Update: Man killed riding bike Monday in early morning Palm Springs collision

A man was killed riding his bike in Palm Springs early Monday morning.

And nearly 20 hours later, we still don’t know any more than we did before.

According to multiple reports, the victim was struck by a motorist around 4:45 am at Ramon Road and Compadre Road. He was taken to a local hospital, where he died.

There’s no information at this time about the victim, or how the crash occurred. Police are still unsure if either the driver or victim were under the influence.

Video from the scene shows heavy damage to the center of the hood and windshield, suggesting the victim was struck directly with some force.

The driver was arrested on unrelated charges. He was not publicly identified.

The Palm Springs Post reports the victim was the fifth person killed riding a bike in the city in five years.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Traffic Division of the Palm Springs Police Department at 760/323-8125.

This is at least the tenth bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the second that I’m aware of in Riverside County.

Update: The victim has been identified as 58-year old Palm Springs resident Nelson Esteban. 

Still no word on how the crash occurred, or why the driver was arrested. 

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Nelson Esteban and his loved ones.


  1. There was also a significant dent in the roof, something that indicates moving at a high rate of speed on the part of the weapon vehicle. The term weapon vehicle only indicates which vehicle did the striking vs which vehicle or person was struck.

  2. Fortunately, the driver remained on the scene. Today the most common thing is for the driver to flee.

  3. RIP to the Bicyclist & condolences to the family.Thanks for posting Ted & Biking in LA, and all those that report.

  4. Lina Sola says:

    Did Mr Esteban have family that may accept donations or a go fund me for burial services? I knew him only to say hello, but he was a very kind man.

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