Friday afternoon links

I’ve been working on today’s post, but it’s just taking too long to finish. Meanwhile, work calls. And I’ve just got too darn many good links piling up.

So before I run out the door, here’s today’s links. And check back later this evening for my opus on quantum theory and the state of cycling in L.A.


Local cyclist Todd Munson asks if cars and bikes can co-exist in L.A. — and concludes they can with a little common sense on both sides. GT encounters a 70-year old cyclist who can out climb him on Sepulveda Pass. GOOD discovers the proposed Backbone Bikeway Network, which has now officially gone international. The Wilshire Center Business Improvement District announces its support for the 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard. A Laguna author signs copies of her new book about cycling the canals of France next Wednesday. San Francisco’s new police chief scapegoats the city’s family-friendly Critical Mass, while ignoring dangerous conditions on the streets. San Antonio’s proposed three-foot passing law is about changing behavior and encouraging safer driving habits. After NY officials reject two of his new designs, David Byrne threatens to take his bike rack designs and go home. While L.A. struggles to agree on a 2010 bike plan, Portland is already planning for 2030 — at the equivalent cost of building just 12 miles of freeway. HuffPo looks at bike lanes around the world. A team of celebrities will ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats; no, not the one on Pico with the great pumpkin pancakes. Britain’s leading cycling organization urges riders to report bad drivers. My favorite rural Scotland sometimes bike blogger and author posts a new short story online, which I will have to read over the weekend. Finally, Gary is back to blogging after a long and much missed absence, a trip to Joshua Tree and a new engagement — congratulations and best wishes to both!

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