All the news that’s left to print — USC bike plan, big bike hearts in Reno, and new SaMo Bike Campus

After being laid up for well over a week with an apparent case of the Black Death, we’ve got a lot of news to catch up on.

So go get your bike on. Get out and enjoy this perfect weather — unless you’re on the fog-shrouded coast, of course. And even then, get out and get a good ride in.

Then limber up your clicking finger and settle in for some serious reading.

And yes, I am slowly starting to feel better. I may even get back on my own bike before the month is over.

And I’m only joking about the Black Death.

Sort of.


After seeing for myself just how bad the bike parking situation is for Trojans and visitors at USC, I had planned to attend Thursday’s campus bike plan workshop.

Unfortunately, as so often happens, life had other plans.

However, the Daily Trojan reports that Kendall Planning + Design has created what looks like a workable plan.

Rather than banning bikes from campus, as had been rumored, the plan calls for bike lanes on three separate streets through campus, along with secure bike parking. In addition, it calls for on-campus bike repair and service centers, and a bike share and rental program, as well as a possible training program to teach inexperienced cyclists to ride safely.

For a school that doesn’t exactly have a reputation as a bike-friendly campus, it looks like they’re taking their obligation to accommodate bikes on campus seriously.

And maybe, just maybe, they got it right this time.


I love this story.

An 85-yer old Reno cyclist loses his battle with cancer, but keeps riding right up to the end, thanks to some caring people at Home Depot who built a four-wheel pedalcar out of PVC pipe to keep him rolling.

You’ve got to admire a man who loves riding his bike too much to quit, even when his doctors say it’s time. Not to mention the big hearted people who sacrificed their time and materials to make it happen.

And anyone who thinks there’s a war between cyclists and drivers should consider this story about two Spokane motorists who saved the life of a cyclist who suffered a heart attack while riding.


Celebrate Earth Day with the official opening of Santa Monica’s new Bike Campus, which will offer training for riders of all ages and abilities. Combined with the new Bike Center and countless bike lanes and sharrows sprouting up all over town, it looks like SaMo may finally deserve that Bronze-level bike-friendly community designation I railed against when it was first announced a few years back.

I may or may not have been right back then. But these days, they’ve not only earned it, but probably deserve a promotion to the next level.

Now if they could just do something about the hordes of pedestrians that make the beachfront bike path virtually unridable during summer months, weekends and holidays.

Baby steps, I know.

And while we’re in SaMo, the Spoke urges you to support triple bus bike rack legislation.


Recover from June’s L.A. River Ride with a laid-back bike, brunch and beer ride the following weekend. The first annual B3 charity bike ride will raise funds for the Pablove Foundation with beer and food specials, while making a loop between Golden Road Brewing, Tony’s Darts Away and Mohawk Bend.


A few press releases and announcements that crossed my inbox this week.

GripRings allow you to mix and match your choice of 12 brightly colored rings for your flat handlebar grips. You can get a set by contributing $20 to their Kickstarter page.

Registering your bike can dramatically increase your chances of getting it back if it’s ever stolen. I’m a fan of Bike Shepherd, which offers free bike registration and stolen bike reporting, with optional tamper-proof tags available for purchase. Now Bike Guard offers free registration and free tags, as well as free notification if your bike is recovered. According to their website, they’re just bike lovers who work in the industry and are tired of seeing stolen and stripped bikes.

Classic 70s-style Solo jersey drip drying in the shower after the one and only chance I've had to wear it.

Dutch-style cycling wear manufacturer Road Holland invites you to vote on their bike photo contest; winner gets a free jersey.

My review of a very cool retro-style riding jersey from Solo Cycle Clothing has been delayed by my inability to get out on my bike the past couple weeks. However, in the meantime, you can still take advantage of their special offer; buy any Solo Classique Jersey, enter the code GILET50 and get a Solo Equipe Gilet for half price.

And Santa Monica’s Cynergy Cycles is holding a Spring Classic Sale this weekend.


The L.A. Circuit Race rolls this Sunday just north of LAX. Bicycle Kitchen needs just under $22,000 in the next eight days to buy a new permanent home. KCRW traffic maven Kajon Cermak takes on the hit-and-run epidemic; it’s time for all L.A. media outlets to take up the fight. Joe Linton calls out LADOT for a mistaken (cough cough) answer to a 13-year old student who asked for bike lanes so he can safely ride to school; his response gets noticed outside the bike community. The LACBC takes a hard look at the city’s promised new bike share program; this is how it could look in Westwood. Battling Beverly Hills bicyclist Mark Elliot fights for a Complete Streets approach to rebuilding Santa Monica Blvd through the city — and may actually have won the day. Richard Risemberg says nothing but good can come from expanding CicLAvia to new areas of the city; even without it, neighborhoods like NoHo can be great places to ride. Meanwhile, LADOT can’t wait for the next one; neither can I, since I missed this one. A 14-year old Monterey Park rider is critically injured in a solo fall after he’s unable to control his brakeless bike on a downhill, landing head first without a helmet. Azuza police accuse a 20-year old cyclist of staging collisions for a quick financial payout, proving that bike-hating drivers who accuse us all of doing exactly that aren’t entirely crazy after all; thanks to Rex Reese for the tip (and best wishes for a speedy recovery). Pomona begins work on a new bike master plan this Thursday; Claremont Cyclist says that means it’s time for LaVerne to mind the gap.

When the overly timid Newport Beach Bike Safety Committee said there’s no proof PCH is dangerous, local cyclists got the data to prove them wrong; thanks to David Huntsman for the link. San Diego cyclists remember Charles Gilbreth, who was killed on Montezuma Road this past Wednesday; the executive director of SDCBC calls for action, while KBPS reporter Tom Fudge looks back on his nearly fatal collision in the same area, nearly five years ago to the day. A Danville high school student says just let me ride my bike in peace.

The Catch-22 of funding bike projects with gas taxes. People for Bikes explores Portland’s innovative bike network, while the city’s new buffered bike lanes work great — for drivers, if not the cyclists they were intended for. Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, was injured in a solo bike crash after taking a corner too fast. Colorado cyclists will now have a chance to ride the flatlands, although that the late date could mean riding through an early plains blizzard. Nebraska is the latest state to pass a three — or more — foot passing law. Ohio’s bike lawyer says the reason people run from collisions is because it pays. NYPD continues to stonewall the family of New York bike victim Mathieu Lefevre, while CNN asks if the department’s refusal to investigate bike collisions — not accidents — is getting ugly; thanks to Don Blount for the heads-up. A cyclist and philanthropist pledges $40 million to build a Brooklyn velodrome. President Obama welcomes the Wounded Warriors to the White House. LSU will host this weekend’s conference road cycling championships; a far cry from when I lived near campus and got run off the road on a semi-regular basis. A Florida cyclist faces arrest — and hospitalization — after punching through a window, apparently in retaliation for falling off a retention wall; no, it doesn’t make sense to me, either.

After encouraging his drivers to illegally use bus-only lanes, the owner of a London cab company says bike lanes are impractical for the city and cyclists can expect to get hit — by his cabs, no doubt — and probably while driving in a lane intended for buses. A candidate for London mayor says current Mayor BoJo is getting cyclists killed. The Institute of Mechanical Engineers calls for mandatory blind spot sensors for all UK buses and large trucks; something we could use over here, as well. Disgraced pro cyclist Riccardo Ricco gets a 12-year suspension for last year’s botched transfusion. A traveling cdm Cyclist says bikes make a fashion statement — even in Red Square; meanwhile, the Moscow branch of the Department of DIY takes matters into their own brushes.

Finally, once again a jackass driver reacts to the death of a cyclist by claiming — incorrectly — that we don’t belong on the roads because we don’t pay for them, while a like-minded jerk motorist insists it’s up to us to share the road with them — and as usual, gets the law wrong by demanding that we ride as far right as possible.

Funny how tragedy brings out the best in some people.

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