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43-year old Bino Conde dies days after crash while standing with his bike on Oxnard sidewalk

Sadly, another man has died days after he was injured in an Oxnard crash.

And all he did was stand on a street corner with his bike.

According to the Ventura County Star, 43-year old Oxnard resident Bino Conde was injured Wednesday afternoon as a result of a collision he wasn’t even involved in.

Conde was standing on the corner of Saviers Road and Bard Road when he was struck by a pickup driven by a 23-year old man that overturned in a crash.

A car driven by a 88-year old woman was headed south on Saviers when she tried to turn left on Bard, and collided with the northbound pickup. The truck rolled over, striking Conde on the northeast corner.

He was taken to Ventura County Medical Center, where he died of his injuries on Saturday.

And no, there’s probably nothing he could have done to avoid something like that.

This is at least the 59th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and just the fifth that I’m aware of in Ventura County; four of those have been in Oxnard.

Conde died just one day after another man was killed riding his bike the wrong way, just two miles away, at Saviers Road and West Wooley Road.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Bino Conde and his loved ones.