Memorial Day bike links; more on the LAPD’s Critical Mass Takedown

More on the LAPD’s Critical Mass Takedown from KCBS Channel 2, KNBC Channel 4 and KTLA Channel 5; not surprising, it’s mostly a rehash of what we’ve already heard. If the story moves forward, it probably won’t be until the press gets back to work on Tuesday.

Cyclists are encouraged to attend Tuesday’s meeting of the Bicycle Advisory Committee to express their concerns; representatives of the LAPD are expected to be present.

LA City Council’s Bicycle Advisory Committee
Hollywood Neighborhood City Hall
6501 Fountain Ave. (between Cole & Wilcox)
Los Angeles, CA 90028
7 pm

And one day after the Critical Mass Takedown, Bike Town Beta 3 shows what biking in L.A. could be.

UPDATE: As always, Damien Newton is on the case.


Ivan Basso culminates his remarkable comeback from a two year suspension by cementing his victory in the final stage of the Giro D’Itlia; surprising Spaniard David Arroyo holds on for second, as pre-race favorites Cadel Evans, Alexandre Vinokourov and Carlos Sastre fail to bounce back from a devastating breakaway earlier in the race.

When the Tour of California offers competition like that, it will be on it’s way to becoming a great race.

Meanwhile, the comeback of Floyd “I was lying then but I’m totally telling the truth now, seriously” Landis is derailed when he gets dumped by the Bahati Foundation racing team.

So Basso takes his lumps, serves his suspension with dignity and comes back to win the Giro, while Landis fights like hell – knowing he’s lying the whole time – and loses his ride without qualifying for the ToC, let alone the grand tours.

Maybe there’s a lesson there.


There’s a lot to be said for bikes on a pleasant Sunday afternoon. San Diego gets a long overdue update to the city’s bike plan. A Seattle cyclist is knocked off his bike by a passing car, then beaten and robbed as he’s on the ground. Anchorage police foil a bike-riding bank robber’s getaway. Formerly bike-unfriendly Florida doesn’t suck anymore. NPR looks at the Race Across American (or RAAM), the country’s brutal coast-to-coast endurance bike race. A Manchester cyclist is blamed for cutting off a bus, forcing it to brake so sharply that a 78-year old passenger was killed. The price of a cyclist’s life in New Zealand is just $5,000. A rider in Australia joins other strangers in trying to save the life of a fallen cyclist. How to lock your bike to a crappy bike rack. In Copenhagen, when a cyclist inadvertently assaults other riders, he apologizes profusely — and his victims warmly accept it. Time to start preparing your uniform for June’s Naked Bike Ride; I think mine needs to be taken in a little.

Finally, take just a moment amid all the biking, grilling, sun basking and bargain hunting to remember what today’s holiday is all about. And here’s the perfect place to start, where you’ll find more than just a potential shortcut from Westwood to Brentwood, including 14 Medal of Honor winners, 10,000 Civil War vets and over 100 of the famed and too-long forgotten Buffalo Soldiers.


  1. I’ll definitely be there on Tuesday (today). I hope lots of cyclists, whether they were there or not for this incident, will show up. I also hope some more witnesses will step forward and recount what they saw, so that I don’t have to be the only voice being heard. I know the victims don’t want to talk because they are dealing with legal issues. Please all come out to the BAC meeting tonight!

  2. The TricksterNZ says:

    Got some positive news from down this part of the world for once:

    Good work ‘Go Wellington’ I have to say. Hopefully their parent company will roll that out with Auckland bus drivers.

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