Just the links: Bob’s Big Boy benefits Ride2Recovery, honking CO driver ticketed, pro cyclist killed in Spain

Just a quick update to catch up on today’s news.

First up, Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank will donate 15% of their sales on Friday to benefit Ride 2 Recovery, dedicated to changing the lives of wounded vets by getting them on bikes. Thanks to John Morlock for the heads-up.


A 75-year old Colorado man has been ticketed for tailgating and honking at a pair of cyclists for five minutes, captured on a bike cam video.


Euskaltel-Euskadi pro cyclist Victor Cabedo was killed in a collision while training in Spain, when he went off a ravine after colliding with a vehicle. Cabedo was killed just a few miles from his home, just one year after turning pro.


American bike prodigy Taylor Phinney takes silver in the time trial in the World Road Cycling Championships; maybe it was the shoes.


Once again, the courts go easy on a dangerous-driving celebrity. L.A.’s bike share program will open with stations in Downtown, Venice, Westwood and Hollywood. Downtown’s Grand Ave and Olive Street will get new buffered bike lanes south of 7th. Flying Pigeon says there’s plenty of room for a road diet on North Fig. C.I.C.L.E. hosts a free workshop on how to shop by bike this Saturday. Recent Redondo Beach high school graduates are responsible for 26 new bike racks in the city. Classic and modified bikes will be part of a Monterey Park car show next month. High Desert Cyclists will host a fall century on October 20th. A Big Bear heart patient credits cycling with keeping her alive. Cyclelicious looks at the short history of cycle chic. A pair of San Francisco cyclists are raising funds to ride across the U.S. to investigate bicycling fatalities. If you’re going to run a red light, make sure there’s not a police car in the way.

The Atlantic features famous authors and their bikes. Platinum bike-friendly status just isn’t good enough anymore. The head of Trek tells Interbike bike lanes don’t happen by accident. Lovely Bicycle looks at the challenge of marketing bicycles to women; Cyclelicious considers the distraction of booth babes. My hometown celebrates Octoberfest with a combination of bikes, bands and beer. A stolen Hummer takes out eight New Yorkers, along with a bus, taxi and barbeque stand; but cyclists are the real problem, right? Bike riding gangs are beating up and robbing pedestrians in New Haven. A North Carolina TV station is amazed that a woman would ride 13 whole miles — and back — to apply for a job. A Florida driver faces anywhere from 22.8 months to 35 years in prison after pleading guilty to running down two cyclists, killing one, then fleeing the scene.

The bicycle is the new art icon. London may try bike-specific traffic signals. A UK cyclist relies on a bike cam after getting hit by cars 30 times; after that many collisions, I’d consider a good cycling course first. New Yokohama bike lane requires cyclists to dodge obstacles while riding the not-so-straight but very narrow.

Finally, in a tongue-in-cheek report, a UK official refuses to build more roads until motorists behave.

And just to be fair, it’s not just UPS trucks that block the bike lane. By the way, UPS promised the local office would call me on Monday. Do I really need to say I’m still waiting?

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