East Side Riders help send kids back to school, bikes to the rescue in Maui fires, and The Wire creator’s speed cam rant

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Once again, a SoCal bike club goes well beyond bicycling to benefit the community.

And once again, it’s Compton’s East Side Riders Bike Club.

According to KTLA-5,

A lucky group of 30 kids were selected by their school districts to receive the ultimate back to school package on Sunday in an event hosted by the East Side Riders Bike Club and the Hey Leche Foundation in Huntington Park.

Attendees from Compton, Watts, Willbrook and the Huntington Park communities turned out for the event, with families receiving a laptop, $100 grocery gift card and kids getting a free backpack, new shoes and a haircut.

As East Side Riders president and founder John Jones III said, it’s just a drop in the bucket to meet the community’s needs.

But for these kids, it could be life changing.


Bicycles are emergency vehicles.

Our friend Joni responded on Friday to forward a brief mention of the bike riders who rode through Lahaina in the face of onrushing flames to shout a warning for people to evacuate, as the island’s emergency system remained silent.

Although it was actually from the New York Times, not the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, CNN reports some of the city’s residents escaped the flames by bicycle, while others sprinted away or used skateboards.

As many of us have experienced in city traffic, there is no better way to bypass stalled traffic than with a bicycle — something that becomes even more urgent in an emergency, when roads inevitably become clogged by evacuees in motor vehicles.

And there is no better way to navigate city streets to shout a warning, traveling at a human pace to alert people of danger.


Maybe the writers strike should apply to tweets, or x’s, or whatever the hell Elon insists on calling them these days.

Take The Wire creator David Simon.


The Emmy-winning author, journalist, screenwriter and producer took to Twitter, uh, X, to complain about getting a speed cam ticket in a New York school zone.

He might have a point if it was his first ticket — never mind that school employees get there long before sunrise at times, including in the summer.

But according to New York Streetsblog, he has a whopping 16 prior school zone speed cam tickets.

Count ’em, sixteen.

Given his apparent history of speeding, his rant makes a better argument for why we need to legalize speed cams in California.


Good question.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes just keeps on going.

No bias here. A drunk driver plowed into a parked car in San Diego’s Lisbon Street, so naturally the local TV station blamed a new bike lane through the Jamacha-Lomita and Skyline neighborhoods, not the alleged jackass who got behind the wheel after getting loaded.

But sometimes, it’s the people on two wheels behaving badly.

No bias here. A British journalist says angry motorists and scofflaw bicyclists are nothing compared to “the menace of the electric bike and the e-scooter” and the people who ride them. No, really.

A Shanghai paper calls out reckless bicyclists who congregate on local streets for “lively” Thursday night gatherings, accusing them of disregarding traffic rules and disturbing the public while filing the entire road with bicycles and people. Sounds good to me. 



Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger and Los Angeles County Public Works led a community bike ride to celebrate a new bike lane and other improvements at the intersection of Pasadena’s Huntington Drive and Madre Street/Muscatel Ave. But the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition says it should have been a protected bike lane, and we can do better.

Speaking of Pasadena, the aforementioned PCSC wants you to sign their petition calling for an “All Ages and Abilities” safety standard for the El Molino, Wilson, Sierra Bonita and Craig Avenue greenways.



Encinitas named a longtime employee as the city’s new mobility manager, in the wake of the city’s ebike state of emergency; Nick Buck has served as recreation coordinator in the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department, and as the city’s events and special projects supervisor.

Police in San Diego are looking for bike thief who violently assaulted another man in a failed attempt to steal the victim’s ebike in the city’s South Park neighborhood.

It takes a real schmuck to assault a nine-year old Santa Barbara kid to steal his bicycle; police made an arrest a short time later.

A father and son were run over by a driver at a Fremont classic car show while riding their bikes; fortunately, they don’t seem to have been seriously injured.

The Frisc says the urgency expressed by San Francisco officials after the death of champion bicyclist Ethan Boyes appears to have waned, as fixes to the street where he was killed have slipped into next year.

A writer for SF Gate says the lack of a bike path on the west span of the Bay Bridge means it takes “uncompromising quadriceps and a willpower to rival Thomas the Tank Engine” just to ride a bike from San Francisco to Oakland.



CNN rates the year’s best ebikes, starting at just $1499 for an REI cargo bike.

Elektrek explains why ebike makers and PeopleForBikes are fighting right-to-repair laws that would allow you to fix your own ebike — or have it fixed by someone other than the manufacturer — over fears of starting fires by damaging the lithium-ion batteries. Then again, where would we be if you could only have your car serviced by the dealer?

An Oregon writer responds to a question asking why bike riders don’t have to pay for a license if paddleboarders do, and says similar programs have failed in cities throughout the west — including Los Angeles. And bike riders already pay their share when they buy a bike.

An Alaska bicyclist takes the contrarian view, arguing that the recent moves by Anchorage to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians will only benefit a few people, and that safety would improve more if the city enforced existing laws.

It’s not unusual for someone to ride their bike across the US these days, but not many do it diagonally; two men are nearly a third of the way into a 5,000 mile ride from Anchorage AK to Jacksonville FL to raise awareness and funds to fight childhood cancer.

Evidently, they do things differently in Alaska, as an Alaskan man seeks official recognition from the Guinness World Records for riding his bike backwards across 500 miles of Iowa during RAGBRAI.

Houston’s Vision Zero program says it’s building bike and walk paths as fast as they can, as bicycling deaths are on track to double over last year.

San Antonio, Texas says “oops” about raised bumps on a protected bike lane that were inadvertently extended into an intersection, making right turns difficult, at best.

Chicago bicyclists cheered when authorities towed a car parked in a bike lane, saying they’ve never seen it happen before.

A Minneapolis letter writer says drivers may think they’re being polite when they randomly stop for bike riders and pedestrians, but everyone is safer when they observe the right-of-way.

Once again, President Biden rode his bike in Rehoboth Beach, Delware without falling off.

The family of a North Carolina woman unveiled a new mural painted by one of her close friends, next to where she was killed riding her bike.



Forbes says the bicycling industry is in financial collapse after the pandemic bike boom officially ended this year.

A Glasgow writer says closing the city’s streets down for the cycling world championships shows real possibilities for what could be done.

An architecture firm in Glasgow has begun a campaign calling for safer intersections in the city, after a 22-year old staffer was killed while riding her bike.

According to a Scottish writer, the future of bicycling in Scotland looks bright  well beyond the world championships in Glasgow, including in the southern borderlands he describes as “the St Andrews of cycling.”

A Welsh bicycle delivery rider was beaten unconscious when he tried to resist a group of bike thieves who attempted to steal his ebike at knifepoint, after he had stopped to pray.

Heartbreaking news from Italy, where a 27-year old British woman was killed in front of her husband as they rode together on a mountain bike trail; the victim was an expert on Covid-19 who advised the British government during the pandemic.

A 70-year old French doctor rode his bike 2,500 miles to Ukraine to raise funds to generators and first-aid kits for the Russian invasion.


Competitive Cycling

Belgium’s Remco Evenepoel became the youngest person to win the individual time trial at the world championships at age 23.

Lotte Kopecky became the first Belgian to wear the rainbow jersey for road cycling in 50 years by winning the women’s world road cycling championship on Sunday, topping the Netherlands Demi Vollering and Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig of Denmark; no American finished in the top ten.

British WorldTour cyclist Tom Pidcock delighted the local fans by winning the world cross-country mountain bike title, beating ten-time champ Nino Schurter in the process; French cyclist Pauline Ferrand-Prevot won the women’s rainbow jersey.

Evidently things were pretty peaceful at the worlds, as Scottish police made just nine arrests during the ten day event — five of them during a climate change protest during the men’s road race.

A cartoonist screatively ays maybe riders in the pro peloton could do a little more to resist the bicycle greenwashing that runs rampant in team sponsorships.

Peter Sagan called an end to his legendary road cycling career, as he transitions to professional mountain biking.



Oh, nothing, just the world’s best cyclists grabbing a pint down at the local. That feeling when your half-million dollar Rolls Royce plows into an Amsterdam bike rack, and you’re not even in it.

And why just ride a bike when you can ride your own ass?



Be safe, and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and fuck Putin

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  1. Now Transportation Alternatives (the non-profit that got speed cameras for NYC) wants to make it so people who repeatedly (like 5 or more times in a few years) get speeding tickets has their license revoked because they are too irresponsible to be allowed to drive. They should call it the David Simon bill.

    One of these days we will start treating driving as a revocable privilege, not a human right.

    Damian Kevitt
    Streets Are For Everyone

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