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Morning Links: A local bike shop worker moves up, a cycling triple crown, and a bad break for Phinney

Congratulations are in order for one of my favorite bike people.

Chris Klibowitz of the Santa Monica Helen’s Cycles, and former manager at the Westwood location, is leaving the bike shop after six years for a new job as editor at ROAD Magazine.

You’ll never meet a nicer guy. Or anyone more knowledgeable or passionate about bicycling, or more deserving of the opportunity.

And now that I think about it, maybe it’s ROAD that deserves the congratulations.


Talk about dominating your sport.

Just two days after winning the national time trial championship, UnitedHealthcare rider Allison Powers takes the road course win to go with her previous national crit title.

SmartStop Pro Cycling rider Eric Marcotte outsprinted teammate Travis McCabe to take the men’s road race title.

Meanwhile, newly crowned national time trial champ Taylor Phinney sees his season come to an unexpected end as he breaks his lower left leg in two places and damages the same knee after apparently crashing into a roadside barrier on a steep descent. Best wishes for a full and fast recovery from what sounds like a very nasty injury.



Santa Clarita will cap bike month with a Kids Walking and Biking Festival this Saturday.

If you missed it over the weekend, what exactly is the LA County Sheriff’s Department trying to hide by releasing news of the Milt Olin investigation — and not much at that — over a holiday weekend?



An agreement with state parks officials will allow the Santa Ana River trail to pass through Chino Hills State Park, eventually creating a continuous 110-mile pathway from the Pacific Coast Trail to the beach.

After a Visalia cyclist is killed in a hit-from-behind collision, the driver says he just didn’t see him. Oh, well okay, then.

A San Francisco cyclist is critically injured after allegedly running a stop sign. Meanwhile, a formerly anti-bike Bay Area columnist says local riders deserve better.



A Wall Street website lists the top six American bicycling cities. For a change, Portland isn’t at the top of the list, and as usual, San Francisco is the only California city on it.

When intersections are designed for cars, bike riders break the law; when they’re designed for everyone, most people follow the rules — cyclists included.



A Canadian bike rider spots his recently stolen bike going the other way on a bus rack, and steals it back at a red light.

Caught on video: A teenage Aussie cyclist clings to the back of a bus traveling at 50 mph.

Cyclists protesting Australia’s mandatory helmet law won’t be ticketed by police after all.



A UK cyclist goes out for a ride in the country and ends up in a rave. And no bias here, as a Virginia TV station not only claims a cyclist collided with a car, but that authorities found him “passed out” on the median. Or maybe he was just unconscious because he’s just been in a collision.