Monday morning links: big news in the Vuelta, fighting bike theft, who’s at fault in collisions?

Vicenzo Nibali of the Liquigas Doimo team takes over the leader jersey in the Vuelta, after overall leader Igor Anton crashes out just 7 km from the finish of stage 14 at an estimated 50 mph; teammate Egoi Martinez also crashed out of the race, causing initial, apparently false, reports they had touched wheels. Rodriguez gets the stage win, while Nico Roche and Frank Schleck move up to fifth and sixth, respectively.

Quickstep’s Carlos Barredo wins Sunday’s stage 15 by over a minute in a solo breakaway up Spain’s most celebrated climb, and one he first rode as a child.

Spoiler alert: skip this line if you recorded Monday’s Vuelta to watch later. There’s a new leader as Nibali cracks in today’s mountainous stage 16; Schleck moves into striking distance, but is it too late?


Sometimes you just need the right motivation. Travelin’ Local looks forward to this Friday’s Parking Day. A ride up the San Gabriel’s Glendora Mountain Road. Cyclists help rescue a woman trapped in her car. Remembering a jazz musician, father and cyclist killed in a late August hit-and-run. No charges for the teenage driver who killed a cyclist last May when his flip flop got tangled on the gas pedal. Introducing the new Surly Cargo Trailer. A New York woman is killed after being doored by a driver and knocked into the path of a bus; the driver who allegedly caused the collision left the scene to attend a baby shower. A triathlete collides with a car that somehow got onto the bike segment of the course; fortunately, there was a doctor at the scene. Crains says bike storage is the latest must-have apartment amenity. An Ottawa woman faces charges for stealing a car, driving drunk and killing a teenaged cyclist. After a parade of anti-bike mayoral candidates, Toronto finally sees one come out in support of cycling. Bicyclists who ride religiously now have their own church. Brits fight to save Cycling England from being dismantled in government budget cuts. Is $75 too much for a single tube and tire that will never go flat? The makes of a new auto safety device claim it will end car vs bike collisions once and for all. Yeah, right. A bike thief offers advice on how to keep yours from being stolen. Taiwan police arrest a man for bike theft — then pitch in to buy him one. Recycle your old bicycle to benefit people in Third World countries. Cyclists in Sydney refuse to use the new bike lanes, even if they will eventually lead to Russell Crowe’s house. An Aussie cyclist says the extra 10 seconds it takes to pass a bike safely isn’t going to ruin anyone’s life. Budapest’s Critical Mass will be more like critical chaos as riders are directed to ride a route in either direction with no start time or place.

Finally, a study of traffic collisions in Berlin shows that cyclists are responsible for half of all collisions and most biking fatalities, while an Aussie study found drivers responsible for most crashes — and 85% of drivers involved had previous traffic violations on their records.


  1. reb1 says:

    Studies like the Berlin and Aussie ones have been done in the USA in the past. The same results happened with one exception. They refused to publish the results. Do you think it was because we might leave the ditch and ride down the road. Riding on the sidewalk makes every driveway and road you encounter an uncontrolled intersection. You are out of the motorists normal view. Riding against the flow of traffic or better yet doing this on a sidewalk increases the risk many times. Entering an intersection from a sidewalk into the crosswalk is compounding your danger. Going along a public path the wrong direction endangers you every time it crosses a road or driveway.
    The reason we do not see allot of stop or traffic light running cyclists deaths is they are more often where they can be seen and easy to avoid. The reason we get bicyclists nailed by left turners is the way motorists are scanning. I was taught to make a scan of the situation. As I start out I look again and continue to watch as I move across the road looking not only left but right and ahead. Many motorists look once than continue to look ahead as they put there foot in it. If you are coming toward the intersection at speed you may not be in range when they scan but you are in front of them when they shoot across. It is easy to point these facts out but more difficult to be aware of them when you are cycling down the road. Obviously stricter requirements and more training and review of the law and traffic theory would help motorists and bicyclists and also pedestrians to be safer. But don’t hold your breath you will just pass out. What is more dangerous to the public a car that yields but doesn’t stop or a car that stops but doesn’t yield. Many people stop but do not yield. This is what is killing people at intersections.
    The penalty for killing somebody while driving a motor vehicle is almost non existent. In the USA

  2. DC says:

    Authorities said 43-year-old Lauretta Romo was riding a bike westbound on Highland Avenue near the 215 Freeway overpass when a car slammed into her and killed her just after midnight on Friday.

    Police said 29-year-old Bobby Jackson was driving and that he took off after the crash. He was last seen driving a 1997 green Honda Civic with California license plate number 6LZP445.

    Authorities said Jackson has an address in Rialto and ties to the Los Angeles area. Anyone with information is urged to call the San Bernardino Police Department at (909) 384-5664.

  3. reb1 says:

    After looking at the news so fare it looks like he may not be there man. I saw a video of them removing the bicycle from the accident seen and it appeared not to have lights on it.

  4. bikinginla says:

    Thanks, DC and Reb. I’ve just been looking at news feeds and writing my story; evidently, police have cleared Jackson and are looking for another dark green vehicle.

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