Update: LAPD looks for yet another coward who ran away after running down a cyclist

The L.A. Times reports that police are on the lookout for the driver who hit a cyclist, then fled the scene to avoid taking any responsibility for his or her actions.

The collision — not accident, as the Times insists on inaccurately calling it — occurred at 8:55 pm at Central Avenue and  32nd Street, south of Downtown L.A. The rider, who has not been publicly identified, was transported to County/USC Medical Center with severe head trauma.

No information on how the collision occurred.

According to the Times, police are looking for a red or orange 1992 or 93 Chevrolet pickup, last seen speeding south on Central Avenue.

Statistics compiled by the LAPD indicate that one-third of all traffic collisions in the city are hit-and-runs.

Why this continues to be acceptable to the leaders and people of this city, I will never understand.

Update: According to a press release from the LAPD, the rider, identified only as a 32-year old Huntington Park resident, was riding east on 32nd when he made a right turn onto Central Ave. As he was finishing his turn, he rode into the path of a truck traveling south on Central; it’s unclear whether the rider drifted onto the wrong side of the road, or if the truck was in the wrong position on the roadway.

The victim is in critical condition with severe head injuries.

Witnesses describe the truck as a 1992 – 1998 Silverado flatbed truck, red with white painted panels.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Central Traffic Detectives Felix Padilla or Josephine Mapson at (213) 972-1825 or Central Traffic Watch Commander at (213) 972-1853.  


  1. karL says:

    I appreciate your minimilistic nuance in pointing out the obvious- it’s as if by design if only merely by neglect that this occurs. It should not be so rational to run after hitting- it should not only be idiots and hero’s who hang around, it should be at least the worst possible punishment if you lingered that you get if you don’t escape accountablity by risking the victim’s life etc. But perhaps those who could stop this consider it the equivalent of the death tax- and want it just in case they might ‘strike’ a ”pedestrian or worse’ especially if not “rich” one.

    Cars would of gone extinct a long time ago but for there carnage and those who cooperatively perpetrate it never getting caught or when like when we learned suv’s pay off victim’s so as to keep there death machines rolling just grin and say “what’s wrong… everyone’s doin it! get a life….”

    don’t dare try stoppin us from taken ’em

    it’s just too dam profitable.

    ‘how much you want.’

    how many decades is enough for malatoff throwers is easy- till at least all the model dinasaurs are reserved, till what most people understand is wrong about cars, which is relatively unimportant, fossil fuel consumption and tail pipes near there owners (actually a plus!) apparenlty no longer being an issue.

    I speak for those now in prison who burnt cars because they could think of nothing better to do with there lives. They stood up. And are locked down away from keyboards.

    All we can see is the body bags they tried to spare us needing. Shouldn’t that be enough though?

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