Today’s links, while I draft my response to the city’s draft bike plan

It’s taking me longer than I expected to write my comments about last night’s West L.A hearing for the draft bike plan — let alone the fact that I should be working right now. So in the meantime, here are today’s links while I finish up my massive bike plan missive.


L.A. Times offers a front page look at ghost bikes, noting that latest of the seven L.A. memorials listed by was for Ovidio Morales, whose hit-and-run killer remains on the loose.


On a related subject, California’s governor vetoes a bill that would have dramatically cut the fine for drivers who roll through red lights when making a right turn, putting all other road users at even greater risk from careless and inattentive drivers. So thanks to Arnold, maybe there will be a few less ghost bikes than might have been needed if he had allowed it to become law.

Some drivers don’t seem very happy about it, though.


Fabian Cancellara wins his record fourth world time trial championship, edging David Millar by just two seconds over the 28.46 mile course. Tour de France champion Alberto Contador has tested positive for a banned substance — and has known about it for over a month; he blames the trace amount of clenbuterol found in his system on tainted meat. Millar, who served his own two-year suspension for doping, says Contador isn’t being treated fairly, while Bike Snob says it’s time to stock up on Contador’s alleged drug of choice while you can still get some.

Meanwhile, a Lance Armstrong associate arrives in Los Angeles to testify in the probe against him. After winning the under-23 world time trial championship, new BMC rider Taylor Phinney may focus on road racing rather than track events at the 2012 London Olympics. And a New Zealand pro is out of an upcoming tour and time trial following a violent assault by a magpie.


Another reason to ride — L.A. drivers never have a commute like this, which may be one reason 14% of Americans don’t feel a need for a car. The LACBC needs volunteers for the final post-sharrow bike count next month. Looking forward to CicLAvia, after seeing the original. City Fix offers an interview with Allison Mannos about the LACBC’s City of Lights Program. Santa Monica see a dramatic increase in bicycling collisions, with the third highest rate among similar-sized cities in the state. Surviving a long ride in this week’s 100+ heat. The L.A. Triathlon swims, rolls and runs from Venice to Downtown on Sunday. Yvonne Strahovski rides a bike on the set of Chuck. Highly accessorized wheels spotted in Azusa. Santa Rosa’s city council decides not to decide about a controversial bike boulevard. San Diego bicyclists could soon enjoy a rest stop on a popular beachfront bikeway; maybe they could use one on this Sunday’s Tour de Poway, with rides from 18 to 100 miles. An insurance industry report says car crashes are up since texting was banned; then again, so is texting. Top U.S. cyclists wake up to find their bikes stolen from Interbike displays. Riding through the Tennessee backcountry, an L.A. cyclist learns you can’t stereotype rural folks. Can you really have a drive-by shooting if the shooter wasn’t driving? Evidently, it’s a national trend. A sidewalk riding New York cyclist is killed in a right hook collision with a semi-truck, while a cycling Florida scientist is killed in a hit-and-run collision. Your next power meter could be in your pedals. Toronto cyclists take the remaining mayoral candidates on a bike ride; maybe we should try that in next year’s council elections. Rules of etiquette for British towpath users. The ideal bike for L.A. traffic, complete with ejector seat, caterpillar track and flame throwing handlebars.

Finally, Flying Pigeon points us to a post on Copenhagenize which points up to video of a campaign to promote cycling in Malmo, Sweden and discourage ridiculous car trips.

Sort of like the one I did last night that took over 40 minutes to slog a few miles in rush hour traffic.

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