12 years for Long Beach DUI hit-and-run driver, LAPD ignores apparent drunk driver, and gravel grinding Point Magu

This is who we share the roads with.

A Long Beach driver got over 12 years behind bars for a drunken hit-and-run that killed a 61-year old man and seriously injured another man; it was her second DUI causing great bodily injury within ten years.

The simple solution crimes like this is to keep people who cause serious injuries while driving drunk from ever getting behind the wheel again. Let alone within ten years.

There’s no question that everyone would be better off if she had been permanently barred from ever driving after her first DUI; her victim would still be alive, and she wouldn’t be looking at over a decade in state prison.

Driving is a privilege, not a right. And we need to start treating it that way.


This is why people continue to die on our streets.

Los Feliz residents want to know why a driver who appeared to be falling down drunk wasn’t tested for DUI, despite crashing into three parked cars after failing to make a simple turn.

There are other things that could cause the behavior shown on the video, such as a head injury or extremely low blood sugar.

But there is simply no excuse for not testing him to find out. Which raises the question of why the officers just let him go, instead.


Gravel Bike California says Point Magu may offer the best gravel riding in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Thanks to Zachary Rynew for the heads-up.


Take a short mountain biking break in spectacular Jackson, Wyoming.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes just keeps on going.

A British bike rider was threatened by a foul-mouthed man for somehow causing a flock of sheep to get out of their enclosure; the presumed shepherd proceeded to rip the victim’s bike cam off his handlebars.

A 60-year old Indian man was beaten unconscious by a woman’s family members, then drowned in a water-filled pit because he knocked her down with his bicycle.



The LA Times rides along with long-time bike messenger and LA bike advocate Jimmy Lizama, as the paper questions whether DTLA can recover from Covid-19 with anything near the vitality it had just six months ago.

Automotive website The Drive picks up on the new Grand Ave bike lane blocked by a e-car charging station, which we mentioned here earlier this week. Fortunately, I’m told it will be corrected soon.



San Francisco belatedly gets around to adding a detour to a blocked bike lane at the city’s Embarcadero. Which should be mandatory for any construction work that blocks a bike lane on a busy street.



Cycling Savvy is now offering Zoom-based bicycle safety classes.

A new study says if you really want to ride more and leave your car at home, get an ebike.

Bicycling questions what good sharrows actually do. Short answer: Not much. Longer answer: Those arrows are only there to help drivers improve their aim. 

Colorado sheriff’s deputies still don’t have any answers, three years after a mountain biker was shot to death in an apparently random attack.

The Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer accused of shooting Jacob Blake seven times in the back this past Sunday is a bike cop, and a former competitive cyclist.

Chicago Streetsblog looks at how the nifty new Mellow Chicago Bike Map came to be. Maybe someone could put one together for Los Angeles, because what passes for our existing bike network ain’t cutting it.

The Audubon Society talks with Harvard ornithologist Scott Edwards about his 76 day, 3,800-mile solo bike ride across the US to call attention to Black Lives Matter and Black Birders Week.

A Maryland bike rider is looking at to 30 years behind bars for assaulting three teenagers as they were taping up Black Lives Matter posters along a bike path, in an attack captured in a viral video. Although chances are, he’ll plead to just a fraction of that, if he gets any jail time at all.

A 54-year old man was killed when he was run down by a New Orleans police officer in a patrol car; naturally, police blamed the victim for riding his bike into the cop’s lane of traffic.



In a counterintuitive finding, a new British Columbia study suggests that neighborhoods with high walkability and bikeability scores also pose a higher crash risk.

A Montreal website is naming names in calling for a boycott of businesses that oppose bike lanes.

A stoned driver got five years and four months for killing a popular bike rider while high on coke and fiddling with the radio in a non-roadworthy van.

A new Dutch-made cycling jersey made from “bio-based” fabric debuting in this year’s Tour de France promises to prevent road rash at speeds up to 37 mph, and open wounds at even higher speeds.

Just sickening. Bike tire maker Continental has confessed to actively supporting the Nazi party in the years leading up to, and during, World War II, including the use of concentration camp inmates, forced laborers and Russian POWs. Which really makes me reconsider my use of the company’s Gatorskins on my bike; I stopped wearing Hugo Boss decades ago for the same reason. 

I want to be like him when I grow up. An 87-year old Japanese man is still competing in Ironman triathlons and hopes to keep racing into his 90s.


Competitive Cycling

NBC examines the favorites in the Tour de France kicking off tomorrow. Meanwhile, the founder of the first Australian World Tour team just hopes everyone stays safe.

Israel’s first homegrown cycling team is ready to take its turn in the Tour de France spotlight.

We should finally see a return of the Women’s Tour de France in 2022, or at least a women’s stage race from the same organizers; there were other attempts at establishing a women’s equivalent to the men’s Tour over the past 40 years, but none proved successful over the long run.



This is how you look good on a bike. If you get caught breaking into a bike shop, try to find a better hiding place than a piece of cardboard.

And that feeling when the road signs direct you into the river.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And wear a mask, already. 

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  1. burritomiles says:

    Judging by the make & model of the car plus the licence plate frame I’m guessing that DUI suspect was an off duty police officer. Thus LAPD allowing him to walk away.