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The things you see while you’re riding: Worst parking job in human history?


I saw this car parked near the Mormon Temple in Westwood while I was coming home from a ride awhile back.


Maybe the driver saw the small gap in the red curb where the handicap ramp is, and thought park there, as long as he wedged himself into that tiny little space. Or maybe he was running late for something at the temple and all the other spaces were taken, and he thought no one would notice.


Of course, in that case, you probably don’t want to be the last one to leave.

And please excuse the blurred photos on the last two pictures; that’s my fingerprint on the lens.


Only in L.A. — the things you see when you’re riding




Saw this over the weekend in Century City, and went back today with a camera hoping it would still be there.

I don’t know if I’m more surprised to learn that Bob Marley is alive and well and living near USC, or that he now looks like Barack Obama. But just in case this actually works, did I ever mention that I look just like…uh…um…some famous celebrity?

No, really. I swear.


Bicycle Fixation rides the city’s newest bikeway along Culver Boulevard — or is it just another attempt to thin the herd? Burbank businesses hold a bike tour to encourage cycling, while the city council decrees cyclists must yield to walkers on the now ironically named Chandler Bikeway. Portland cyclists complain about a plan to build a bikeway with a freeway for a roof. Bicyclists in Main may soon have to stop for school buses. You thought the L.A.P.D.’s former policy of ticketing unlicensed cyclists bad — Norfolk police have agreed to stop seizing and selling bikes without a license. Finally, courtesy of Streetsblog, comes this story of a cyclist hit by a dead body thrown from a passing car. And I thought I’d had everything thrown at me…