Your slightly delayed weekend linkapalooza

I didn’t have time to add the usual links to Friday’s listing of upcoming bike events; somehow, paying work seemed to take priority. So settle in for your weekend bike reading list.

And yes, this will be on the test.

While you’re at it, you might want to download the podcast for Saturday’s Bike Talk, featuring interviews with Alexis Lantz of the LACBC and L.A. BAC Vice Chair Glenn Bailey, as well as your humble host.


Now that’s class — LAPD officers buy helmets for underage Critical Mass riders out of their own pockets. Bicycle Kitchen reminds us it’s just two weeks until CicLAvia #2. L.A.’s Safe Routes to School plan heads for City Council approval April 1st; let’s hope that’s not an April Fool’s joke. L.A. Times reviews bikes for people turned off by $4 a gallon gas, and looks at Cameron Rath and the Fmly’s rolling two-wheeled impromptu concerts; thanks to Kent Strumpell for the second link. Walk Eagle Rock offers a great photo set of bicycling in Eagle Rock. The Claremont Cyclist offers some great photos of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of this weekend’s San Dimas Stage Race; Stage 3 rolls on Sunday. Long Beach bike advocate Mark Bixby is remembered as a rare breed; authorities say the plane wobbled and rolled before it hit the ground. San Diego’s Soldier’s Ride raises over $31,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project to help injured vets. The San Diego Custom Bicycle Show takes place April 8th through 10th in, uh, San Diego; thanks to Cyclelicious for the heads-up. A legendary South Bay-area cyclist and bike shop owner awaits a new heart in Stanford Hospital.

Free Wednesday webinar on how women can change the world through cycling. If you want your employees to bike to work, build them a bike shed. Kill a few minutes — or hours — with Rate My Velo. Dave Moulton says UCI’s Pat McQuaid is here to stay. Arizona cyclists and equestrians work together to share the trail; maybe there’s a lesson there for L.A. and Malibu. There may still be time to make it to Tucson for their second ciclovia. A Denver cyclist hitches a ride with Lance. A cyclist offers endorsements for bike-friendly candidates back in my hometown. For the next three weeks, Yellowstone is open to two wheeled tourists, but look out for bears. Mia Burke discusses Portland’s bike success with a group of Bozeman bikers. A new documentary follows NY biking fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, who’s had 27 bikes stolen in his 50-year career. While New York continues to crack down on cyclists, cyclists continue to die on Gotham streets. An NYC restaurant blames bike lanes for putting them out of business, or maybe it was the Gulf oil spill, or possibly  the rent increase. New York liberals aren’t fighting the bike lanes, they’re fighting the process. Right.

Bike Radar names California-based EcoVelo their website of the week. Advice on how to just get out and ride. London Cyclist asks if you’ve ever been a knight on the bike path. A Scot schmuck cyclist repeatedly punches a motorist after she pulls over, thinking she may have hit him. Accusations against Alberto Contador go beyond clenbuterol as plasticizers in his test samples suggest blood doping; a final ruling isn’t expected until after the Tour de France starts. Team Type 1 is forced to withdraw before the final stage of Italy’s Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali after brazen thieves steal their bikes and equipment. An Aussie cyclist is hospitalized after skidding on thousands of dead water beetles. Three cyclists will be riding the full length of Japan to raise funds for earthquake victims.

Finally, a London writer says Fair Weather Cyclists drive her crazy; obviously, just slowing down and driving carefully around bike riders isn’t an option. And a rider asks if inexperienced cyclists are learning by the wrong example; I’ve often thought the same thing. And like him, I approach red lights as a chance for a short breather — and a chance to get in a little speed work when the light changes.


  1. Thanks so much for listing our Japan by Bicycle charity trip on your article!

  2. The Trickster says:

    Would’ve posted over at Claremount Cycles but the commenting system is a bit crap.

    Anyway, it was nice to see some of the Pure Black boys out the front. I’ve done a little bit of riding with the taller one (Roman Van Uden) on my coaches favourite old loop. He used to destroy me every time.

  3. “Linkapalooza” hmm, I like it.

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