Expo bike facilities threatened in CC, why cyclists don’t ride in bike lanes, caste-ing for a new bike

Catching up with the latest news from over the weekend.


The Culver City Bicycle Coalition urges you to write in support of bike facilities at the Culver City Expo station, threatened by the usual ill-advised budget cuts — which oddly never seem to threaten the massive amounts car parking; thanks to Steve Herbert for the link.

And like the cycling community, local residents want to know when plans for the Phase II Expo bikeway will finally move forward.


Bike Newport Beach’s David Huntsman Esq., who I had the pleasure of meeting at the California Bike Summit, answers the eternal question of why cyclists ride in the road when there’s a perfectly good bike lane.

And in case you missed it the other day, the organization plans a 30-mile pre-Thanksgiving Day ride on Wednesday. Sound like a great way to work up an appetite for the next day (and don’t forget your holiday meal can also be purchased and delivered by bike); thanks to Frank Peters, who I also had the privilege of meeting at the Bike Summit, for the heads-up.


Great story from India, as students pitch together to buy a classmate a bike after he’s denied one as part of a state-sponsored program because he belongs to a lower caste. He started skipping school when everyone else in the class got one and he didn’t — until his classmates pitched in the equivalent of half a day’s pay to buy him one themselves.


Downtown Los Angeles gets its first bike lanes — and L.A.’s first buffered green lane, from Cesar Chavez to 9th Street; LADOT Bike Blog offers a great shot of the First Street bike lane in front of Mariachi Plaza. The San Gabriel Valley could soon see a green lane of their own. The nation’s largest bike parking facility opens in Santa Monica. After Alex de Cordoba is seriously injured in a hit-and-run, he calls for a crackdown on unlicensed drivers; fortunately, he’s bouncing back from his injuries. UCLA hosts a very short Bike to Campus week. Better Bike finds the recent Beverly Hills Bike Plan Update Committee meeting left a lot to be desired, and critiques the state of cyclist training by saying more needs to be done to train cyclists to survive in an urban environment. The Echo Park Neighborhood Council buys ten $110 bike racks, then discovers it will cost up to $1800 to install them — and they could have gotten them from LADOT for free. A possibly homeless cyclist is being sought as a suspect in the murder of a transgender woman. Burbank gets a $100,000 grant to benefit bike safety. Manhattan Beach endorses the seven-city South Bay Bicycle Master Plan.

Budget problems force Oceanside to put plans for a bike and pedestrian friendly Coast Highway on the back burner. Santa Ana residents worry a proposed bike path could result in an increase in crime; does it ever occur to anyone that the presence of riders could actually deter crime? Of course not. A Huntington Beach bicyclist files suit for injuries after her tire gets caught in a crack in a beachfront boardwalk. Once again, the Amgen Tour of California refuses to set tire behind the Orange Curtain. Evidently, it’s okay to shoot an animal from your bike as long as you’re not on a public roadway. Bike traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge is back to normal after a recent construction project.

Bob Mionske says three-foot passing laws — like the one ill-advisedly vetoed by our own Governor Brown — don’t work without enforcement from educated traffic officers. Do you — or even should you — say something to dangerous cyclists? A great photo series on classic biking celebrities. In an amazing comeback, triathlete Jordan Rapp competes for his second Ironman Arizona championship, less than two years after nearly being killed in a hit-and-run. Texas authorities bend over backwards to blame the victim, claiming a salmon cyclist somehow veered into traffic despite a clear view of oncoming cars. A 79-year old Phoenix cyclist is killed in a collision. Clearly, the upcoming Pedaler’s Fork won’t be the nation’s only bike shop, café and bar. Getting hit by a car doesn’t stop a Michigan bike advocate. A Tennessee election official faces DUI and vehicular homicide charges after killing a cyclist. An actress sues New York City for $3 million after she collides with a cyclist in Prospect Park, while park users — including cyclists — demand better safety, and the city tries orange barrels to slow cyclists. A University of Buffalo student offers a first-person perspective on what it’s like to live with killing a pedestrian on the road. Why is it that some drivers seem to think that we have no idea that cars are bigger than us and we’ll come out on the losing end of a collision? Well, duh.

A Toronto writer looks at the bike-unfriendly world around him after 50 years of riding and two recent deaths. Cyclists blow through stop signs because of simple physics. After too many deaths, and a successful protest ride by London cyclists, Mayor Boris Johnson finally requests a review of the city’s parking lanes bike superhighways, after being accused of ignoring expert recommendations. London’s equivalent of LADOT sits on a study showing women cyclists are more likely to be killed in traffic because they wait for red lights. A horrifying map of serious injuries and deaths over the last decade in Great Britain. Police increase patrols after a significant increase in cyclists along the planned London Olympic road course. Evidently, UK price comparison site Confused.com is, as they produce a sympathetic video of a driver commuting by bike for a week and a press release attacking riders. Cyclist versus cyclist as a rider participating in an amateur race collides with a recreational rider aware he was entering the course. This is one sign we should see more often. Retired racer Jan Ullrich rediscovers his love of cycling in the face of a lifetime doping ban. Touring Tel Aviv by bike. A top Aussie BMX rider is in a coma after a failed off-bike stunt. A Japanese cyclist circles the globe for world peace, while the globe-pedaling BiciClown is currently touring Japan.

Finally, if you order now, your new riding kit should be here in plenty of time for the holidays. Or you could get the physics of cycling tattooed on your calf, instead; thanks to George Wolfberg for the heads-up. 

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