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My apologies once again

Maybe the 13th day of the BikinginLA Holiday Fund Drive really is bad luck.

It’s been a struggle to keep up with this site while my wife was in the hospital for the last month, then caring for her once she came home this past weekend.

Tonight it all caught up with me, passing out from sheer exhaustion almost as soon as I opened my laptop. I woke up just a few minutes ago, well after midnight, and too late to do anything but apologize once again.

I am truly sorry for today’s failure. I feel a genuine obligation to keep you informed about what’s going on in the world of bicycling, and regret that I haven’t been able to keep up with that lately, regardless of what’s going on in my life.

I’m going to get some more sleep, and be back with a fresh post tomorrow to catch up on what we’ve missed.

Nothing to see here — find me on LA Streetsblog today

Just a quick note to let you know I’m still alive, and haven’t suffered another computer failure.

Although Verizon and I may need to have a little chat about my internet connection.

My morning has been filled trying to keep up with LA Streetblog, where I’ll be guest editing for the next few days. That’s where you’ll find my contribution exhorting bicyclists and transportation advocates to get off their butts and get out and vote.

Even though I know far too many won’t.

I’ll try to get a new post on here for tomorrow. And you can find me on Streetsblog through Thursday.

Move along, nothing to see here

Barring breaking news, there won’t be a new post here today. I’ll be guest editing LA Streetsblog this morning instead, so come on over for the latest transportation news, including a few bike links.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to catch upon the bike news and events later tonight or over weekend as my schedule allows.

But before you go, click on this link.

And read the story of BMC rider Taylor Phinney’s last place finish in a race this past Monday, if you haven’t already. And even if you have no interest in bike racing.

Because it’s really not about that.

It’s about the biggest heart in the peloton. And a son’s love for his father, and for bicycling.

And it will make you forget all about that other guy from Texas, at least for awhile.

Move along, nothing to see here

To be honest, I expected it.

I’d planned on a long ride yesterday, but once the temperature hit 100 degrees by 9:30 am, I thought better of it. And as I watched it climb up to 115 on my balcony — in the shade — it was clear that the Westside’s unfamiliarity with extreme heat and addiction to air conditioning meant the power grid would be going down.

The only question was when and where.

As it turned out, the answer was 3:23 pm and right here.

It wasn’t all bad. By keeping the windows closed and the blinds drawn, I was able to keep the temperature in our apartment down to a stuffy, but relatively comfortable 84 degrees. And after a mad scramble to secure ice to keep our food from going bad, we spent a pleasant evening dining al fresco at a nearby food court with the neighbors we never seem to spend time with.

By the time we got back home around 10, we had power again, which puts us far ahead of several other areas that are still without power.

On the other hand, a defective laptop battery that recently gave up the ghost meant that I had just enough time to shut my computer down, losing a day’s worth of links and keeping me from writing last night.

And while I could write something this morning, it’s a bit cooler today, with a tropical cloud cover keeping it down to a humid but tolerable 90, and my bike is making me feel guilty since it didn’t get out yesterday.

So for now, you’re on your own. I promise to be back later today, or by morning at least.

Assuming the power stays on, of course.

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