Your pre-Ides of March links

Mini-grants are available for the Safe Routes to School program. More on Saturday’s ArtCycle in East Hollywood from Stephen Box and LAist. Also Saturday, Eastside cyclists meet Westside cyclists in the middle on the FMLY Ride. Six minutes of reasonably awesome singletrack riding above Altadena. The Redlands Bicycle Classic could put the Banning Bench on the biking map. The victim in the Sacramento hit-and-run case, in which a witness chased down the drunk motorist and took her keys, is making a slow recovery — and tells his tale of being dragged beneath the vehicle for a quarter mile. Maybe this is the year the Feds start funding bikes; the U.S. Secretary of Transportation tells cyclists “You’ve got a partner in Ray LaHood.” Can the bike boom survive better times, assuming there are better times any time soon? A cynical cyclist takes a critical look at Google Bike Maps. Arrested twice for the crime of riding a bike in Ennis Tx. Mountain bike racing could be the next high school football. Beware the Ides of March; a study shows crashes increase 17% the first Monday after Daylight Savings begins. Joe Mizereck, the man behind 3 Feet Please, suggests London drivers should Please Look, Thank You. Bike racks have been removed from Westminster Palace to make room for more chauffeured cars. A London paper road tests bike bags. L.A.’s pothole plague seems to be part of a world-wide phenomenon. Attention dopers racers, there’s a new test for Human Growth Hormone on the horizon. A Rutgers University professor says Sydney is one of the world’s most hostile cities for cycling.

Finally, props to my friends in the soggy northwest, whose West Seattle Blog was just named Business of the Year by the local Chamber of Commerce.

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  1. TheTricksterNZ says:

    Having just come back from Melbourne I can understand why it does far better than most cities in these parts – they do have pretty good facilities – plenty of good quality sealed trails, plenty of bike lanes etc 🙂

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