, and two others wounded, when they were somehow run over by the driver of their own support vehicle while on a 155-mile Alaskan bike tour. Yet a local radio station doesn’t even mention there was a driver.

It takes a major asshole — and I use that term advisedly — to paint racist white power phrases on a bike path near a Las Vegas high school. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

A pair of BYU football coaches offer inspirational tidbits while riding their bikes to work.

The former president of Smartwool died of a heart attack while riding his mountain bike near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Riding Arkansas’ High Country Route though a bikepacker’s paradise.

No longer the “mistake by the lake,” a rejuvenated Cleveland now offers a 58-mile Emerald Necklace bike loop from the shore of Lake Erie to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Boston put out a call for proposals to see how e-cargo bikes could fit into the city’s delivery landscape.

A 14-year old New Jersey boy with cerebral palsy is more than halfway to his goal of raising $18,000 for a Kosher retreat and hospital for children with cancer and physical or developmental disabilities by riding his recumbent 80 miles in a charity ride.



British sales figures put a number on the coronavirus bike boom, with a 63% increase in bike sales during the lockdown period. Meanwhile, British farmers are being warned to watch out for an unusual plethora of bikes on the roads.

Business Insider goes inside the world’s largest bicycle garage in The Netherlands.

Talk about taking the scenic route. A Moroccan man traveled four years through 26 African countries to attend the Hajj in Saudi Arabia, starting on foot before buying a bicycle along the way.

A Ghanan woman is working to empower women and help children get an education by building low-cost, environmentally sustainable bamboo bicycles, planting ten new bamboo stalks for every one she cuts down.

Competitive Cycling

Chris Froome hopes the delay in this year’s Tour de France will aid his hopes for that elusive record-tying fifth yellow jersey. Even though he who must not be mentioned won seven, before he didn’t.



If you don’t have work to commute to these days, just turn your foldie into a fishing bike. And when you’re white, riding a bike while falling down drunk and carrying a loaded gun, chances are, white cops probably aren’t being racist by arresting your ass.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And wear a mask, already. 

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