Update: Culver City driver should have been able to see cyclists; some victims still critical

Inside word from members of Bikeside LA and Midnight Ridazz is that some of the victims in Thursday morning’s Culver City bike crash that injured 11 cyclists may be more critically injured than authorities have let on.

Since the victim’s names have not yet been publicly released, I won’t go into details; however, it sounds like prayers and good wishes for a full recovery would be in order.

And a report by popular cycling advocate Road Block on Bikeside LA proves that the driver in the case should have been able to see the cyclists stopped in the road, despite police reports that her view was blocked by a blind curve.

If she wasn’t drunk, speeding or distracted — or all of the above — she should have easily been able to stop in time.


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  1. Rene says:

    One of her victims was a 16 year old girl. This young lady is in critical condition with multiple trauma and in a horrified condition. This little baby’s life will be changed forever due to the horror her body had endured. Without going into detail (out of respect to the family) this is truly a tradegy beyound words. This woman should be locked up for a very long time for the incredibly pain she has caused and the ignorance of her actions. SHAME ON HER….. I CAN ONLY WONDER HOW SHE SLEEPS AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The victims of her actions will never EVER be the same, nor will the families and friends of those to hold vigil near their beds waiting for them to wake up, endure mulitple surgeries, pray to God for a miricle. Christine………………….. you leave so many people speechless and in grave pain. Your actions leave so many speechless and in uncontrolable pain beyond words.

    Please do not judge me on my spelling. I write this with a heartful of pain.

  2. diana says:


    Culver City has known for a long time that this is a dangerous corner….

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