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Last day to enter for a free 2011 L.A. River Ride

After a slow start, more entries for our free L.A. River Ride giveaway are coming in. So don’t get left out. Just write out in 50 words or less why you should be the one to join in on L.A.’s favorite fundraising bike ride, and send it to ridetheriver2011@hotmail.com by midnight tonight, Thursday, May 26th.

The River Ride staff and volunteers will review the entries and pick a winner over the weekend. And there’s no reason why that couldn’t be you.

Just click here for more information.

Even if you don’t win, you can still save $10 on the 11th Annual Los Angeles River Ride by signing up online using the special discount code TEDBC11 (case sensitive) — exclusively for BikingInLA readers.

Win a free 2011 L.A. River Ride — or save $10 now on River Ride registration!

Save $10 on the 11th Annual Los Angeles River Ride; just sign up online using the special discount code TEDBC11 (case sensitive). Or enter to win a free River Ride Registration by emailing ridetheriver2011@hotmail.com by 5/26, and explain why you deserve to ride this year’s River Ride in 50 words or less, courtesy of LACBC and BikingInLA. Click here for more information.

Win a free 2011 L.A. River Ride — or save $10 now on River Ride registration!

I’ve always been a firm believer in paying it forward when opportunity allows.

It all goes back to my father, who never left a stranger stranded on the side of the road. If he couldn’t fix their car on the spot, he’d give them a ride into town to call for help. Sometimes he’d even drive them to our home, grab his tools, and go back to fix it himself while they waited.

Whenever someone tried to reward him for his efforts, he’d just say they’d have a chance to help someone else someday.

And when that day comes, do it.

So when I unexpectedly found myself with an opportunity to participate in this year’s 11th Annual L.A. River Ride — one of Southern California’s largest and most popular fundraising rides — I tried to figure out what I could do to get you to ride along with me, and a few thousand of our closest friends.

I’d actually planned on working as a volunteer in the LACBC booth at the L.A. River Ride, until leading L.A. bike attorney Howard Krepack, one of the LACBC’s most consistent and generous sponsors, graciously offered to let me ride as his guest.

And no, in case you’re wondering, he did not make that offer in exchange for being mentioned here. This is just my way of thanking him for his very kind and generous gesture.

Almost immediately, it occurred to me that there might be a way I could share my good fortune with you.

So I emailed JJ Hoffman, the LACBC River Ride Coordinator, with two suggestions — first, to offer a special discount on River Ride registration for readers of this blog, or second, hold a contest to give away a free River Ride registration.

And JJ, who’s clearly of a generous bent herself, responded by saying why not do both?

So here’s the deal.

If you’ve been on the fence about participating in this year’s River Ride — or you just enjoy a great bargain — you can sign up online for the 11th Annual Los Angeles River Ride anytime between now and June 4th and save $10 off your registration.

All you have to do is visit the River Ride site on Active.com and sign up using the special discount code TEDBC11 (case sensitive).

That means a $65 registration for the Century or 70-mile rides will cost you just $55. The Half Century and 36-mile rides will run just $45 with the discount. And you can sign up for the 15-mile Family Ride, normally $50, for just $40.

You can thank me later.

On the other hand, maybe that’s still out your reach this year. Or maybe you’re just feeling lucky. Either way, one person is going to win a free River Ride registration courtesy of the LACBC.

All you have to do is email me at ridetheriver2011@hotmail.com, and explain in 50 words or less why you, or someone you know, deserves to ride this year’s River Ride for free.

Maybe you had a hard year, or done more than your share to help others. Maybe, like me, you’ve never done the River Ride and always wanted to. Or maybe you know someone who is deserving of a special gift this year.

Whatever your reason, send it to the address above, and I’ll remove any identifying information and forward your email to the LACBC’s staff and River Ride volunteers. They’ll make the choice; and yes, their choice is final. All entries are due no later than midnight on the night of Thursday, May 26th; the winner will be notified by Tuesday, May 31st.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to contact everyone who didn’t win. So if you haven’t heard anything by the 1st, it just means it wasn’t you this time.

Nothing personal.

Fortunately, that still gives you a few days to sign up using the discount code.

And join me and the LACBC — and a couple thousand other cyclists — in Riding the River this year.


Volunteers are still needed for the River Ride on JUne 5th, and to help get ready in the days leading up to the ride. Contact RRVolunteer@la-bike.org.

And yes, I’m sure they’ll understand if you need to back out because you won the free registration.