Update: PCH claims another life — bike rider killed by Metro bus in Malibu; 2nd rider critically injured in Alhambra

It’s the fear of countless cyclists on Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway.

A door opens unexpectedly. A patch of gravel causes a loss of control. A pothole or too-close pass leaves a rider precariously unbalanced.

Followed by a deadly fall in front of unforgiving, high speed traffic.

We may never know why a cyclist fell in front of a Metro bus on PCH today. But the tragic result was entirely predictable.

According to KNBC-4, the 36-year old rider, identified only as a Los Angeles resident of “Latino descent,” was riding on PCH near Puerco Canyon Road at 1:50 pm. She reportedly lost control of her bike and fell into the roadway, where she was struck by an oncoming Metro Bus at 25019 Pacific Coast Highway, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The story does not report which direction she was riding; however, Malibu Patch says southbound PCH was closed for several hours between Puerco Canyon Road and John Tyler Drive, suggesting that the collision occurred on the west side of the highway.

Patch reports that a Sheriff’s spokesman said it’s too early to determine who was at fault. The story also notes that deputies were unsure if she was wearing a helmet; given that the victim was hit by bus, there’s very little chance a helmet would have made any difference in the outcome.

This is the 65th cycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the fourth fatality in the past week. It’s also the 21st bicycling death in Los Angeles County since the beginning of the year, 12 of which were due to traffic collisions, and the second on PCH in the Malibu/Santa Monica area.

My heartfelt prayers and sympathy for the victim and her family. 

Thanks to David Huntsman for the heads-up.

Update: Malibu Patch quotes a Metro spokesman as saying they don’t know if the bus driver was male or female, what the driver’s previous safety record was, or whether there were any passengers on the bus at the time of the collision. Hint to Metro: when you don’t have anything to say, you’re usually better off not saying anything.

The Pepperdine University Graphic identifies the bus line as the 534, which seems to be more than Metro knows.

Update 2: A press release from the Sheriff’s Department confirms the collision occurred on South/Eastbound side of PCH.

Update 3: According to a comment from Alma Valencia, the victim was Marisela Echeveria of Cypress Park.

Truly saddened to read this report. The Los Angeles resident of “Latino decent” was my friend. Her name was Marisela Echeveria a Cypress Park resident enjoying a ride along PCH. She was an Ironman athlete, architect and was truley an angel taken from us much too soon. We are all in shock and pray for strength for the days to come.

Update 4: Many people have expressed grief over Marisela’s tragic death, as well as anger over a comment below urging riders to avoid dangerous roads like PCH. While I strongly disagree with her comments, the writer does have a right to her opinion, and has not crossed the line into personal attacks or blaming the victim; disagree as much as you want, but please keep responses respectful.

The best thing you can do to channel your anger and grief is to take a few moments to participate in the Malibu PCH bike safety study, which will be online through November 12th. By making PCH safer, we can help prevent future fatalities, and bring some good from this horrible tragedy.

Also, consider writing the Governor to express your anger over his two-time veto of the state’s proposed three-foot passing laws. If the bus had been required to stay a minimum of three feet from the cyclist, she might have been able to fall beside, rather than in front, of the bus. And this needless tragedy might never have happened.

Update 5: Finally, some real news, as KCBS-2 reports Echevaria was training for an Ironman triathlon when she was killed on PCH Saturday afternoon. According to the station, she lost control of her bike when she was passed by some trucks and caught her handlebar on a parked car; she then veered into the bus and was dragged underneath.

This may be the first fatality we can lay directly at the feet of Governor Jerry Brown since his most recent veto of the state’s proposed three-foot passing law.

In order for the trucks to have caused Echerveria to lose control, they had to be close enough to either startle her or interfere with the safe operation of her bike — although to be fair, larger trucks should give a hell of a lot more than three feet, due to their massive size.

And the bus driver may or may not have been passing too close, depending on how far she was thrown into the roadway after clipping the parked car.

If there are witnesses who can show the trucks passed too closely to her bike — and it sounds like there may be — the driver(s) can and should be charged with vehicular homicide.

Anyone with information is urged to call the L.A. Sheriff’s Department Malibu/Lost Hills station at 818/878-1808.

Update 6: According to Malibu Patch, the Coroner has ruled the death an accident resulting from multiple traumatic injuries; however, as I understand it, that does not halt the investigation or preclude charges.

Update 7: Echeveria’s death may not have been due to a close pass, and it appears it may not have been her fault, either. 

Video evidence has surfaced that reportedly shows her bike tire getting caught in a seam in the roadway as she attempted to go around some parked cars. More in tonight’s follow-up report.


Clearly, it was a bad day for L.A. County bicyclists, as another rider was critically injured while riding salmon in Alhambra.

According to the Pasadena Star-News, the 44-year old rider, who has not been publicly identified, was riding north on southbound Palm Avenue at Main Street when he was struck by a northbound Mercedes Benz turning left from Raymond onto Main around 12:45 pm.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation; however, riding on the wrong side of the roadway didn’t help.


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  2. Norma Flores says:

    . . . No offense Here since I was a biker myself.
    But when your bicycling down pch in what amounts to cars
    traveling at FWY speeds(or your ripping down hill on Topanga
    Cyn going 45 to 50 mph down hill)

    Your Putting YOUR LIFE AT RISK.

    Its not worth your life because no amount of laws is going to prevent tragic accident like this.(Think about it there’s a reason why
    FYW signs READS:

    No Bicycles
    motor powered bikes


    Value your life. Find a less dangerous place to ride.

    • Erik Griswold says:

      Actually, only some “freeways” are posted as such.

    • I don’t know what your agenda is, but you have been posting that exact same comment every where there is news of this tragedy, I tell you what, that person that you are ignoring in your comments, the person that lost her life is our friend and was very loving, genuine a true altruist and if you want your 5 min of fame get them some where else, let us mourn our friend!!! Keep your comments to yourself don’t be disrespectful!

    • Perhaps instead of bullying you should do what she was doing, she used to do fundraising 2 or 3 times per year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society , she fundraise for pillows, toys and blankets for orphans in Mexico and L.A. What do YOU do for your community Norma besides posting nonsense in the internet? You are a bitter old lady with too much time in your hands and very little consideration for the cyclists’ community in L.A and for the friends and family of Mari, her name was Maricela!

    • bikinginla says:

      While I disagree vehemently with Norma’s opinion, she does have a right to it. Please keep comments respectful and avoid personal attacks.

    • Dana Staggs says:


      Actually we cyclist have the legal right to ride on PCH, Topanga Canyon Road, and the other roads in the area. Most cyclist can travel at the same speeds as the speed limit that cars are legally supposed to drive on this descent. I realize that some unenlightened motorists may wish this were not the case. Gosh, couldn’t these motorists just drive somewhere else and make it safer for everyone else?

      We do not normally ride on the stretches of road where it is prohibited for us to do so. We ride on PCH where we have the right to ride on roads that we pay for through the taxes we pay.

      Rather than advocate that we get off the roads I feel a better course of action would be for motorists and cyclists to obey all traffic laws and to be courteous to one another. Hopefully this thoughtful and enlightened approach will produce more benefits that one of divisiveness and willful ignorance.

    • billdsd says:

      Norma Flores, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I’m struggling to not be abusive.

      PCH is not a freeway. Your claim that you were a “biker” are irrelevant. Having ridden a bicycle does not in any way mean that you understand bicycle safety.

      The evidence in this case is pointing to the bicyclist hitting a bad spot in the road. There are ways to deal with that, but they involve training, which I’m betting you don’t have and sadly, I’m guessing that the victim did not have.

      I rode through a 55mph section of road that had no bike lane and no shoulder every day for 4.5 years and I never even had a close call there. It wasn’t because of luck. It was because I knew how to make myself visible and conspicuous and make it clear that the right lane was mine so that drivers would use one of the other 3 lanes to pass.

  3. Norma, the PCH is a designated state bicycle route. Any danger present is due to drivers driving recklessly, whether by speeding, unsafe passing, or distracted or drunk driving. We have a right to ride on PCH, and should not allow ourselves to be bullied off the road by drivers who threaten our lives by refusing to drive safely. The more we allow unsafe drivers to bully us off the roads, the more unsafe our neighborhoods and streets become. Also, in many parts of the country, cyclists are absolutely allowed on highways and interstate routes.

    • Norma Flores says:

      I can totally relate to your line thinking because I know most bikers are very independent rugged individualist who posses a lot of mental toughness.(having been one myself)

      And Im not saying Dont ride to your heart’s contenct Just:

      Dont Gamble with your life ridind in Places that are Extremely Dangerous.

      Its not worth your life!

      • Kurt S says:

        Norma, ya leave me speechless

      • Socal Rider says:

        Norma, this is the second board i’ve read your comments on. You are … using this a soapbox for your … rantings. You should be ashamed. A life was lost. Have respect.

        • archetect says:

          Socal Riders, et al.
          This woman disgusts me with her diatribes. She’s gone around and posted not only here but from what I have seen, on 2 other spots that have reported on this horrific accident of a dear friend. It sickens me that there are people that use tragedies to spew they nasty agendas. Have some respect Ms Flores….understand that this is NO PLACE for you to be expressing your misguided opinion. Respect that a life has been lost. If you were a cyclist – a true lover of the sport, I can’t see why you would post such things. It is obvious by the shear nature of your multiple and EXACT same posting that you care nothing about this person/event, nor that you were EVER a cyclist.

        • bikinginla says:

          No offense, Socal Rider, but I have a policy against personal attacks on here, and I’ve edited them out of your comment. While I disagree completely with what Norma has said, she does have a right to her opinion. And yes, I do think it’s insensitive to post something like that on a story about a fatality, but I don’t think she’s been disrespectful. She is not blaming the victim, but rather, making the same point many of us have made about the dangers of PCH; where we disagree with her is in the solution to the problem.

          She believes it’s getting cyclists to ride somewhere else; I believe it’s making PCH safer for everyone.

          • jg says:

            Bikinginla, the US constitution applies only to govenrment action. As a private party and owner of this blog you have an absolute right to sensor people’s posts as you see fit. We cyclists have come to expect the ignorant effluent spewed by the likes of Alma when we read about fallen cyclists on sites like the OC Register. It is not what we expect to read when we come to your fine advocacy site.

            If it were up to me, I would have printed Alma’s name and her first three words, “No offense here…” then deleted the rest of her poorly thought out and poorly timed rant. I would have explained to Alma that bikes have a right to PCH, that (as BCR noted) PCH is a designated state bicycle route, that the investigation is ongoing and no one knows exactly what happened, and, most importantly, that blaming the victim will not be tolerated on this blog.

            Without calling Alma any names, let me comment on her character. After reading a blog post about the rape of a woman wearing high heels and a short skirt after midnight, I’m fairly certain that Alma would say “what was she doing walking down the street after midnight wearing that outfit, of course she has the right to do it, but you’re putting your life at risk.” This type of judgmental, victim-blaming BS is unacceptable.

            • bikinginla says:

              This has nothing to do with the Constitution. It has always been my policy to allow a free discourse on this site, and to allow comments that I personally disagree with as long as they don’t cross the line into personal attacks and remain respectful to the victims.

              While I appreciate your comments about the advocacy on this blog, it is important to remember that we can learn far more from those we disagree with than we can from those we do. In order to have a truly open discourse, I must allow her comments, just as I allow yours, and everyone else who has responded to her.

              Yes, her comments angered me, but she did not personally attack anyone, and nowhere did she cross the line by blaming the victim. If you can find anywhere in her comment where she said the victim was responsible for this particular collision — or even commented on it at all — I will gladly remove it.

              What she did say was that PCH is a dangerous place to ride a bike, which I think we can all agree with. What we can, and should disagree with, is her insistence that we should ride somewhere else in order to protect our own safety; the solution is to make PCH safer, not stay off it.

              I do think that posting her comments on a story about the death of a cyclist shows a high degree of insensitivity, and says far more about her than anything she says. However, if we were to ban all insensitive comments, few of us would ever speak.

            • adriana says:

              Correction please jg. I think you meant Norma, not Alma. Alma is the grieving childhood friend who came to her defense against Norma. There are little words to offer regarding the tragic event but at least I can clear this up. Marisela was an amazing woman and the grief it has caused her community is unparalleled.

      • billdsd says:

        Norma, again, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. It is possible for bicyclists to ride safely on almost any road. You simply do not have the training to know how to make it so that you won’t be hit by cars. You can’t imagine how to avoid collisions on high speed roads so you think that it’s not possible. You do not know what you do not know.

  4. Erik Griswold says:

    That’s the only Metro bus that goes to Malibu (534) and they don’t know this? Typical #MetroLAFail

  5. Alma Valencia says:

    Truley saddened to read this report. The Los Angeles resident of “Latino decent” was my friend. Her name was Marisela Echeveria a Cypress Park resident enjoying a ride along PCH. She was an Ironman athlete, architect and was truley an angel taken from us much too soon. We are all in shock and pray for strength for the days to come.

    • bikinginla says:

      Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. If you or anyone else has any photos or other information you’d like to share, pleas email me at bikinginla at hotmail dot com.

      My prayers go out to Marisela and all those who loved her.

    • SP says:

      Alma, my heart goes out to you and Marisela’s family and friends. My husband and I drove by minutes after the accident and my heart has been aching ever since. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or her family and friends. I am so very sorry for your loss.

    • archetect says:

      I could not believe it when I heard the news. It was like a cruel joke. She too was a friend of mine, classmate in architecture school. All of us that knew her in school (and outside of it) are shaking our head with disbelief. Many of us carry a heavy heart today and for time to come. She was a sweet person, doing for others….always. My last encounter with Mari was when she physically came to see my at the hospital after my surgery to remove a cancer. It was so good to see her smiling face. I know I will miss her. Pass on my condolences to her family. I wish I was in California still to be able to pay my respects.

      • Alma Valencia says:

        Believe me I thought so too when I recieved the call. I know it’s so cliche-ish but life is truley short. We are all grateful to have been blessed with a friend like Mari. She was one unique gal. Her family is doing well as can be expected. Her Mom is amazing! She is the epitome of faith and strength considering all she is going thru. Services are set for this Friday evening and Saturday morning. Thank you for the comment and hope you are doing well too. I will keep you in my prayers as well.

  6. Leann Levy says:

    My heart aches for the family. Deepest ” condolences”. I happen to drive by the scene with my 9 yr old daughter who just so happened to gather every detail in her head. It was a long night and a lot of talking. We are both sooooo sad!!!!!! My daughter cried today and asked me if she had any children? Our prayers and thoughts are with the entire family.

    • Eurie says:

      Thank you Leann. I’m so sorry that you and your daughter witnessed such a tragedy. Please tell your daughter that Marisela did not have any children. She was a wonderful woman who had been a part of Team in Training for 10 years. She raised thousands of dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society while competing in marathons and triathlons. She was training to compete in Ironman Arizona when this accident happened.

    • Alma Valencia says:

      Thank you Leann. Marisela didn’t have any children. She was a beautiful girl that loved life. She was an amazing athlete, daughter and friend. She didn’t have any kids but she devoted herself to raising funds for kids with leukemia and lymphoma. She would also raise funds for orphans in Mexico. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

  7. JD says:

    Prayers and condolences to the family. Our hearts are with you during this difficult time.

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  9. I was driving north on PCH right after this accident occurred. Her body was still lying on the road, uncovered. I had to pull over as I was overtaken by shock and horror. I only saw her for a second or two and had to look away. There was a pool of blood all around her head, and it’s possible that she wasn’t wearing a helmet, although if she was accustomed to riding on PCH and competing in Ironman events, I’m sure she was either wearing one or it came off.

    This really shook me. I feel for this woman and her poor family. Such a tragedy.

    Personally, I have only ridden my bike up and down that stretch of PCH once (and I’ve been a cyclist and bicycle mechanic for over 30 years) and that was enough. It felt like everyone was trying to kill me. Honking at me, and cutting me off (and I was riding on a weekday afternoon around 1:00 PM). I will never ride PCH on my bicycle again. Way too dangerous with the high differential in speeds between bicycles and cars that are driving way faster than posted speed limits.

    • Karl says:

      I have real sympathy for your trauma but not for what you have contributed in terms of knowing about the dangerousness and apparently having nothing to report about your efforts to have any of the drivers prosecuted.

      I think that the ritual of covering the deceased- of respecting there dignity especially in the absence of there ability to consent to otherwise at least at first blush- is dandy enough for then but now that we are writing about it the fact that ALMOST ALL of the speeders have never seen nor smelled such a scene so as to be oblivious to what you felt until it’s too late- and they have killed another her even more then you abandoning that route did is a huge problem.

      SOme of us of course have encountered such routinely. Daily- or if in recent decades merely countless times. We cheer when we learn of such head blood- bullet holes, in Laden, but otherwise do not stumble enough from business as usual in dwelling on the scene.

      As a child I saw legbones out of flesh in a accident just a block from my home. It’s a long time since I”ve thought of that and the image is gone- so I thank you for reminding me i should dredge it up.

      IT is images like this that we need to flash back to whenever some grinning bastard pops up in video, or print, or for congresss etc. pushing car technology.

      THey kill us cruelly- they kill- much more so then the drivers or the road builders. IT’s teh cars that crowd the roads and make the bus our executioner for lack of space. THe cars we don’t need- the cars that cost too much and do amost nothing for us but maim and kill and destroy the planet and it’s this pill we need to swallow widely.

      We don’t have to keep them around.

      BMW etc. can more then mask there sound.

      THey NEVER made sense in cities- or on any ‘highway’- bikes belong- but otherwise cars suck most there. THey are unfit and when you buy one you stipulate to no warranty for fitness as you intend to use it.

      A civilised nation by merely changing this- by making our NUMERO UNO commodity have to be warranted for fitness for the purpose sold, would of saved her. Would save almost everyone.

      Just that change alone. To not be defrauded into killing our best so others can live high on the blood of the innocent.

      • Not sure what you’re talking about, but good luck to you Karl.

        • Karl says:

          if you could be more specific abou twhere I lost you I would respond further.
          I’m risking technically a LOT of money trying to help modernise our low energy/capital consuming vehicles to spare us such demise and the link on my name has breaking news that I’m a contrarian to- because of the facts and the importance of making mobility not so lethal and destructive to the entire planet. ALthough I can no longer back anyone to invest I have done so till now. I have also had a week of incredible scientific break trhoughs in my personal think tank hat wearing. It is important to remind all of us that when we bike we save more lives then one- so even if we lose our life it does not mean life has been wasted- it has been rather spared- only ours has been lost- and to have character is to know that that is a bargain. It is what it means to be a social animal- why we went after Private Ryan- it is the essence of civilisatino to die like this- to die so as to not to kill those as innocent if not more in bulk. It is noviolence and grace and our reflex is to be selfish in this knews about our own loss instead of humbled by hers. She didn’t want to die- she just wouldn’t do some thing obviouisly to stay alive, unlike so many evil among us who would call these words crazy in there spoiled infantile pathetic delusions about thinking they know what bliss is. They don’t have a clue what love is even.

          • What color is the sky in your world Karl?

          • Karl Maldens Nose says:

            With pictures and words
            Is this communicating?
            The sounds that I’ve heard
            The growling voice then fading
            And yes my heart was beating
            Or was it just repeating
            With nickels and dimes
            You soon will have a dollar
            Am I in your time
            I see no need to swallow
            Or catch a plane to travel
            Can you find your way
            Or do you want my vision
            It’s dark there, they say
            But that’s just superstition
            And in my last inspection
            Is this the right direction
            I once had a girl
            She told me I was funny
            She said in your world
            You needed lots of money
            And things to kill your brother
            But death just starts another

  10. Fish on a Bike says:

    @Norma – Instead of spending your energy urging cyclists to avoid unsafe roads, why don’t you help us campaign for safer roads? We, as riders, have a right to ride where we want, whether it be on PCH or snaking through Latigo.

    It is up to us to decide where we ride and we can try to limit our exposure to dangerous conditions/circumstances, but in the end, no matter where we ride, there is always a chance that an accident can occur, due to equipment failures, careless drivers, etc. And for the most part, in the LA area, it will always be dangerous to ride, unless you are on your trainer in the living room.

    Telling cyclists to avoid PCH is the equivalent of telling car drivers to avoid the 405.

    Although I did not know Marisela, I have some friends who do and it sounds like she was an amazing woman. My condolences to her family and loved ones.

    • bikinginla says:

      Nicely said. Thank you.

    • Karl says:

      I disagree about cars being no more a problem on the 405 then bikes on the PCH. You should take that back. Bikes are the solution- cars the problem. THere is no comparison!

      • Fish on a Bike says:

        Karl, how did you interpret “…cars being no more a problem on the 405 then bikes on the PCH” out of my comment?

        The point of my statement was to say that no matter what, people are going to do what they need to do to reach their destination – regardless it be by car or bike. Not that bike riding is problematic.

        • kb says:

          CORRECT: bike riding is not being part of the problem- but driving a car alone at illegal speeds is why she’d dead.  SHE DIDN’T DO IT!!!  She’s a hero for taking this risk however knowingly knowing even more it was the right thing to do- it’s not about forgiving her but giving her the credit she deserves- the medals, the lauds, and not blaming those who drive because we don’t make that shameful enough. To say cars should not be legal to drive on the highway for local trips, alone, etc. etc. etc… and I mean ETC. but I don’t mean they don’t have any use- they do- other places, in extreme weather, for special purposes- but a few hundred million cars shoudl be sufficien to do us don’t you think- i mean from whenver till whenber? DO we need to inflict these casualties upon CHina now? So far only INdia has put a mere four billion down recognising that people don’t need four wheels each heavier then our babies at a year to travlel twenty minutes on foot equivalents! 

          • Fish on a Bike says:

            I never implied that Marisela was at fault. From the stories that I have heard from my friends, she was a phenomenal person who brought a lot of light into this world, and I hope her passing will not be in vain.

            As riders, it is up to us to become the voice of the fallen to ensure legislation is passed to improve bike safety on the roads. Maybe that will lead to less cars in today’s world, because there are stronger measures to encourage riding and protect cyclists.

  11. Bern says:

    I came upon the accident 15-20 minutes after it happened. I was driving to Zuma to meet with a client. It really shook me up when I saw the bike and the cyclist (covered)I can’t stop thinking about the poor victim. Where it happened is just past a crest of a hill, and I was thinking that a car travelling up the hill would only see the cyclist when they arrived over the crest. When I returned later to go southboud the stretch of the road was closed but when I went back on that side of the PCH, I noticed a sign that read ” share the road with cylists”. I ride my bike on the road through Culver City on the way to the bikepath and there are times when I have to go on the pavement because I don’t feel safe on Sepulveda. I can relate to what Norma is saying there are some roads in LA that are far to treacherous for cyclists. On anoter note , I realized when on my return that I a familiar with that stretch of the road. I have a client who lives there and once when I parked my car on the PCH I noticed a small makeshift memorial outside of her property. I asked the housekeeper what had happened, she told me a gardener or handyman had been struck walking to his car. If anything the city should put up a sign stating that the stretch of the road ‘is an accident prone site’ and for drivers to take
    caution. My condolences to the family of Marisela and may she rest in peace

  12. Bern says:

    I meant to say that that the city should erect a sign stating that the section of the PCH is a ‘black spot’ where fatalities have occured. It should be placed before the crest as it may slow down cars that are inclined to pick up speed coming up the hill.

    • bikinginla says:

      Good suggestion, although I don’t think anything less than a tank pointed in their direction would slow down most drivers on PCH.

  13. Selene Gonzalez says:

    I went to high school with Marisela. Very nice girl, we shared a few laughs, but weren’t in contact after HS, & maybe I didn’t know Marisela that well but I don’t think she’d appreciate the vitriol shown toward this Norma lady for her comment. None of us were there so nobody can say whose fault it was or what happened or how this could have been prevented. I mean I feel shaky just driving up pch so man Marisela had some courage!! And I admire her for that! I just wish her memory was not used to spew hate on someone who just has a difference of opinion on biking on pch. RIP Marisela E.

  14. bikinginla says:

    To Alma, Selene and others who knew Marisela, thank you for your comments on here. Whenever something like this happens, most of us don’t know the victim, and never get to know who he or she was.

    Your comments have brought Marisela to life for all of us, and helped us to understand what a tragic loss this is. Please accept my prayers and gratitude fro sharing that with us, despite your grief.

    • archetect says:

      Thank you….I know many of us certainly appreciate the forum to share, especially under these circumstances.

  15. T says:

    A friend and I were heading north on PCH about 6:30pm. I saw the Metro bus and a coroner’s van to my left. When I passed I caught a glimpse of the mangled bike and of the riders body, uncovered. Not sure why the police would have left the scene exposed, as the sight was deeply upsetting. I am so sorry that this happened. From the comments on this board she was a generous and lovely person. My heart goes out to all who knew her and who struggle to cope with the loss.

  16. Biker395 says:

    There are a lot of places on PCH that are a bit dodgy on a bike, with lots of parked cars, little shoulder and a lot of things competing for motorists’ attention … but where that crash occurred is not one of them.

    RIP, Marisela. And peace to your loved ones. Know at least that she died doing what she loved to do.

  17. Malibu mom says:

    My heart goes out to the family and friends of Marisela. I have been shaken since I heard the news of a fatal accident on Saturday afternoon. The first thing I thought was that it was a cyclist. Having to drive PCH every day for work and kids schools and sports I see the cyclist on the road every day and I am very cautious and anxious. I often witness people texting or on the phone or swerving in their cars and have always thought it is a matter I time before a tragedy like this happens regardless of who is at fault or if it’s just a freak accident. I don’t what the solution is but I also witness cyclist often crossing over the white lines in front of my car and others mostly on the weekends and this terrifies me. I have heard other residents of Malibu mention this subject several times. I see joggers and pedestrians also traveling on the side of the road while cars are passing at high speeds and its nerve racking. I, personally,
    have forbidden my children from ever walking on PCH because regardless of any laws there are reckless drivers on PCH every day only worried about where they’re going. I respect the sport of cycling as any sport that has inherent risks. May Marisela’s tragic passing not be in vain & a wake up call to both car drivers and cyclists that we should all be more aware and recognize that we are sharing the road and even one tragedy such as this is too many. My kids and I said a prayer for Marisela and her family on Saturday and every time we have passed the spot on PCH where she lost her life. It sounds as if she was an amazing woman with a generous and caring heart for her fellow man. May she rest in peace and may her family find some solace in knowing that her contribution to our planet is recognized by so many. Truly heartbroken and hopeful that this is a wake up call for all who travel this beautiful stretch of highway.
    walking on PCH due to

  18. ML says:

    they should allow bicycles on the freeway…. then everyone would be happy….right? ride bicycles everywhere… i drive the PCH almost everyday. I also have been riding my road bike all over the world, thats a fact. other fact is that nowhere else in the world, you will see people chancing their luck, by riding a little tiny “oh so light” piece of metal, right next to cars of expensive taste( porsche , ferrari) many of them parked right next to the traffic lanes. if you are riding such little things around faster heavier vehicles, maybe they all need to know common sense and the laws of physics . watch some info and wake up. bicycles should not be allowed before sunrise on PCH. its a fact that most riders are hard to see. remember see and be seen. and be careful with big vehicles on the road. look back. get a mirror like all other vehicles.You want the same rights on the road, well… set yourself up for success . i have witnessed riders going side by side with each other. maybe those motorcycle cops that are praying on vehicles driving over 45 mph at 5.30 in the a.m, should also pay attention to bicycle riders that are clueless . stop blaming everything else. it is an unfortunate event. i am very sorry for the lost. but riding at that time on a busy artery like that, as its risks. i have also seen riders using the 154 highway as practice round. not very smart. Again, i believe that we all should be ablke to ride where we want. But…. assume the risks

  19. ML says:

    Common sense is priceless. you cant buy it. my heart goes out to the family. i am very sad for your lost. its very sad that you lost your dear in a situation like this. hopefully our local government will be able to look at this events and make those high end car owners, make them park those cars right. Again to those motorcycle cops hiding behind this wrongfully parked cars, maybe its time to do something. give them a ticket for being parked to close to the driving lane. make it safer for everyone. Speed its not the only cause of accidents. Bad parking, not enough room for bicycles to go by…. that is a real problem . one accident happen, that is making us all come together, imagine how many happen that almost become fatalities …. very sad

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