Your St. Paddy’s Day Herron Go Bragh links

Stephen Box calls for eliminating LADOT. The LACBC makes final results from last year’s bike count available for download; Damien uses the figures to deftly refute common misconceptions about L.A. bicycling. Gary reports on the meeting to improve a major intersection in Santa Monica, and says more cyclists need to turn out if they want things to get better. The LAPD reports on the recent Downtown sting that resulted in the arrest of an accused bike thief. Flying Pigeon’s next Get Sum Dim Ride takes place this Sunday. Yet another reason to ride — we’re #1 in time wasted due to traffic congestion. Who were those racers in red who dropped you last weekend? The Pedouins make it to Monterrey. Bob Mionske explains how to protect yourself when shipping your bike. A driver in the most dangerous state for cyclists warns that riders need to look out for bigger vehicles; a Wisconsin writer says traffic laws exist to protect, not inconvenience, us. An avid cyclist says get off your bike and walk it through the crosswalk. An interstate highway for bikes could be coming to the Midwest. New photos of a British cyclist missing in Virginia. Lance will ride Saturday’s Milan-San Remo race. Alejandro Valverde faces a two-year ban stemming from Spain’s Operacion Puerto investigation. Being blind doesn’t stop Andrea Bocelli from riding a bike. A Brit rider takes off on a two month tour, and returns three years and 37,000 miles later. The Pope could chase the finish of this year’s Tour of Britain from Central London. Edinburgh considers mandatory bike training in primary schools. Toronto shoppers prefer bike lanes. Women’s wear that goes from bike to office — “Hideous and unflattering.”

Finally, my candidate for hero of the month: a Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputy responding to a call drives through a brick wall — twice — rather than hit a cyclist.


  1. Yokota Fritz says:

    Your “hideous and unflattering” link goes to Bob Mionske’s column and airline bike charges.

    • bikinginla says:

      I don’t know — aren’t those airline policies hideous and unflattering?

      Seriously, thanks for the heads-up. It’s fixed now.

  2. […] Full story (with photos!) here. Props to Biking In LA, who describes this deputy as “my candidate for hero of the month.” […]