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  2. Chet Kostrzewa says:

    Clearly, having bicycle related issues on the radar screen for a political candidate is indeed a needed step in the right direction… but really – as Josh notes, there are “a thousand reasons to promote cycling” and these are the two leading ones he comes up with? A rehash of well worn and unoriginal infrastructure improvements and concerns about police interaction with cyclists that, while serious in nature, occurs so remotely in comparison to total time and miles cycled every year in LA as to be statistically insignificant. Hopefully, candidates will come to the LACBC Civic Engagement committee meetings with some more original thought and ideas that address issues affecting the root causes of low ridership and the poor bicycling environment in LA.

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  4. kar says:

    The chance of being killed by being tasered or shown in utterly false light by being handcuffed is not at all insignificant- and I had not thought or known of either issue. I agree though that saying that currrent planning is sufficient and sufficiently executed even ifallowed to take many many more years to liberate us with is unreasonably reasonable for a ‘bike’ candidate but not for one potentially electable.

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