Colorado’s Dan Maes keeps his tinfoil hat in the ring; things you see when you’re riding

Breaking news from Colorado: the Tea Party favorite who thinks bike share is a UN conspiracy is now the official Republican candidate for governor.

Proof that common sense is not a requirement for higher office.

And the best argument yet for always wearing your helmet when you ride.


I frequently cut through the back roads when I ride back up from the coast. And for the last year or so, I’ve been watching a new building go up on the corner of Short Street and Entrada Drive.

I hadn’t been through there for a few weeks, though, so I was surprised to see the façade had gone up already. And even more surprised to see that it is either going to be the new headquarters for Harlequin Books, or it’s well on its way to being the ugliest new building in L.A.

Why do I have a sudden urge to buy some argyle riding socks?

And yes, it is in L.A.


Don’t forget the Metro Bicycle Roundtable at noon Wednesday, and the 1st Annual City of Lights Awards Dinner on Thursday.


Joe Linton digs deep into the proposed bike plan, while Damien Newton reminds readers about the upcoming Streetsblog fundraiser on Wednesday the 25th; I’m going to do my best to be there. Mihai Peteu says Los Angeles sucks because it lacks safe bikeways that connect. LADOT Bike Blog talks to the coordinator behind the Watch the Road campaign. LACBC reaches out to young cyclists in South L.A. and Pacoima. Are we on our way to becoming Los Amsterdam? Jeremy Grant reports on Monday’s BAC meeting. Santa Monica’s City Council talked ciclovia Tuesday night, while the city’s upcoming Tour da Arts will feature a cycling cellist. Long Beach’s cycling expats celebrate a full year of touring America by bike. An e-biker files a $1.5 million claim against Laguna Beach after a bad roadway causes her to crash.

A bike advocate paralyzed in a cycling accident writes to question a call for mandatory helmets; a Canadian study shows helmet laws do result in higher usage, but doesn’t address whether it improves safety, reduces injuries or discourages ridership. Tucson police start strict enforcement of dangerous bike violations, but go after dangerous drivers as well. When gas goes up, so do bike sales, which should bode well for bike dealers in the years ahead. Tips for surviving summertime bike commuting, assuming summer ever makes it to the coast. Florida cyclists can play bike poker on the Seminole Cyclists Poker Run charity ride. Interval training can burn fat as well as boost speed. The Federal DOT considers policy changes that could bring more innovative bike designs stateside. A Missouri driver says bikes should be banned from any road with a speed limit over 20 mph. What to do if you’re involved in a collision with another cyclist. This just in: hundreds of cyclists rode their bikes and nothing happened. In Florida, authorities sweep road rage under the carpet with “It’s your word against his;” sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Get your bike portrait taken free in NYC. Stopping for red lights is just so much simpler — and safer — than the alternative. A Dayton writer is uncomfortable with the city’s new bike lanes; wait until she gets a look at sharrows.

Former world cyclo-cross champion Radomir Simunek died Tuesday after a long illness. My favorite bike-riding, fiction-writing ex-Londoner tries to reason with Scottland’s rainy season. Research shows cyclists and drivers are often the same people. An Aussie cyclist offers a little support for Lance. For the rider who has everything, a $40 bike mounted bottle opener.

Finally, a movie I’d want to see; too bad it’s not real. And from my hometown, a driver goes into the left lane to make a right turn around a cyclist stopped in the right lane at a red light.

No, really.


  1. Richard Masoner says:

    Regarding Maes’ victory: He backpedaled a *lot* on his bike stance. More importantly, GOP voters had to choose the lesser of two evils — his opponent, Scott McInnis, was caught up in a plagiarism scandal that broke just a few weeks ago.

    The Colorado GOP has already admitted defeat because of Tancredo’s third party run for Governor. There was a last ditch effort to persuade Maes to quit the race and nominate a well known millionaire in his place, but that seems to have fallen by the wayside.

    • bikinginla says:

      I’m actually kind of happy that Maes won. Between his off-the-wall comments and Tancredo’s 3rd party bid, it almost guarantees that Hickenlooper — a real supporter of alternative transportation — will win.

      Of course, there’s no guarantees in politics, especially in a year like this.

  2. Digital Dame says:

    “Maes characterized the council as being affiliated with the United Nations…” (from the article in the link)

    Umm, I know these right-wing nutters have been trying to portray the U.N. as Satan incarnate for years, but when did that attitude go mainstream enough to get someone elected to public office? I’m laughing because it sounds like they’re equating the U.N. with Lord Voldemort. They talk like it’s generally acknowledged that the U.N. is a fascist organization actively working to undermine the U.S.

  3. Al - Seattle says:

    Regarding the cyclist who was stopped for a red light in the right lane and a car made a right turn in front of him from the left lane: happens to me about every couple months. I also have vehicles drive into the ONCOMING lane on a two-way street as I am waiting at the red light to wait facing the wrong direction so they can turn before me. I have been honked at for waiting at a stop sign for oncoming traffic to clear. I have had cars accelerate around me into the wrong lane at a stop sign and one time, one driver drove 1/2 way onto the sidewalk to my right because I apparently was impeding his progress as I waited, as usual, for oncoming traffic to clear and proceed safely. If I was driving a car would any of the drivers done what they did? I am 100% certain: No. But I will not commence running stop signs and lights. Even if drivers really don’t know whether they want me to obey the law or not.

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