Breaking news: Rampaging hit-and-run Hummer driver kills one cyclist, injures four other people

According to KTLA-5, which was the first to post the news several sources are reporting, a rampaging hit-and-run driver was involved in three separate collisions in Ventura Thursday night, resulting in four injuries and one fatality.

In what appears to be a either an intentional assault or a case of extreme intoxication, the 49-year first collided with a mother and daughter riding their bikes, leaving both with minor injuries. He then hit another vehicle, also injuring the occupants slightly, before hitting a third cyclist and killing him.

According to KNBC-4, the victim was a male college student riding with a friend on his way to Ventura College to take his last finals.¬†All three collisions occurred along Ventura’s Telegraph Road.

KNBC identifies the suspect as 49-year old Satnam Singh, who was arrested after a standoff at his home in the 100 block of Kennedy Avenue.


  1. Steven Vance says:

    The language implies three cyclists died.
    “…before hitting and killing a third cyclist.”
    Change to:
    “…before hitting a third cyclist and killing them.”

    • bikinginla says:

      Thanks Steve. Anything I post that fast, especially this time of night, is likely to need serious proofing.

  2. Evan says:

    KTLA: “He was involved in three accidents along Telegraph Road, but failed to stop in each case, officials said.”

    Not a goddamn thing accidental about his actions. Media outlets really need to consider the precision of their words.

    • I agree. Negligence does not equal “accident”. Furthermore, if you are choosing to be negligent, isn’t that basically the same as having an intent to harm? Seriously explain to me how this was any different than firing a loaded gun into a crowd but not pointing at anyone?

      If we could get some good out of this, and use it as an example of why we need better driver eduction and stricter penalties, that would be good. But it won’t be enough to bring back this poor child who died (going to school no less!).

  3. Alan says:

    KTLA had Eric Spillman there this morning, who, while professional, was clearly upset, particularly pointing out the bike lane the final victim was on.

  4. Did you see the picture of the bike?! That poor kid must have been hit so hard for the bike to be mangled THAT badly. I just will never understand why people think they can drink then drive. I don’t want to get all righteous, but whenever I head to a bar, I have a plan to get home that will keep me (and others) safe. If it’s a group and we’re driving, there is a designated driver. If I’m going alone, I always carry bus fare in case I drink too much and can’t ride my bike home. I just don’t understand this irresponsibility. It is not difficult in any way to plan how you will get home safely. And yet we accept and ALLOW so many to die every year because we won’t create stiffer penalties.

    This was murder. Flat out. Negligence does not get you off the hook. You don’t have the luxury of being negligent when you get behind the wheel. Period.

  5. julia says:

    Until drivers are locked up and treated like criminals this will keep happening. I see too many motorists mow down cyclists only to get a wrist slap or a small fine. They say, “Oh, I didn’t see them.” Wonder if it’s because lots of people really feel that bikes ‘don’t belong’? I hope the driver is punished to the full extent of the law!

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