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Satnam Singh to be arraigned today for Wednesday’s drunken triple hit-and-run rampage in Ventura

According to cyclist/attorney Dj Wheels, Satnam Singh will be arraigned today for the alleged triple hit-and-run rampage on Telegraph Road in Ventura.

Singh’s drive home from work Wednesday evening left five people injured, starting with a mother and daughter riding their bikes single file in the bike lane, followed by a family stopped at a red light in their pickup. And ended, tragically, with the death of 20-year old Ventura College student Nick Haverland as he road his bike to take his final exams.

And yes, I’m resisting the urge to call it murder. Just barely.

Let alone what I think about someone who could do this.

It is possible that Singh was so drunk he had no idea what he was doing. But I’m waiting to see what his blood alcohol level was at the time of his arrest; speaking strictly for myself, I’d consider anything less than .20 to be proof of intent.

If you’re in the Ventura area today, I’d strongly suggest attending the arraignment if you can. A room full of cyclists would go a long way towards showing just how seriously we take this case.

Wheels reports the hearing will take place in Room 13 of the Ventura County Superior Court, 800 South Victoria in Ventura. If you can make there, I’ll be happy to share whatever thoughts or impressions you may have.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Ventura County Star for their moving profile of Haverland; I’ve complained many times that press coverage too often reports the barest facts following a collision, without ever giving a hint of the human being behind the story.

The Star makes it very clear just who he was.

And that his death was a loss, not just for his family and friends, but for all of us.

Update: Rampaging hit-and-run Hummer driver kills one cyclist, injures five other people


Starting around 6:50 pm Wednesday, 49-year old Satnam Singh of Ventura allegedly went on a drunken rampage on that city’s Telegraph Road, leaving trail of victims in his in wake.

Five people were injured — including a mother and her 13-year old daughter riding their bikes single file in the bike lane. Tragically, 20-year old Ventura College student Nick Haverland was killed while riding his bike with a friend on their way to take their last finals, just three miles from the school.

A police spokesman said Singh was traveling westbound on his way home from his job in Santa Paula when the carnage began, first hitting the two women, leaving them with injuries including broken bones. He then fled the scene before plowing into a pickup stopped for a red light at Petit Avenue, injuring a couple and their 16 year-old son.

Once again, he kept going, eventually drifting into the bike lane to smash into Haverland near the intersection of Mara Avenue; a witness reports an extremely hard collision, apparently killing Haverland instantly.

Again, he fled from the scene, this time followed by a witness — possibly the friend Haverland had been riding with — eventually stopping at his home on the 100 block of Kennedy Avenue, just one block south of Telegraph.

When police arrived, Singh was still sitting inside his vehicle, which some have identified as a Hummer H3; the vehicle had significant damage, and police were unable to open the driver’s side door as a result. Singh refused to exit his Hummer, resulting in a 20 minute standoff.

Police eventually entered from the rear hatch and dragged Singh out; he was reportedly taken to Ventura County Medical Center for treatment of bite wounds from police dogs.

It’s just too bad that the drunken S.O.B. was probably too intoxicated to feel them.

Inexplicably, the police report identified the exact address of Singh’s home, almost inviting retaliatory attacks against the driver; like the other press reports, I’m refraining from posting it here or linking to the report for that reason.

I hope everyone has the sense to refrain from retaliation and let the justice system do its job.

Singh was arrested on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, felony hit-and-run and felony DUI. The investigation is ongoing, and hopefully will result in adding murder charge for Haverland’s death.

The first collision could have been the result of a drunken error. But it’s difficult to argue that by the third collision, it was anything but an intentional act.

According to the Ventura County Star, Haverland was a 2009 graduate of Ventura’s Foothill Technology High School. His former principal describes him as “a great kid,” reporting that both staff and students are very upset by the news.

As an aside, Rex Reese emailed that Singh’s name is an anagram for Man Ass Thing.

Works for me.

One thing is certain. Life as he knew it is over for Singh.

Life for Haverland is just over.

My heartfelt sympathy to the family and friend’s of Nick Haverland, and best wishes to all the victims.

Breaking news: Rampaging hit-and-run Hummer driver kills one cyclist, injures four other people

According to KTLA-5, which was the first to post the news several sources are reporting, a rampaging hit-and-run driver was involved in three separate collisions in Ventura Thursday night, resulting in four injuries and one fatality.

In what appears to be a either an intentional assault or a case of extreme intoxication, the 49-year first collided with a mother and daughter riding their bikes, leaving both with minor injuries. He then hit another vehicle, also injuring the occupants slightly, before hitting a third cyclist and killing him.

According to KNBC-4, the victim was a male college student riding with a friend on his way to Ventura College to take his last finals. All three collisions occurred along Ventura’s Telegraph Road.

KNBC identifies the suspect as 49-year old Satnam Singh, who was arrested after a standoff at his home in the 100 block of Kennedy Avenue.

Breaking news: Cyclist killed in Ventura hit-and-run

A bicyclist was killed in a hit-and-run collision in Ventura Saturday evening.

According to the Ventura County Star, the collision occurred at 7:35 pm on PCH just south of Faria Beach.

No other information is available online yet; however, KABC-7 reports that a driver was arrested approximately 45 minutes after the collision.

More information as it becomes available.

Thanks to Stanley Goldich for the heads-up.

Update: According to the Ventura County Star, the CHP has identified the victim as 40-year old Santa Barbara resident Jose Luis Carmona.

Carmona was reportedly walking his mountain bike facing northbound traffic on PCH when he was struck by a car driven by 43-year old Shannon Richard of unincorporated Ventura County, who fled the scene. In a report forwarded by DC, KTVA News reports that a passing motorist saw Carmona’s bike on the side of the road; he was found lying nearby and pronounced dead from multiple blunt force trauma.

After searching the area, police discovered a vehicle with damage to the right front side. Richard admitted being the driver of the car, reportedly telling police that she thought she hit an animal. She was arrested for felony DUI, hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter.

Her two-year old daughter was also in the car at the time of the collision.

Thanks to DC for the KTVA report.

Correction: I originally wrote that the victim was from Santa Monica; I meant Santa Barbara, of course. Thanks to Dr. Michael Cahn for the correction.

Ventura County cyclist critically injured; a discussion of bike deaths in OC

In yet another Southern California bike collision, a Ventura man was critically injured when he was hit by a car Tuesday afternoon.

According to the Ventura County Star, 54-year old Curtis Reese was riding across Ventura Avenue on Warner Street when he was hit by a southbound vehicle driven by Jason Friedman, also of Ventura. No other information was given about how the collision occurred or who was at fault.

The paper notes that, in an all-too-rare occurrence, the driver stopped at the scene. And not surprisingly, was uninjured.

Thanks to DC for the heads-up.

Update: A press release on the City of Ventura website, apparently based on the official police report, indicates that Reese was broadsided by Friedman’s vehicle and thrown from his bike, suffering major injuries.

Update 2: In a little good news, the Ventura County Star reports that Reese is in stable condition and recovering at the hospital.


David Whiting, cyclist, and editor-at-large/columnist for the Orange County Register, will discuss OC’s one-a-month rate of biking fatalities at the monthly meeting of the Orange county Wheelmen Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, two Orange County girls are critically injured, along with seven other people, when an alleged drunk driver jumps the curb and hits a group of pedestrians in Santa Ana.


Irmanol Erviti wins stage 10 of the Vuelta in a solo breakaway, while Joaquin Rodriguez claims the leader’s jersey. Saxo Bank gives Andy Schleck and Stuart O’Grady the boot from the Vuelta for an unauthorized tipple.

In other racing news, Bradley Wiggins and Emma Pooley win the men’s and women’s British Time Trial Championships, and the legendary Jeannie Longo wins yet another cycling title, this time in Steamboat Springs CO.


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Finally, a poignant story from the Charlotte Observer about learning to ride again after being struck by a car.

His fingers, hand, wrist, pelvis, hip, femur and knee all fractured in one blow the day after Thanksgiving 2008. A motorist turning left struck Wiseman’s oncoming bicycle in Rowan County. The motorist said he never saw the bike.

“The right leg does 70 percent of the work,” said Wiseman of his body’s limitations now. The left just doesn’t remember anymore.

“I couldn’t pick my left leg up to get it on the pedal. I couldn’t move my leg up and down.”