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Just a quick reminder why we live in Southern California

A cycling surfer relaxes on Surfrider Beach in Malibu.

I hate to rub it in.

Really, I do.

I know winter riding in colder climes can be invigorating. And at times, breathtaking. I even did it myself when I lived in Denver, unwilling to give up a single day of riding that didn’t call for strapping on x-country skis, instead.

But seriously. Weekends like this just serve as a reminder how lucky we are to be here.

L.A. may have a long way to go to catch up with bike-friendly cities like Copenhagen or Portland. Or even Long Beach, for that matter.

But times like this, it ain’t bad.


Streetsblog announces the Bike and Transit Stories of the Year, along with the Livable Streets Person of the Year — who should come as no surprise — as well as the worst stories of the year. Five great places for CA cyclists, including a misnamed South Bay Bicycle Trail. Bike-friendly Boulder, CO works to improve bicycle parking. A Louisville, KY writer says that cars vs. bikes may be an unsolvable problem. A tragic death in South Carolina reminds local cities why they need to make their streets safer for cyclists. Bikers irk motorists in the country’s most dangerous state for cyclists. Even Gulf Coast Alabama adopts a Complete Streets policy. Washington cyclists are forced off the road by an erratic driver. Infrastructurist names the rise of cycling #7 on the top 10 stories of the decade. A 34-year old Bicycling editor could find himself competing as a domestique in this year’s Le Tour. Tour undiscovered Paris by bike; no, not the one in Texas. Finally, a Charleston cyclist becomes last year’s 11th murder victim — 10 years after he was attacked while riding.

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