Encino Velodrome robbed again; Urban Rangers ramble along the L.A. River Thursday

Seriously, it take a real a**hole to steal from the Encino Velodrome.

Having just been there for the LACBC board meeting last month, I can tell you these are great people offering a real service to local cyclists and scraping by on a shoestring. And they deserve a hell of a lot better than this.

If you can afford to make a donation, they could use the help to recover from this latest break-in — yes, this is the second time its happened this year. Or if your business or foundation is looking a great sponsorship opportunity, the Velodrome desperately needs a new track, among other much needed improvements.

So keep your eyes open for the missing items. And if you know who did this, don’t let these jerks get away with it.


A few upcoming events that didn’t arrive in time for last weekend’s update:

The L.A. Urban Rangers are hosting a free L.A. River Ramble this Thursday from 7 to 10 pm starting at Downtown’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA); water and sturdy shoes — or better yet, a bike — are strongly recommended.

Make your plans for the Moving Beyond Cars: Getting There is Half the Fun Party from 7 to 10 pm Thursday, August 11th at the Architecture and Design Museum at 6032 Wilshire Blvd; tickets are $5 for students, $10 for the rest of us.

And L.A.-based urban cycling attire maker Swrve will host an art opening in their new Glassell Park location from 7 – 10 on Saturday.


The Beverly Hills Traffic and Parking Commission meets Thursday to discuss everything they’re not doing to support cycling. Get your official Bikes vs Jet t-shirt; meanwhile, it looks like someone else is going to win that Streetsblog T-shirt, dammit. LADOT attempts to address the concerns of local residents regarding the planned 4th Street Bike Boulevard. The LACBC’s City of Lights partners with LA Conservation Corp to work for more bike lanes in South L.A. The LAPD responds to an uptick in Downtown bike collisions by urging cyclists and drivers to get along. Santa Monica Spoke invites you to get a first look at the city’s new Bicycle Action Plan. Culver City works to connect downtown to the new Expo station. A call for cycle tracks in Eagle Rock. The SoCal cross season is coming up. The Business Journal asks if it’s time to apply the brakes to L.A.’s car culture; I’d say that’s my favorite headline of the week, but it’s still early. A nice profile of the owner of Stan’s Monrovia Bicycles. Now that Lindsey Lohan is riding a bike, there may be hope for her yet. An 18-year old Riverside cyclist is critically injured for the second time this year. If Sacramento lags behind even L.A. in bike safety, riding there must seriously suck. A 71-year old Davis cyclist is killed after being hit by two separate vehicles. Pleasanton employs new microwave traffic signal detectors to improve bike safety. We all have to share the road, so be nice about it.

People for Bikes thanks you for your support of federal bike funding, and says hold on for what’s next. Wearing regular clothes when you ride as a radical statement; why all this focus lately on what to wear? Just get out on your bike and wear whatever the hell you want. Seriously. One of the better stories I’ve seen on how to ride safely. How to take your bike on a train. Adjusting your lifestyle to ride in the summer heat. The six best cities for a bike vacation. Famed ex-framebuilder Dave Moulton offers a fascinating look at some unique bike designs. The good news is, he’s going to be okay; former NFL quarterback Joey Harrington is hit by a car, suffering a broken collarbone, broken rib and punctured lung. The death of a Seattle cyclist leads to calls for local jurisdictions to have more control over their own speed limits, although other voices blame those damn bike lanes for stressing drivers. Two years home detention for killing an Indiana bike cop. The Duluth News Tribune says you have a right to the road, regardless of what some drivers think. New York road fatalities are at an all-time low, while cycling is at an all-time high; coincidence? Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio salmon through New York. Comparing cycling in Amsterdam to New Amsterdam; I like the fact that Dutch drivers are taught to open their car doors with their right hands, forcing them to check their blind spots. A road rage driver caught on helmet cam faces a whopping $250 fine and 30 days in jail.

Looking for the next Raul Alcala nearly 25 years later; easily one of the most exciting racers I’ve ever seen. Flying Pigeon L.A. has some left coast competition. Toronto cyclists protest plans to rip out some of the city’s bike lanes. When it comes to electric cars, the UK may be backing the wrong horse. A drunk cyclist escapes jail time for colliding with a pedestrian and breaking her skull. A road raging driver threatens to hit a Brit cyclist. A historic London velodrome will survive for another century. Learn to build bikes — and give them away. Looks like cyclists in the UK have the same right to take the lane that we do, and the same problems doing it. A UK driver faces charges in the death of an Olympic cycling prospect. Five things a Brit rider hates about cycling. Philippe Gilbert thinks sweeping most of this year’s classics should earn him a little respect as his Omega Pharma teams announces plans to merge with Quick Step.

Finally, swapping your car for a bike could put you in the money. Especially if you’re in the habit of parking it in the bike lane in Vilnius, Lithuania; thanks to Greg Whitman and John Stesny for the links.

And thanks to EcoVelo for putting the relatively low risk of bicycling in clear perspective.


  1. SABA’s statement about the relative safety of LA vs Sacramento is subjective. The reality is more difficult to tease out.

    Sacramento has nearly 3X the bicycle mode share of Los Angeles, so Sac will have more bike crashes per population as well. Downtown Sac is mostly a joy to ride. It’s those outlying suburbs (like Elk Grove) that get nasty. You know I’m an experienced, all road cyclists, but I don’t like riding in Elk Grove and some of the other Sacto suburbs.

    That particular ‘worst in Sac County’ intersection that’s called out in the Patch story had four bike crashes. It’s the intersection of two high speed divided arterials in a shopping / strip mall / big box district with multiple driveways. There are bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides of both roads, but the intersection itself seems to be a nasty area.

  2. Gary Oldham says:

    Have you seen this story from Fast Company on yet another bamboo bicycle? Only difference here is that this ‘cumbant was *grown* into shape as the bamboo matured: http://www.fastcompany.com/1771226/for-bamboo-bicycles-sustainability-is-growing

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