Man walking killed while walking bicycle in Lytle Creek; 12th bike-related fatality this month

And then there were 12.

In what is by far the worst month in memory for Southern California cyclists, an even dozen cyclists have now died on our streets this month alone.

According to the Press Enterprise, 42-year old Dondi Allen Quimby was hit by a car while walking his bicycle on the 200 block of Lytle Creek Road in Lytle Creek just before 1 am Sunday.

Quimby, who is described as a transient, was walking with his girlfriend along the shoulder of the road when he was hit by a 1997 Ford Thunderbird driven by Rancho Cucamonga resident Matthew Eldridge. He died at the scene; no word on whether the unidentified girlfriend was injured.

The 20-year old Eldridge was arrested about an hour later for investigation of felony drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter. And yet a spokesman for the CHP seems to be making the case for the driver’s defense, saying the location was very dark with a narrow shoulder.

Of course, if the driver was using headlights — which he certainly should have been doing at 1 am — darkness should have been irrelevant. And even a narrow shoulder suggests that a sober driver should have been able to see and avoid Quimby.

The San Bernardino County Coroner’s office is asking the public’s help in locating any of Quimby’s family members; anyone with information is urged to contact the Coroner’s Division at 909-387-2978.

This is the 41st bicycle-related fatality in Southern California so far this year — nearly one third of those this month alone. And it’s the seventh death in the last seven months in San Bernardino County, a total that equals all the cycling deaths in the county in 2010, the last year on record.


  1. karL says:

    I managed to read the above just now since posting it and obviously write whatever I write despite the OCR your OHIO blogger did on it
    being of extremely poor quality or I not saving the file as text from acrobat and only then selecting and copying the concluding anti and actually climactic verbiage to throw the book at her and as he advised make it as available as possible to the likes of our driver who ran over the right victim you say to “t ha t th r ee y ea r s w i ll ru n
    co n s ec u ti v e t o t h e l i fe s us p en s i on of
    Co u n t O ne .” RISK NOT

    specifically to drive again for sure.

    whether he serves decades or not in prison first.

    That even this judge could not simply say- never again will you be allowed to be within ten feet of any motor vehicle not professionally driven by someone with a large bond should they let anyone but them drive at stake.

    Oh where it so simple however to burn this witch myself.

    Unfortunately I have grown up in a post Betty Ford era. The woman was sick. I don’t read her driving on a previously life suspended license.

    Why shoudl we accept any plea for even reckless driving much less willfull knowing ethanol possessing or worse driving withotu saying you will walk with those not so blessed as to own or operate a car regardless of your wealth?

    As if rape comes second to not being able to sit in a car and far from mere final peace.

    As if this woman was not being abused by all the elite’s hot air and ‘au contrair’

    as if they didn’t and do not continue to enjoy the criminalty themselves that took this judges colleague away before his time.

    As if the solution was not stearing yoiu in front of your face right now- get rid of the cars and treat the addicts which include allwho will not rejoice we are free at last of THEM (the cars)…

  2. karL says:

    Although I didn’t realise it was removed I’ve pasted a better copy of the pleading guilty Ohio ‘girl’s’ ‘last words’ and again the judges comments at your

    ( I think)

  3. karL says:

    I don’t know what just happened but it’s not at that link so I don’t have a copy of the txt’ed properly spaced slightly expanded excerpt from the offical trancscript of the sentencing on appeal so I guess I’ll get to try it a 3rd time someday saving as a word file instead of ‘ascii’ to see if some additional formating might get pasted wherever to better show in htmls Iguess………..

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