Bicyclist critically injured in North Hollywood hit-and-run

According to KNBC Channel 4, a 40-year old bicyclist was hit and nearly killed Wednesday evening at the intersection of Laurel Canyon Blvd and Archwood street.

A reportedly outraged Det. Bill Bustos contacted the station asking for the public’s help in identifying the driver of a black SUV — possibly a Nissan Pathfinder — who fled the scene after knowingly striking the rider. Anyone who has any information should call Det. Bustos at 818/644-8010.

Update: KABC Channel 7 has a more detailed report online, including video of the crime scene — and yes, it is a crime to leave the scene of a collision, regardless of how it happens or who is at fault.

The incident occurred just after 5 pm as the cyclist attempted to cross Laurel Canyon. Reading between the lines, he may have been in the crosswalk when he was struck. The station reports that drivers in the right lane were stopped, while the vehicle in the left lane continued through the intersection and struck the cyclist at 35 mph, knocking him eight feet into the air.

KABC describes the vehicle as a dark green Jeep Cherokee driven by a Hispanic male with a female passenger; the car should have damage on the front driver’s side.

Reports are unclear on whether the police have identified the victim, or if they are withholding his ID until next-of-kin can be contacted.

However, this is a good time to remind cyclists to always carry ID with you when you ride, including at least one emergency contact number. It’s also a good idea to carry it in more than one place — I keep mine in my bike bag, as well as another folded inside a plastic pouch in my jersey pocket. And this would make a perfect holiday gift for any cyclist on your list.

And for all you drivers out there, when traffic stops ahead or next to you, there may be a reason for it. Never, ever, ever drive past a line of stopped cars until you can see why they stopped.


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  2. Thanks for reporting these! Does anyone know how the cyclist hit a couple days ago on La Cienega is doing?

    • bikinginla says:

      Thanks, dancer. I do what I can to keep up with these things; unfortunately, with all the cutbacks in the press, there’s not always a lot of follow-up, and many incidents are never reported. So if anyone has more information about this or any other incident, let me know.

      As for the WeHo cyclist, I haven’t heard anything, although one of the commenters on the KABC story says it was his cousin who was hit, but doesn’t give any additional information.