More details on Sunday’s DUI bike collision in Torrance; driver had numerous moving violations

More details are trickling in on Sunday’s early morning DUI collision that left cyclist Adam Rybicki in critical condition.

According to the Daily Breeze, a car driven by 19-year old Jaclyn Andrea Garcia veered towards the group of cyclists, who were riding two-abreast on the right hand side of the street, as the car approached from about 75 yards away.

The members of the Doctor’s Ride — so called because of the number of physicians, lawyers and other professionals who regularly take part — swerved to get out of the way and braced for impact.

An email that was been forwarded to me, written by one of the participants on the ride, describes the car, a Kia mini SUV, swerving back to the right at the at the last second. The writer reports locking up his back wheel, screaming and somehow getting by, while the rider to his left, identified only as John, clipped the driver’s fender and fell into the street.

The rider to John’s left, identified as 49-year old Adam Rybicki of Rancho Palos Verdes, was hit head-on after he had swerved in a failed attempt to avoid the car; by swerving to the left, he had inadvertently put himself directly into the path of the Kia when it veered back to the right.

The writer reports that the car stopped, but the engine was still running, so he walked around to the driver’s side and screamed at her to turn off the engine. He reports that a man named Dick, identified in the Daily Breeze as a surgeon participating on the ride, tended to Rybicki until the paramedics arrived; his actions may have saved Rybicki’s life until he could be rushed to Harbor UCLA Medical Center.

He also notes the driver was breathalyzed and arrested, and everyone on the ride was interviewed. And that the police are doing a thorough investigation — despite the impression left by the comments made by a police spokesperson in the initial Daily Breeze report.

The Daily Breeze reports that Garcia has had multiple moving violations in just the last two years — yet was still allowed to keep her license.

Jaclyn Andrea Garcia, 19, has a valid driver’s license, but has had four convictions for driving offenses since 2009, including three for speeding, state Department of Motor Vehicles records show.

The records showed Garcia was convicted Jan. 14, 2009, of driving at a speed unsafe for the prevailing conditions.

On May 13, 2009, she was convicted of failing to obey signs. On Dec. 4, 2009, she received a ticket for speeding at more than 70 mph, then received another ticket for driving at a speed unsafe for the conditions on Jan. 25, 2011.

Despite that, she was allowed to keep driving, and nearly took the life of another person on Sunday.

One of the commenters on today’s post questioned why the passengers in her car weren’t subjected to a blood alcohol test, since they were also reputed to be drunk and underage — and he describes them, not unfairly, as accomplices rather than mere passengers.

Several reports have described the driver as emotionless, and told of one passenger who, rather than show any concern or compassion for the victim, attempted to walk away, saying she had to get to work and didn’t have time “for this shit.”

As I understand it, it is also an established legal principal that whoever supplied them with the alcohol — whether a business or individual — can be held accountable for the actions that resulted. We can only hope that the police follow the investigation as far as it goes, and the DA pursues all the charges that are warranted, whether against Garcia or anyone else who may have contributed to the tragedy.

Meanwhile, Garcia has been released on $100,000 bail, while Rybicki, who has a wife and son, remains in a coma with a broken leg and ankle, several broken ribs, a broken shoulder, cracked vertebrae, multiple skull fractures and bleeding in the brain.

Maybe you can tell me what’s wrong with this picture.

My prayers go out to Adam, his family and loved ones, with my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.


Another comment received Monday evening from a couple who describe themselves as regular participant in the same ride confirms many of the details from other sources.


  1. From a comment left on this news story:

    I know this girl personally, trust me, jail time is the only way to stop the bloodshed. She totaled a car when she was drunk just about three months ago, and her parents still let her drive! She has a serious drinking problem which her parents choose to ignore.

    • Do we know if that’s not a troll though?

        • I’m just curious about it. Because if she had really totaled a car recently, wouldn’t that be in the news too?

          • bikinginla says:

            Not necessarily. If no one was injured, it could have been handled through the insurance company without public notice — one of the great flaws of our licensing system.

            • thetruth says:

              She got a new vehicle after she totaled her first car, it was very similar to her previous one. The accident was late at night and not many people knew about it.

            • kl says:

              you have no idea what you are talking about…. she got cut off by a drunk driver and while trying to avoid him she swerved off the road… we are all adults here learn to get the facts straight before posting. she is a 19 year old girl,same age as my daughter, who made a horrible mistake and now must pay for her actions…im not saying she should get off I belive she must suffer as long as adam but if your going to be ignorant and post untrue things im going to correct you

            • bikinginla says:

              If you’re going to insist on the truth, then you have to concede that she had been cited numerous times for moving violations, and probably should not have been allowed to keep her license.

              If the state had done it’s job and revoked the license of a dangerous driver, Adam could still be riding his bike today.

  2. bikinginla says:

    Sorry, one of the rules of this blog is no personal insults. Feel free to make any comments you want that contribute to the conversation. But when you stoop to name calling or attacking someone personally, that’s where I draw the line.

    As a result, I am removing the last comment, as well as the one responding to it — since that one, even though correct, makes no sense without the original comment it was in response to.

  3. David Kelly says:

    Usually I’ll have something to say, but I at a loss for words. Tragic…..what do we even have a legal system for if they are just going to let the guilty get a away with this, oh, wait, I’m sorry she has to be proven guilty first. Its just funny to read of all the things this person has done and still she hasn’t done no wrong here. Our legal system should be seriously be held accountable especially for allowing this to continue. Even the parents too! How can they not know of her recklessness. Oh wait our daughter does no wrong.
    I don’t know why it is I don’t even know all involved, but this has really affected me. Most of the day I couldn’t stop thinking about this. I mean I haven’t had anyone one I know seriously hurt, but for some reason this story has affected me. Well I guess I did have something to say. Prayers still. Go out to Adam for healing and for his family to be strong…..

  4. Jim Lyle says:

    A comment posted on the original Daily Breeze article:

    “A number of physicians ride on this ride and were instrumental in initially saving Adams life. Richard Brenner is one of our riders and is also a physician. Here’s what he has to say about his visit to Adam tonight: “I just returned from visiting Adam at Harbor General. He is in the ICU 3 West. He is still in a coma but shows responsiveness in his extremities.
    He has a trach tube but is not on a ventilator. He has a drainage tube in the head but they haven’t needed to drain anything. The nurse, a great guy,
    told me that his ICP, intracranial pressure, was excellent. He had a cervical collar on and has not been to the MRI. His vitals were good. His face looks a lot better than I expected. There is some swelling but I didn’t see any of the lacerations I was expecting. The nurse noted that Adam has been improving in his responsiveness during his shift. Say a prayer.”

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  6. Leslie Wright says:

    One thing we must keep in mind is that this young lady has a mind of her own. To assume that her parents allow this behavior is totally wrong. This young lady is clearly troubled and as a parent I can only imagine what her parents must be going through. I’m not in any way excusing her behavior but let’s not blame the parents for the behavior of a clearly out of control teen. You never know, she may have snuck out and taken the car… all I’m saying is, you just never know.

    • bikinginla says:

      Agreed. I don’t think any of us can say why she was there or what lead up to it; I’m sure that will come out during the police investigation and at her trial. And lets not forget that she’s just out of high school, and at least some of what we’re hearing could be the result of lingering school girl conflicts.

      • thetruth says:

        Not quite just out of high school, she went to San francisco State and dropped out.
        Actually, her three best friends all dropped out too, because all they did was get drunk literally every day.

      • braden cypress says:

        something is seriously wrong with this girl since she is STILL drinking almost everyday and posting pictures and comments about it to her social media sites! what a total lost cause.

        • Vic Cooper says:

          Braden, if that is true, I *implore* you to inform the police or the district attorney about it. I believe that would violate the terms of her plea agreement, and the judge needs to know about it.

          Seriously dude … the life you save may be your own or that of someone you love.

          • Braden says:

            Does anyone have the contact info? I cannot seem to locate her probation officer! Im having trouble sleeping at night with this info on my chest.

            • Vic Cooper says:

              I contacted the LA County probation department through the information e-mail address and gave them this information (including the links). They indicated that they would handle the matter.

              I suppose there is no harm in contacting them yourself as well. The contact info is here:


              Thanks for staying on top of this. It would be double the tragedy if her drinking and drug problem maims another human being.

            • Braden says:

              Or kills someone! She is OUT OF CONTROL! Do I need to contact the probation department or do you feel that the person you spoke with took this as a serious matter? Her social media accounts are set to private (where she posts photos of herself drinking alcohol and smoking pot) but I am actually “friended” bc I was once friends with her much older, jobless, no license having, drug addict, petty dealer boyfriend before his life took this downward spiral ( he used to be a hard working and responsible young man) I didn’t judge his “life choices” until I learned the actual FACTS in Ms. Garcia’s case! I was so disgusted that I walked away from what used to be a friendship I considered dear to my heart.

            • Braden says:

              When I try to send an email to the probation department via the link on the site I get a delivery failure notification. ??? Does anyone happen to know who her actual probation officer is and how I can contact that person directly? I would be more than happy to forward the photos (taken via screenshot from her social media pages) to them. Also, if there is a civil suit pending I would provide the photos to anyone suing her in her victim’s behalf

            • Vic Cooper says:

              I got the same message (that the e-mail was undeliverable) and called them instead. But while I was trying to reach someone on the telephone, I could see the e-mail got forwarded around to a number of people and one of them e-mailed me back thanking me for the information and telling me that they’d take care of it.

              That said, another e-mail couldn’t hurt … thanks!

              I don’t know who her probation officer is, but perhaps it might be possible to contact the judge in her case. Does anyone know who that is?

    • Jared says:

      Don’t blame the parents for an out of control teen?

      I don’t get it. Seems like a parenting issue from the root.

      Even if they’re not to blame, AT LEAST take away her license, lock up your car keys, etc. No excuse for this from her OR her parents.

  7. Hk says:

    This story is just so sad. For both parties. The young girl did not know the danger she put herself and others in all because she didn’t know how much alcohol was left in her system. As for Adam so glad to hear he’s improving. I’ll be praying for him and his family.  And Richard if she did have an accident that was her fault they would have reported it. I mean they reported everything else. And how do u know her personally isn’t she 19? As for the passengers. It’s seems unfair to say they were “allegedly drunk” when clearly the cops let them leave with out ever testing or booking them. I rather believe an unbiased cop at the scene talking to the passengers then a biased witness from either party. This story breaks my heart for so many reasons. So many lives changed. I wish the best for all involved. 

    • Biker395 says:

      “The young girl did not know the danger she put herself and others in all because she didn’t know how much alcohol was left in her system.”

      Horsefeathers. I suppose you were there and know the facts?

      “It’s seems unfair to say they were “allegedly drunk” when clearly the cops let them leave with out ever testing or booking them. I rather believe an unbiased cop at the scene talking to the passengers then a biased witness from either party.”

      The unbiased cop believed them to be intoxicated, but did not test them because they were not driving. That was a mistake, because other laws are implicated when minors are under the influence.

      Hk …”u” sound like you personally know some of the participants in this crime. Is that so?

  8. notafan says:

    And you all know her mom has worked at Torrance court for over 20 years….think we know how this girl got to keep her drivers license. The mother is a court reporter And has worked very closely with the judges And attorneys.

  9. JessC says:

    Did anyone happen to get her license plate number? My boyfriend was hit while on his motorcycle in the parking lot of a Ralphs, and the driver fled (with a car full of other teens). Luckily we got a partial plate and a snapshot of her face from the security cams as she exited the store. Looks just like Ms. Garcia. Would love to tie another case to her if the plates match. Your help would be appreciated~

    • bikinginla says:

      Contact the investigators with the Torrance Police Department. They have full details on the driver and her vehicle, and can easily tell you if it’s the same driver. And they’d like any information that would show a pattern of behavior and help them make their case.

    • thetruth says:

      I highly suggest you report this because I am almost sure it was her. Dark grey/silver vehicle right? The odds are too high…

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