Update — Carson cyclist killed in alleged drunken hit-and-run

A cyclist is dead, a driver faces a drunk driving murder charge.

The news finally broke this morning that the cyclist critically injured in a hit-and-run collision in Carson has died, and the driver has been arrested.

According to KCBS Channel 2, 40-year old William Keith Square was driving north on Santa Fe Blvd when he struck a cyclist at East 218th Place in Carson about 9:05 last night.

The Times reports that the victim, so far identified only as an adult man from Long Beach, was riding north on Santa Fe when he was struck, and was taken to Long Beach Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. A bystander wrote down the license number of the dark-colored SUV as the driver fled the scene, leading to Square’s arrest at his home in Long Beach.

Square is being held at the Carson Sheriff’s station on charges of gross vehicular homicide while intoxicated.


  1. Chewie says:

    Makes me want to throw my car keys into the ocean. Thankfully, somebody was aware enough to get the plates, but this could have easily been another unsolved hit and run.

    What will it take to get some serious law enforcement and bike friendly streets? Somebody just gets on a form of transportation that has virtually no downside for society and he’s dead.

    That’s f****d up beyond belief.

  2. la rider says:

    I guess only if you die. The prosecutor finally brings real charges against car drivers. It’s like being an artist your work only becomes of value once you die.

    Biker’s lives are only worth something after they are dead.

    • bikinginla says:

      Ouch. That comment wouldn’t be so painful if there wasn’t some truth to that.

  3. matthew says:

    the peaple that so quickly comment on a persons mistake..no matter what level of consequences ild bet have made the same if not worst mistakes..the hypocritical stand point of this society is the truely sickning thing…”i drove drunk but i dident hit anyone
    ” so what you think that makes you better! also i just so happen to live close to where this had taken place at that time of night along that strip only thing out is drug addicts whos to say the bike rider wasent cracked out, and rode right out in front of this vehicle why does it automaticly the drivers fault when it may have been other circumstances stupid small minded peaple dont want to think can happen

  4. Makla says:

    And they wonder why so many people ride on the sidewalk.

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