Updated: Five SoCal cyclists dead in last 5 days; 6th fatality uncomfirmed

It is a sad irony that the same week local cyclists celebrate L.A.’s groundbreaking cyclist anti-harassment ordinance, we’re forced to confront one of the bloodiest weeks in recent memory.

Just this week, bike riders have been killed in Downtown Los Angeles and Big Bear; in addition, a Simi Valley man has been killed while riding in Hawaii, and a Long Beach man died of injuries he received in a collision on July 6th.

That’s in addition to news that a 17-year old cyclist shot and killed on over the weekend while riding his bike.

Five deaths in the last five days, spanning the spectrum of potential hazards facing riders.


Let’s start with the collision that killed a 63-year old man in Downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday evening.

While it was widely reported that this death may have been collateral damage resulting from a road rage incident between two drivers, multiple sources at City Hall have told me that the police are no longer investigating this as a confrontation between the motorists.

According to these sources, the collision occurred as a result of the drivers competing for lane space on the street, resulting in the driver of the Avalanche swinging to the right of the roadway where the victim, who has not yet been publicly identified, was riding.

As a result, the driver who had been taken into custody has been released.

This does not mean that no charges will be filed in the death, though; the investigation is still continuing.

Flying Pigeon offers a photo of the ghost bike that will be installed for the victim, if it hasn’t been already.


Twenty-three-year old Christopher Sop of Big Bear Lake was killed in an apparent solo riding accident on Mill Creek Road, approximately one mile south of Tulip Lane in the unincorporated part of Big Bear.

According to the Rim of the World News, the Big Bear Sheriff’s Department responded to a report of a man down at 6:17 pm on Monday. Officers concluded that Sop had been travelling north on Mill Creek when he lost control of his bike and struck a rock; he was pronounced death at the scene, with time of the accident estimated at around 3:40 pm.


A 67-year old Long Beach man has died of injuries he received when a truck driver allegedly ran a red light on July 6th in the Bixby Knolls area.

According to the Long Beach Press Telegram, Louis Gabor was riding his bike east on Bixby Road when he was struck by a Chevrolet S-10 pickup while crossing Cherry Avenue at around 11 am. After nearly two weeks in critical condition, he died of his injuries on Tuesday.

The driver, who has not been publicly identified, faces possible a possible charge of vehicular manslaughter once the investigation is concluded.


Maui Now reports that 24-year old Anthony Hernandez of Simi Valley was killed while riding in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii on Thursday, July 16th.

Kona police found Hernandez laying next to his bike after responding to a report of a crash at 1:18 am. He reportedly lost control of his bike and fell, hitting his head on the pavement and suffering critical face and head injuries; he died of his injuries on Sunday the 17th.

The website reports that he wasn’t wearing a helmet; in this case, that information is actually worth mentioning, since this is exactly the sort of slow-speed impact helmets are designed to protect against. It also suggests that police are investigating the possible “influence of intoxicants” in the crash.

However, as in the case of Christopher Sop in Big Bear — and any case in which a rider is found unconscious or dead on the side of the road — the question is why he lost control of his bike.

It’s entirely possible that it was the result of carelessness or intoxication on the part of the rider. But it’s also possible that it could be due to road conditions, or being brushed, buzzed or harassed by a passing vehicle. With no physical evidence, it’s very easy to blame the victim for something that may or may not have been his fault.


Finally, the 17-year old cyclist killed in a shooting in Montecito Heights on Saturday evening has been identified as Jesus Lopez of Los Angeles. The Press-Enterprise reports that no arrests have been made; anyone with information is asked to call Detectives J. Rios or Cary Ricard at (323) 342-8959. During non-business hours or weekends, calls may be directed to 1-877-LAPD-24-7.


These deaths — excluding that of Anthony Hernandez in Hawaii — raise the total of confirmed bicycling fatalities throughout Southern California this year to 47; 5 by gunshots and 42 in solo accidents or collisions with trains or motor vehicles; 20 of those deaths have occurred in L.A. County.

My sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of all the victims.


Update: I had originally included a sixth fatality in this article; as noted on Tuesday, I had received an anonymous tip about a cycling fatality in Santa Maria; when I did a Google search for confirmation last night, I found an article from the Santa Maria Times that seemed to line up with the information I had, including the location.

However, I missed the date on the story. Even though I was searching for stories that had appeared online in just that last 24 hours, what I found was a story about a collision that occurred last November, as David Huntsman was kind enough to point out. As a result, I have removed references to the Santa Maria fatality while I wait for confirmation.

My apologies for the confusion.

Update: I’ve received confirmation that report of the Santa Maria collision was in error, and that no fatality occurred. And yes, that is very good news. 


  1. David Huntsman says:

    Looks like the Santa Maria death is from November 2010. But in any case, what jumps out at me from the story is the driver’s admission he “was approaching Moore and his bicycle at about 55 mph.” I don’t know what the posted speed limit is there but, if it was 55 mph, that sounds like a ‘basic speed law’ (CVC 22350) violation on its face.

    Read more: http://santamariatimes.com/news/local/article_aa07479e-f68b-11df-a155-001cc4c03286.html#ixzz1SljncoFn

    • bikinginla says:

      Thanks David.

      When I did a Google search for confirmation of the Santa Maria fatality last night, that story popped up — despite limiting my search to stories that had been posted online in the last 24 hours.

      The information matched what I had been told, including the location; however, I neglected to check the date.

      My apologies to anyone who may have been mislead; I’ve corrected the story, and I’ll work harder to avoid any further such errors in the future.

  2. user1 says:

    Thanks Ted for doing this gawd awful reporting. It’s so sad to see so many people fall at the hands of careless drivers.

    You’re doing a fine job and if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know who I’d turn to for info on a rather large coverage area.

  3. David Huntsman says:

    I echo user1’s sentiments. Can’t get enough of this information out. By the way I am going to do some follow up here and find out what the speed limit was, and whether there would have been any consideration of a basic speed law violation. David

    • bikinginla says:

      Thank you both. I have to admit, those stories are very hard to do and take a lot out of me. I’d rather write about anything else, so your support really means a lot.

  4. David Huntsman says:

    Ted, can you shoot me an email? I have a new blog down in Newport Beach to shoot you to link if you approve. Thanks, David

  5. Opus the Poet says:

    I still don’t understand why the fatality with the 62 YO was downgraded from a road rage incident, the driver of the Avalanche was seen screaming and swearing while hanging his head out the window before making the move that killed the cyclist, how is that not road rage?

    • bikinginla says:

      Good question. If they don’t answer that before then, I’m sure it will come up when we meet with the LAPD next week.

      I’m looking forward to the end of your hiatus — too many stories unreported, and too much well-deserved outrage unexpressed.

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  7. Linda Righetti says:

    In regards to the Anthony Hernandez accident, please let me tell you some info on his case. He was hit by a car in an obviously hit and run accident. His doctors personally told me he was hit by a car and the medical examiner’s report also said due to the extent of his injuries that this is not just a person falling off his bike and hitting his head on the pavement as the police have first observed before doing a thorough investigation. If you saw the accident scene and Anthony’s physical injuries you would also agree that Anthony didn’t just fall off his bike drunk. I was also told that a helmet would of not helped. He was on his way home from work on a dark narrow Kailua-Kona road. His father died 6 years ago here in Simi Valley, CA by another careless driver and was wearing a helmet. He died from head and internal injuries. How do I get more involved in events or fund raisers on bicycle safety and education?

    • bikinginla says:

      Thanks Linda. Thank you for the information about Anthony Hernandez, it’s even more tragic knowing his father also died while riding.

      I always take reports of solo bike wrecks with a huge grain of salt; more often, it is the result of a hit-and-run or a close pass that causes a rider to lose control.

      I’d love to help you get more involved. Why don’t you email me directly at bikinginla at hotmail dot com and I’ll pass your contact information on to the staff at the LACBC, who will be happy to get you involved.

      I’m also taking over as the chair of the LACBC’s Planning Committee, so you’re more than welcome to join us on the 2nd Tuesday of each month; right now, we’re meeting at the Pitfire Pizza at 108 West 2nd Street in Downtown L.A.

  8. Derek Hermon says:

    Hear of a cyclist get hit on hwy 38 near big bear lake?

    • bikinginla says:

      Can’t say I have, but news — good or bad — doesn’t often filter down here from up your way.

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