Update: Bike rider shot and killed in San Diego

As if the city’s notorious traffic and dangerous streets wasn’t bad enough, a San Diego cyclist has fallen victim to bullets.

San Diego’s 10News reports that an 18-year old man was shot and killed while riding his bike near the City Heights neighborhood. The incident occurred around 9:30 am Sunday on the 4200 block of Chamoune Avenue near Orange Avenue.

According to 10News, the rider, whose name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin, was being pursued by up to three men when he was hit by gunfire and fell off his bike into the street. He then stumbled to the fire station across the street; unfortunately, the unit was out on a call, and he was dead by the time help could arrive.

The shooter was described only as a black man in dark shorts.

This is the second fatal shooting of a cyclist that I’m aware of in Southern California this year, compared to nine last year.

Which makes it about two too many.

Update: As if this wasn’t enough of a tragedy, the San Diego Medical Examiner’s office has identified the victim as Joseph Alonzo Hutchins — who was killed the morning after his 19th birthday.

What a waste.

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  1. Karl says:

    Nine? I assume as many got shot in cars and/or homes etc. It’s not as b ig as it seems nor for most of the times as unavoidable as our reflex sadly leads. Let’s be clear about something- from no other vehicle can we better return fire and too few of us have a paintball gun in the bottle rack now that we carry water on our lumbar espeically despite the duty to mark the cars who harass us best. In America we can carry pistols and do so discretely adn when in groups win any battle with those on cars. The teen died becausee too few of us where riding near him- able to jump the car and eject the assailants or if all on bikes tackle them with glee.

    …. although i make no modification tomy comments so far ihave just read and watched thevideoand bothare indeed silentn on what vehicles if any the c hasers used.

    When being shot at youhave to weave- not jusst righ, then left, then right, but randomly. If your not in the 3rd world you can afford extra torque and that can save your life not just from shooters.

    After all nobody says they’ll only fly hoome for thanksgivingi on a glider- yet again we see what happens when ‘pedaling’ isi considiered good enough alone.

    Samurai sword technology is great- but outside of festivals we live in a world with gunpowder and however amazingly still cars on public streets. The recumbent bike seat is easally titanisum backed. IN america we can put titanium touse- not just in a-10’s for overseeas use, but for oeveryday riding when turning our baack we don’t need to fear small arms fire- a plate of metal costs only pennies a month in extra electricity to haul around.

    The family of this victim sees teh handlebarsand seat wrapped for evidenceand must also be scratching there heads withhoolding judgement hoping for justice as the witness said- but whatgwe tell ourkids isn’t just that a bad person took action- they are owed a deeper assessment of this, and those grieving can best find the motivation to find it.

    It is car c ulture that creates jokers and has many places in america even more obviously war zones- butits’teh drum beat of cars that feeds this sociopathy more then anything- much more then porn orgames of sugary soda’s even.

    This chase had many stare and no one intervene. ONly driving a car so numbs the soul. It was not like in the movies at all. It was like on our highways every day- speeding bullets robbing us of life with no reason even bad findable no matter how desperately we need comfort. Those who knew the slain should not expect tofeel better anytime soon- and if they want that, shame on them!

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