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In honor of National Bike Month, AAA urges drivers not to kill us. As little as five minutes of green exercise — like biking — can boost your mood and self esteem. Times’ columnist Steve Lopez stalks distracted drivers with the LAPD. A cyclist is killed in a collision with a mini-van in Sacramento. Bicycling down the Las Vegas strip. A 67-year old Illinois woman gets a whopping 42 21 days behind bars for intentionally impaling a cyclist’s bike on her bumper. Wichita considers revising its bike laws. For one day, New York cyclists rule the Five Boros. A pedestrian in my hometown pleads with cyclists not to warn him when they’re passing. A look at Denver’s veteran bike couriers. Paris prepares for a bold plan to ban cars from the banks of the Seine. A new Brit website caters to women cyclists, promising absolution for all your cycling sins. Brit cyclists don’t pay the Road Tax, then again, no one else has for 73 years. Biking in suits to take back the streets of Bucharest. A Kiwi rider competes in the Japanese full-contact keirin bike racing.

Finally, a New York cyclist stops for red lights just to see if it can be done, and finds it rather pleasant — even if little old ladies leave him in their dust.

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